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Just a few notes. Most of this isn't exactly 'basic beginner' stuff. It takes time to install GNU/Linux, and takes hours of work for me to set up these softwares despite even though I've done things like this before. This went under the radar, but I linked to Freedombox the other day and I recommend people check it out. It tries to make things like this really easy. TiddlyWiki is also actually basic beginner stuff, but it's single-user and not federated in any way. The rest is more difficult, and one would have to find a computer literate person to set it up.

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I forgot to make a Freedombox post, but you remembered: /s/DecentralizeAllThings/comments/7v05/freedombox_makes_servers_accessible_to_everyone/

At present it's not so simple, but the goal is to have participation options for all 4 of these (anonymous or not):

  1. Plug-And-Play
  2. Basic Beginners
  3. Advanced Users
  4. Experts

Tutorials and assistance may be posted and addressed in /s/Decentralize4Dummies.

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Sending crypto is simple, we could allow users to simply post their public wallet addresses. But one of the incentives for tipping on sites is seeing it. That I'm not sure how to do. I'm doing a little looking rn.

Edit: just stuff I'm browsing thru