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Why do you support free market capitalism?


What I can support is consensual relations between adults. I believe that paramount political virtue is consent. Now I do think that is entirely consistent with freedom, but I don't start with freedom I start with consent because to me freedom puts the emphasis in the wrong place. It gets people thinking about all the stuff you can do without restraint. The important thing to me is choosing the constraints under which you will live. I believe humans are actually rule-loving animals. They love rules but they also want to choose the rules they live under. So freedom to me is not the paramount value except in the sense that I want to say you should be free to choose the rules that you can get other people to agree to. Freedom does not mean, "I get to do whatever I want," because you might want to go steal my stuff and that is not okay. Freedom means, again, living together with people under rules that you and they choose together. Hopefully you do it with express consent, you write it all down, it's super clear, no one's holding a gun to your head, you have exit options, and when you sign that dotted line it means something. Hopefully that's the way it is. That's an ideal we're working towards, in the meantime what we have are people in less than perfect institutions where we do have to rely on hypothetical and implied consent. For want of anything better we should always keep in mind we can do better. Let's try to climb that ladder of consent to a better place.