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Welcome back to saidit! Looks like I missed a lot in the past week or so.

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Heya Node! I couldn't quit y'all though, I made u/Dinosaurysus.

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Glad you're officially back. Hey, did you know there's RES for saidit? I just saw D3rr talking about. I used it for years on voat. Here's the link.

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I do everything on mobile, can't use extensions unfortunately.

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Church of the Anti-Thirst. Hydro homies unite.

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Hell yes! Although I was always more partial to the banned water sub.

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I like this. I don't know anything about it. Give me more specifics. Perhaps lay out a plan and when the big wiki is ready put it there, or put it in /s/Cassy/wiki. I can now add you as mod to this sub and all the others I wasn't able to invite you to since being banned. Or just ask me or the new mods.

All religions are cults. All governments are cults. All corporations are cults.

I want to start a Truth-Seeker cult/religion/political party for skeptics, voluntaryists, counter-propagandists, and for counter-culture who BELIEVE the matrix of rigged systems of full spectrum dominance are enslaving them, in all things, great and small, by any and every means available.

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I don't know how you've been banned twice on saidit, when saidit is one of the few sites I haven't been banned from. Reddit, daily stormer, youtube, and liveleak. Even gardenweb, way back. They all somehow failed to appreciate my insightful insights!

I want to start a Truth-Seeker cult/religion/political party

Religion or some type of non-profit will be your least taxing route. Taxing, as in both financial and the amount of ongoing effort to maintain.

I used to do corporations, but quit all that before 9/11 happened. Laws changed drastically after their little airplane stunt.

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I don't know how you've been banned twice on saidit

AND restored twice. The generally well meaning admins are only human, but resort to obvious lies when they have mental blocks.

I've been permanently banned off Quora for unknown reasons.

I was banned off Wikipedia for a year for being "another polite truther."

I was banned off Discord for unknown reasons.

I used to do corporations

Any and all help welcome. We're making this up as we go. I'd like to organize our Cassandra Team as a cooperative, and eventually, I aim to bring my /s/GlossedAndProfound coop idea to life once this social media stuff gets going.

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I'll have to look into it, I haven't done anything besides a llc years ago.

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More than me. I understand your limits and reluctance to lead on our funding stuff, but I hope we can count on you to review stuff and be a consultant. More heads are better, and we need all the help we can get. Every little counts, especially when we're little.

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How about saidit as a religion, or some type of non profit?

I did corporations in my time, because LLCs weren't really a thing then.

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That's a good idea. Let us bow our heads and give thanks. Thank you O Saidit for these shitposts and conspiracies.

Although this is for Cassy, nobody wants to steal m7's thing even if he wasn't there.

I think we might get in trouble for tax evasion if we made a fake religion, Scientology had a hard time getting around that.

You remember how to incorporate or know how to be a non profit?

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All organized religion is fake.

My beliefs are real. How true they are is another thing.

We were allowed to BELIEVE anything, but not allowed to KNOW.

Now they're working on controlling all beliefs too.