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Women are beyond saving. Particularly feminists, who are either blatant self-pitying cocksuckers or the same but disguised as radfems. You just know each one of these idiots don't do shit what they preach and are too coward & weak to acknowledge the harsh truth about their oppressors.

Despite appreciating some radfem theory I refuse to call myself one after all those years. I just simply don't give a fuck about it anymore. Call me blackpilled separatist. It's the only way.

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Het women think that they are notlikeothergirls better than other het woman who are just stupid and don't know how to trust their lives to the right men and the secrets to raising sons into Good Mentm and het radfems aren't different from libfems who choose "feminist" men and TeAcH BoyS NoT tO RaPe, and the get fucked over by both or tradcons who choose and raise Manly Providers, and get fucked over by them. Radfems may even have lower standarts, being more aware of how depraved average males are they just look at the passive potato sack and thank Mother Goddess he's probably not Chikatilo.

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Even though I appreciate Gail Dines speaking against pornography, it is frustrating and annoying how so many radical feminists see the men in their lives as exceptions. "My son/father/husband/boyfriend/fuckbuddy is better than that!" As if men are innocent blank-slates who are corrupted by porn and society into harming women and children... Radfems treat the patriarchy like a nebulous monster hiding in the shadows, instead of a social system created and upheld by men (and enabled by women).

Radfems have no problems talking about biology when it comes to transgender people or other topics such as pregnancy, the difference in physical strength between the sexes, etc. However, they chicken out when it comes to answering why men all around the world are statistically more likely to be violent and dangerous than women. Men from different races, cultures, countries, and backgrounds all enjoy having power over women. Facing the reality that biology plays a part in men's desire for dominance is too bleak and uncomfortable for radfems; they'd rather look at their husbands, sons, and fathers as "exceptions" to make themselves feel better.

I used to identify as a radical feminist too, but I can't stand the "it's socialization!" deflection anymore either.

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Radfem ultimately isn't that different from libfem or even that radical. The idea that men can be "educated" to see women as human is so laughably naive that it should be impossible to say that in public without being mocked, but because women can't handle the truth they cling to this delusion.

I wonder how long this delusion can last? How long can we keep educating and explaining, nagging and preaching to men, until it become obvious even for the dumbest straight woman that it isn't having any effect? Hundred more years? Thousand? Million? Every single straight moid raised by feminist mothers, in society where he is force-fed libfem "education" every day, still chooses to watch porn where women are called bitches and choked until they pass out and this is basically the extent of his opinion on women. But I guess when it comes to women, denial is an endless resource.

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The problem with labels and identity are that anyone can say they are anything, thus turning said labels into meaningless bullshit. We need labels to some extent, but in this day and age where any idiot can rant publicly, what the hell is the point of 'identifying'.

I used to call myself a 'radical feminist' until I realized I shared the platform with breeders, heteros, bisexuals and other dude-fuckers. As I've written about before, the more males you have in your life, the more diluted your 'feminism' becomes. You can't put women first when you've got dicks in your mouth, twat, ass and uterus, nevermind your living space ;)

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Wise words. In all those other women's spaces they treat modern libfem and all its faults as a product of capitalism/neoliberalism, or CIA intervention, or some mental disesase of under-25s. Fuck no, it's just a logical conclusion of willingly letting males anywhere near feminism, and half of them will be the exact liberal/marxist 'feminists' they would be 20 years ago when overt trannyism and pro-sexslavery gets banished from mainstream again.

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Yeah, always some excuse - yet it's the same behaviour regardless of time and place. Next year, there'll be a new manifestation of misogyny and a new bullshit reason for it. And the year after and after...

It is an ouroboros, or as I prefer to see it, the dog licking its own dick infinitum / ad nauseam.

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Breeding is oppressive. This shit doesn't get talked about in any Feminist circle. And yes, the reasons you mentioned are why I gave up being a radfeminist too. Have you been on Spinster? The more I am there, the more I hate the hypocrisy of women who identity as radfems.

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I watched that Meghan Murphy video you're referring to. I'd tried to give MM a chance because I appreciated her non-mainstream views on a couple issues, and I got tired of the silence on those issues in other circles. But after that video I stopped watching her. The woman she interviewed wrote a piece on Quilette about how "hot" the Story of O was. A book about raping a woman to death. I honestly don't understand how MM can know everything she does and still have her views.

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Calling women and pregnancy breeding is not feminist. Do you hear yourself?