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I'm trying to figure out why my NameCheap domain pointing at my home IP won't connect to Cassandra, the old Lubuntu box.

Along the way I discovered someone also posted about their Home Hub 3000 in IMO we need everyone to quit living in the clouds of the corporatocracy and everyone that can should have their own home lab of sorts, even if it's a plug-n-play mini-fridge-sized server.

IF it is even the DDNS that is my issue then I'm not sure what to do.

Bell Canada Home Hub 3000 (home fiber router) > Advanced Settings > DDNS (Dynamic DNS):

Current Status:     SYNCHRONIZING / ERROR / (another thing I forget)
Provider:     DynDNS / No-IP
Username:     JasonCarswell
Password:     ***********
Host name:     ???????????

I have assumed that my new domain name belongs in "Host name" but I have not found Bell Canada nor NameCheap information on that, yet.


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Did you setup 'port forwarding' on the router? The router needs to know which PC to send incoming port 443 (or 80) traffic to.