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But then is there a way to "decentralize" any potential profits or funds in excess of costs?

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The site is free to use anonymously, or $1/mo to have a named account?

I don't fully understand but I'm assuming you're proposing this as a business model.

Wikipedia doesn't charge but you can use your account or be anonymous but they still record your IP number, even if it's through VPN or whatever.

I'm assuming you mean there would be endless "anons" chiming in to a big smear of good, bad, and ugly from a anon-hive-voice, but folks could pay to have their name or alias.

But then is there a way to "decentralize" any potential profits or funds in excess of costs?

I'm not sure what you mean exactly.

Here's the plan: 100% open transparent accounting (income, expenses, savings, outgoing), all on the wiki we're building, coming soon at (The wikis that we've already set up will be for internal use and testing.) Further, how all these funds are managed and their goals will be 100% openly discussed in the /s/GlossedAndProfound online production management cooperative.

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Yes, you pay to lock in your alias, and have a record of your comments/votes. Essentially payment allows for all "account" features.

It's like club fees for members, but everyone would feel good building their club together. Small payment also encourages usage ("well I'm paying for it, might as well use it!")

Yes as a business model, but not for profiteering, simply for covering costs associated with keeping it running. Maybe there is an "open wallet", or blockchain type ledger that shows complete account transactions.

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Terrific ideas. Other new indie platforms out there are doing similar things.

Unfortunately we don't have coders or startup angel funding to pay some.

Perhaps we can rig some kind of work around if it's not built in to whatever code is available.

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Oh totally lol it's not my project, I just posted while feeling quite "thinking out loud" (read: a few beer deep) about the future of quality forums.

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Your critical beer thoughts are always welcome. Cheers.

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do you accept foo stamps?