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It seems harder and harder to "get through" to other human beings though because the fake news seemingly took over their "memories" of most parts of their reality.

Also their attention span continuously is "hacked" by inciting pseudo-engagement, seemingly and sadly.

The elite just wants "their" workers to "work", not to actually "think" for themselves anymore, i conclude from their approach.

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    That's right, people can't be trusted to judge right from wrong and they are a danger to themselves.

    Maybe it is in great part people's on fault for living in ignorance, but I would say we still have an ethical responsibility to do what we can to at the very least try to save everyone.

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    Thanks. There are no coincides i strongly believe.

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    How can people choose the "responsible authorities" when it is subjective?

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    There are no coincidences and some people have the destiny to be a hero like Kierkegaard described and others don't. Ethics and morality aren't subjective either, It's just that no one has bothered to describe them as parameters that make sense. If people had decent authorities willing to share and defend these values they would be way happier.

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    I disagree. Completely.

    The other day someone said James Top was a hero. I said who did he save? He just walked across a continent. There's something to be admired, but fuck "heroes".

    I don't need Kierkegaard, nor his subjective views on heroes - nor anyone else telling me what is or isn't subjective or not. EVERYTHING is subjective.

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    How can you be so sure that everything is subjective. Wouldn't that "certainty" turn it into an objective truth?

    What is truth?

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    I think therefore I am. I cannot think without existing.

    Everything else is subjective. Are we a simulation, brain in a jar, reincarnated eternal souls?

    Who knows. Who cares.

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    So you are questioning if its relevant or not? Of course it matters. There's such a huge amount of pointless suffering that could be avoided if answers could be found for these questions.

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    Then don't pretend to have all the answers for all the questions.

    Embrace not-knowing.

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    This generally very useful attitude is copied or "re"-produced "from" Sokrates. Or the Tao. Or the "vedes". Kudos.

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    There are still things we can know and knowledge we can possess.

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    Returning to the OP, you can never know who would be "responsible authorities".

    And yes, seeking to possess and share knowledge, understandings, systems, and methodologies is still a worthy cause.

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    There is a standard. It is absolute. There are principles clearly laid out.

    If you don't want to believe God's truth from your Bible, that's on you, but "right" is not subjective. Train your children properly and life can be "relatively simple" for them too!