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There hasn't been that much research on asexuals yet, but from what I've read so far, it seems that they tend to have lower education levels or socioeconomic status, if anything. While more investigation is definitely needed, it doesn't seem like a super power or anything.

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I ran numbers for male and female innovators back in the day (using corresponding Wiki articles), and landed to conclusion that for both, there's roughly about 40% chance of lifetime childless bachelorhood. On the other hand, there are around 2200 billionaires in the world, and apparently only a couple dozen of them are single.

On education, there's that recent "steep career track" paper.

Everything beyond that is in the realm of rumors (we usually don't produce and don't keep extensive records on who has and hasn't sex; most surveys in this area are anonymous). Isaac Newton is believed to have died a virgin, but saying it out loud will probably attract several LGBT activists who'll screech in your face that he cohabitated with a man at some point in his life, therefore they're right and you're stupid.