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i think of freud as kind of the modern aristotle.

aristotle had some really good ideas, but most of them were just plain stupid/wrong. he slowed us down for a few thousands of years, because people worshiped him and didn't allow criticism of his ideas.

i see pretty much the same thing happening with freud today.

also, freud's nephew... ugh...

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What do you feel is the among most important discoveries that Freud made about human psychology and the human mind? I've always preferred Jung.

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I've always preferred Jung.

I did too.

I think the brutality of Freuds pessimistic atheist attitude is liberating.

Initially there is the sting of despair ... I'm just an animal ? with this symbolic consciousness ?

But it is that horrific realism that can set you free .

Becker analyses Freud via Otto Rank and Kierkegaard (?) . K is the God believing existentialist and Freud is the atheist.

It is this divide I think which is the huge shift .

I am not a Freud scholar so I cannot answer your question ... It is the the de-mystification of the human experience , the curtailing of superstition.

There may be something mystical we are enmeshed in ... but Freud leveled it right down to material stuff.

Which allows room for further discoveries but attacks dangerous , damaging superstitions .

I am coming at this from the perspective that all human culture is toxically divisive ...

By the way , I tried to find a collapse board here ... for when the reddit gets collapsed ") ... I couldn't find one or make one ...

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Here I just made one, use it however you like.

Interesting what you say about Freud. I will have to give it some more consideration.

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Do you feel we should be liberated from our cultural chains? Not challenging this view, I'm not sure how I feel about it. Our cultural chains can help us separate from the hive mind to a degree, in that our thinking and intellect can grow from one generation to another. It becomes limiting when people use it to elevate their own power or status, maybe this is the end result due to human nature. I'm not sure a level playing field can exist, in that some humans are innately gifted in one area or another, and these differences are often used for self betterment and manipulation of the group. Is that what Freud intends though, that the cream rises to the top? I don't have an understanding of Freud, just rambling thoughts. Good post to think on, thank you!