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Jews were not an allied issue until the concentration camps hit the headlines. Nobody wanted to have to feed, clothe, and house them during a world war.

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Nobody except the National Socialists themselves and for practical reasons. The manual labour became a vital part of the German economy as the war went on, so there was value in the basic labour that the Jews could provide. Hence, Himmler's orders to preserve life as a priority and the increasing conforts the people got in the camps. We have Jews themselves saying they enjoyed all the conforts, including the theathers, soccer games, whore houses...

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Germans killed jews in WW2. Get over it.

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I'm not saying no one died...

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Well they weren't living in a country club either. They were called concentration camps. There are films and pictures and piles of bodies.

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There is also evidence of the ridiculous state of the camps remaining very late until 1944 and autopsies saying the main cause of death was starvation and disease in contrast to gassing. Either way, Holocaust Denial is just the conspiracy theory, that the Jews either faked or greatly exaggerated the losses for their own ends.

My own belief is that the true "direct" kill count can be anywhere from 0 to 10K, with tons of persecution.