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Here's the link, and it's only available via Tor currently. This means you need Tor Browser or Brave.

Not really. For PC, use OnionFruit Connect + browser of your choice. For Android, you can use InviZible Pro + a browser of your choice.

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Thats cool

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Ah, yes. I was surprised the official Tor website only offers Tor Browser and not a simple gateway. Of course, GNU/Linux users can install the tor package, but I figured those people don't need to be told. I wanted to keep the OP simple so I just left it at that. Thanks, though, it's noted.

(There's also Orbot for Android, by the way.)

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I am aware of Orbot. I have never tried it, but I heard that it is not as stable as InviZible Pro.

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That's probably true. With Orbot you often end up having no connection.

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Thunderstorms for Windsor/Detroit, over a week, from today until Sunday July 4th.

I also just realized, the router is not on a UPS. Another power blip and it could be reset to a new IP. Thus down time.

All we can do is our best. We're working on solutions and some good ones are coming.

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Good point.

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In fact, it might survive even that. The IP address changes, but with Tor you don't configure your site to be hosted on a specific IP address (because of course you're trying to obscure it). It should simply connect to the again when the router is back up, and then it'll be hosted on the same address. It's something we can test, though.