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In what way is there no access? Because deathfats go out of their way to spend ungodly sums on spit burgers?

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Why yes, I do dislike Niggers. How could you tell?

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Seems to me the logic behind people not having access to a healthy diet is the same as them not being able to get ID to vote.

That is ignorance and prejudice against the poor so that you believe they are incapable of doing basic tasks or are so stupid they are near same level as animals when it comes to problem solving.

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The healthy food is always more expensive than the garbage food. This is by design.

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I went to the supermarket last week and they were giving bags of carrots and parsnips away. There was no rush to get this free food either.

Meanwhile processed food costs a lot more than making from scratch. That's why processed food is pushed so much in advertising. Every process adds profit.

You don't have to eat gourmet food or fancy salads to eat healthily. Just cheap plain food will do.

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Please define healthy food and please define garbage food.

Garbage fast food has risen in price due to hazard pay, minimum wage increases, benefits requirements, to the point that it is much cheaper to eat healthy food.

What I define as healthy food actually exists for 1-2 dollars a meal on average. This food lowers insulin resistance and every health issue associated with it, including obesity.

The disparity in health is more a product of misinformation than anything else. They want us eating inflammatory foods made with inflammatory oils. They want us eating foods that fuck our hormone balance up enough to make us chronically hungry.

Red meat is by far the healthiest thing a person can eat according to my research. Despite its relatively expensive price per pound, it does not destabilize our hormone balance to the extent that are body is sensitive to satiety when eating such foods.

Lastly, I would also argue that social and cultural entrench backwards thinking relating to food to the point where people will go out of their way to control others solely based on food choices, so this issue extends to social psychology.

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Healthy food implies that it isn't ridden wirh Psaticides and Glyphosate which nearly all non-organic foods are.

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Presupposing that I suffer from high time preference is where the government's genocide is actually comoing from.

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It's free if you can do it yourself.

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They probably can't even plant a tomato plant.

I cannot blame them though, industralism has caused us to work 85hrs+ a week wirh low wage rather than 20 hrs a week.

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There are food deserts, but more often people just use that as an excuse for eating McDonald's every day.

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The Vatican and Modern Jesuits (Marranos) and the Jews; small overview

Christ called the Jews liars, hypocrites, and children of the Devil. If they're not all those things, then He was guilty of bearing false witness. History, recent and ancient, however, has proved that He was telling the truth. The Jews are indeed liars, hypocrites, and the (literal) children of the Devil.

A liberal Jesuit posing as a ‘conservative’ while publishing occultic literature celebrates with a Protestant who 'converted' to the Catholic faith and proceeded to actively participate in the destruction of the Tridentine Latin Mass.

There is nothing subtle about the "vicar of Christ" rehabilitating an eternally condemned, anti-Christ text. The Israeli priest below claims that Benedict quoted a Talmud teaching "which resonates deeply with the teaching of Jesus." This foul lie is refuted here:

The Talmud should not be burned or censored. It should be painstakingly, accurately translated and made readily available to scholars everywhere for the same level of critical analysis that all other religious texts are subjected to. The fraud documented here could only be put over on the completely ignorant.

Benedict as had Francis (Bergoglio) quoted from the Talmud, which means that they know what's in the Talmud and do not disapprove. The Talmud contains vile calumnies against Christ our Lord and the Bless Mother.

To expect that the popes not collude with the keepers of the religious tradition which teaches that God incarnate was a bastard who led Israel astray and deserved to be executed because He contradicted their Pharisee spiritual forefathers is not anything even approaching expectations of perfection.

The pope is trashing the very Gospel--the words of Jesus Christ Himself--he makes a mockery of it with his treachery with the rabbis.

The Gospel is not an external.

Pope's "Just Economic Order" Rabbi Tamari Published Goldman Sachs/Wall St. Rabbi Bendory via his "Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem"

Rabbi Dr. Meir Tamari, who addressed the Vatican-Chief Rabbinate of 'Israel' commission's recent meeting titled, "Religious perspectives on the current financial crisis: vision for a just economic order," is founder of a "Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem." Its website published an article by a V.P. at Goldman Sachs and self-described "Wall St. Rabbi," David Bendory in 2008.

The full article in which Wall St. Rabbi Bendory gloats over how (according to him) a Jesuit-trained Catholic approached him for religious direction and now promotes the Wall St. Rabbi as a sage to all with ears is archived here:

The Rabbi of Wall Street:

We documented Rabbi Bendory's status as a Goldman Sachs VP in the execution and clearing department--the very heart of the vampire squid that is Goldman Sachs--and his efforts at infiltrating the right wing movement here:

Alex Jones Provides Platform to Fanatical Zionist Wall St. Rabbi/Goldman Sachs VP.

Background on Rabbi Meir Tamari here:

Pope Benedict's 'Noahide Law' Commission Mocks Victims of Talmudic Economics

The outrage of this defies description. Those with eyes will see.

Beware. No good can come of Rome's communion with rabbis who extol the 'ethics' of interest free loans for 'Jews' and usurious loans for 'non-Jews' and the 'ethical' teachings of a Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing VP. Throw off this unequal yoke. It's pulling us to temporal and spiritual slaughter.

Another Judaic Papal Knight Joins the Ranks

^ ^ ^ Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte with Dr. Victor Goldbloom, November 16, 2005. (Note Turcotte's hidden pectoral cross.)

Dr. Victor Goldbloom is an executive chairman of the Canadian Jewish Congress which was exposed for having propped up phony 'Nazis' in Canada in the 1960's which Victor Goldbloom and his cronies then used to intimidate the Canadian government and justify hate legislation.,4876256&dq=victor-goldbloom+party&hl=en

Dr. Goldbloom is a pediatrician and politician who worked as a Liberal party Member of the National Assembly of Quebec at the time that Canada's Liberal party introduced legalized abortion into North America. His wife, Sheila Goldbloom is also a strong advocate of abortion on demand.,5688285&dq=shiela+goldbloom+abortion&hl=en

When Canadian politician Camil Samson, outraged by the acquittal of bolshevik abortionist Dr. Henry Morgantaler, aptly noted the irony that Canadians had gone to war to save 'Jews' and that Judaic doctors thanked them by terminating the lives of Canadian babies, Dr. Goldbloom led the political lynch mob against him.,1311851&dq=victor-goldbloom+abortionist&hl=en

Dr. Goldbloom is also a veteran Judaizer of Christians under the euphemism of 'dialogue.'

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Catholic Jesuits support the very opposite of what you are claiming. I have hundredsnof books on how the social and family life shoupd be maintained as a Catholic BEFORE Vatican II and it consists of farming organically and not falling into the scam of food stamps and chain corporations.

That's the goal of Freemasons and Cabalists.