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What are you working on? The analogy itself? I definitely think you are on to something, but I'm not sure where you would go from here.

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  1. You can transcend the physical culturally, but not physically.

  2. You can transcend the culture mentally, but not culturally.

  3. You can transcend the mental spiritually, but not mentally.

Know your sphere of play to understand your influence. Find the keys to control each sphere in the level above it.

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Would you mind saying more about #1? The others make (at least some) sense to me, but the first is a total head-scratcher. Clearly I've not yet transcended the physical.

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I like it, though I'm not so sure about the main quest. From a biological and evolutionary standpoint, the main quest is to make babies pass on your genes to the next generation recruit a new player, tutor them from Level 0, until they are able to successfully do the same. On this basis, the winning condition is to basically become a grandparent.

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A 'good' Grandparent though. Otherwise the winners are simply those who have sex young and who's kids repeat the pattern.

Like the idea, would need refining.

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I wrote this the other day. Would love to hear your thoughts...

Reality is a holofractal, fully immersive VR game of life and getting to know yourself. We've been stuck in the tutorial for far too long.

Your body, mind, and energetic expressions are the HUD for your game.

What you see, touch, feel on the inside, smell, hear, etc are telling you communicated information from the 3D plane of Now.

The mind, in function, labels and analyzes the 3D plane, but has access to the time stream as well (even more if you count the extraordinary and the unknown). The mind processes information based off of your chosen and installed programming language.

The imagination is the realm of emotional states. Emotional States are coherently organized states of expression. These states express themselves in the tonal experience of the game (internally and externally). Called spirits or gods, happiness or sadness, they are the lenses thru which you experience reality.

Your body will tell you if your expression and the experience of that expression are healthy or unhealthy for itself. If your energetic expression (actions, habits, moods) feel “bad”, they are most likely unhealthy. If your thoughts are pointing you towards health, they feel “good”. The physical sensation of healthy or unhealthy will vary in flavor depending on the Emotional State being expressed.

You only have one control. The focal point of awareness. Your focal point can be pin point and laser like, it can be broad and universally expansive, and it can be placed on more than one object at a time due to the holofractal nature of the experience. Where your awareness goes grows.

You have not been hijacked, nor have you been conspired against. That may be the story you are experiencing, but that is nothing more than the natural expression of the focal point(s) you are currently choosing to be aware of. Notice that all of the game has been leading you to learn this at this moment.

Tutorial mode doesn’t stop until you remember how to play the game. You are leaving yourself breadcrumbs to the full nature of who you are. It is everywhere you look. You even made video games to show you how you work. Are you ready to play now?