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Not all philosophers are equally good, not all of them can be useful. As long as the government is the source of profit, it will keep attracting liars. Because those who spend all their energy at appearing competent, will always seem better than those who waste parts of their energy on doing what is useful.

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There's "philosophers" and then there are PHILOSOPHERS. Plato said that while also indicating that what he meant by the Born Philosopher is the rare individual who is head and shoulders above his contemporaries in terms of mind, heart and personal development.

As such, nowadays these individuals are punished continuously throughout their childhood until their greatness is broken out of them. This has been ongoing since the baby boomer era, so there are almost none anymore.

Modifying the mores so as to encourage lowering those who are better instead of encouraging those who are not doing as well to surpass themselves towards excellence was a preliminary step among a set of many in order to usher an era of communism for the entire world.

Don't worry, it's coming. Quickly.

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Wise rulers are good. But we can only know who seems wise. We can't know who is wise.

Take two equal people. One cultivates wisdom. The other cultivates the ability to seem wise. In the eyes of people, the second is wiser.

A ruler needs support of the people. Between a philosopher and a politician, people will choose to support the politician. Even if local politicians let philosophers rule, foreign politicians may get other ideas.

A country ruled by a philosopher isn't meant to be. Unless a philosopher king spawns in a suitable moment.

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Uh yeah and? What's that got to do with anything? I'm not Plato. He's dead. Not sure why you want to argue with him, but I promise, I am not he.

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This is an open forum. I'll leave my thoughts here. With luck, someone with relevant words may appear later.