Cassandra News & Poll #1 :

Cassandra Team is happy to announce we have an operational TruthSeeker.Party instance of the Reddit-like decentralized forum, Lemmy, an un-SJW-censored version of Lenny. It's not in it's long-term home yet and there are things to configure with intentional purpose rather than rushing it. Meanwhile here on SaidIt, we can discuss several things we'll need to prepare.

SaidIt is based off the old open-source Reddit code, with all the strengths and weaknesses it carries - including features and familiarity. Lemmy is different, with it's own pros and cons, very basic compared to SaidIt yet on par with other Reddit-like forums that are not federated. We've already set up a MediaWiki for projects of all sorts and may share that online as early as next week when we configure our domains with our new proxy. On this GiraffeIdeas.Wiki we'll outline our roadmap and keep track of and prioritize our Lemmy project priorities, goals, feature wish lists, transparent accounting, and many other things.


NEW On Lemmy

(New compared to ye olde SaidIt.)

Ah, and the subs have icon/avatars too.

oh cool, it has a CSS themes thing built in and comes with like 20 themes

oh shit, the flip side, subs do not get their own CSS, just a banner

yep, choose your own. it's gonna be way different, we'll just have to pitch the perks of federation if people bitch about missing features.

It's pretty easy compared to saidit, way less configuration and crap to worry about. I'm getting used to the Docker thing.

You can see all Lemmy features here:

Interesting concept ! ! ! And a potential selling point...

What if Ley was just the framework and bots, addons, plugins, widgets, skins, etc did all the heavy lifting for features, etc? Not only could that be extremely customizable (which I LOVE) and adaptable/flexible (great) and encourage others to build their tools (A++) but it also lets users step up to their level (beginner, advanced, expert) and the core Ley can just focus on getting it's shit right rather than be distracted by lots of great features with no flow or plan (ie. RetroShare).

Obviously in time folks might either incorporate some addons or even plan shit out for a major flow and feature update.



Cassandra Team is a voluntaryist voluntarist do-ocracy and unofficial co-operative. It's nice to talk about it, support it, and even criticize it - but ultimately nothing will be done until someone does it. Once your feedback has been recognized and logged, further bitching won't help unless you're able to motivate someone to address the issues - or Do It Yourself. This includes developing future features.



Food for thought *

With Le**y should we just simply mirror SaidIt's policies and that be it to keep it simple? Same thing with subs, etc.?

I have this complex idea under a layer of simplification for users and instance admins, but if there's no audience I'd be building another empty city in China that no one would use or care about. I was going to start with SaidIt's policies and tweak and build on them, but now wonder if it's even worth any effort. The only major remaining difference is that I/we would employ a trusted-team and have public trials in one conflict resolution place rather than a single judge/jury/executioner. Now that SaidIt is right-side-up again folks will rediscover it again and/or growth can occur again, but it's never fast or dramatic except with STABs. Sure there are "only 30 users" but I'd guess there are at least 3x as many lurkers, and some even poke their heads out now and then.

Also I've been procrastinating on my Shills & Ethics post.

Also, also, is there anything I/we should know about adding crypto to our forums?

IMO crypto is definitely important but it's not a top priority. However, my best friend from grade 7 to university PMed me on SaidIt. He's into crypto/NFTs and is trying to recruit me to doing silly avatar things. I'm not interested in going deep on that. However, perhaps we can interest him and his virtual friends in decentralized forum crypto. I've barely scratched the surface but I'm guessing they're all chasing the next big thing but are oblivious to what tyranny has in store for us.

I haven't looked at much less studied other sites that tip, but I know it's an important next step in platforms to not only be able to thrive as a community but also for individuals under and resisting tyranny And here's a tipping bot for reddit:


Then what?

Decentralization has and will ALWAYS be the primary goal of our unofficial cooperative group, except /u/LarrySwinger2 who's main focus will be on leading, developing, and managing his phpBB forum with the amazing features. We will support Larry and he will network, bridge to, and help our decentralization efforts as well, just as we aim to remain tight with and our SaidIt community, with or without /u/magnora7, preferably with. Each platform has their own pros and cons so all of our parallel developments need not be competitors with each other, or SaidIt, but team up as siblings in a broader networked family. We need to avoid spreading out too thin too quickly, but the flexibility and diversity of options, management styles, and platforms may improve our actual chances of long-term resilience and survival despite the rising technocratic tyranny.

At present the old PC that /u/JasonCarswell has set up and connected as a junior-server is very limited. We are working on growing with intention and purpose pragmatically while fine tuning our platforms, procedures, and decentralization. In addition to encouraging everyone, including protected anons, from beginners to experts to co-host their own instances on their own gear, we have plans for getting newer strong-servers in our direct control, as well as some online corporate cloud hosting and services.

We're also working on ways to overlap with local communities for alternatives, solutions, and resilient resistance against the rising tyranny of the global corporatocracy.


We're not yet ready to receive donations but all management suggestions, insights, and recommendations are very welcome. Please consider planning your future budget keeping our cause in mind.


Some goals include:

  • Sharing resources, tutorials, and assistance to help everyone setup their own instances. (basic beginners: /s/Decentralize4Dummies, advanced users: /s/Decentralize_DIY)
  • Mirroring and backing up the entire SaidIt history on these other platforms.
  • Creating bots for phpBB and Lenny to bridge and mirror the other's content for a crudely hacked decentralized phpBB (a first).
  • PeerTube, a decentralized video platform.
  • YaCe, a decentralized search engine.
  • Web-scrape to archive everything linked within our forums.
  • Other platforms, preferably decentralized (Mastodon, Diaspora, etc.).
  • Various networking protocols: Internet, TOR, IPFS, ZeroNet, I2P, etc.
  • Various Internet to network gateways.
  • Decentralized git?
  • Quality over quantity.

What is "quality over quantity"? We won't want or need huge numbers of people for some time if we have the best folks like you. It may take a while before we have a big launch with a large social media public relations campaign with animations, but right now, as best we can, we're trying to 1) lay down the fundamental foundations first and 2) simply become operational.

Embrace this golden opportunity.

Help plan our evolution of SaidIt and beyond.

Everyone's feedback is very welcome and helpful.



"We obviously have problems, but we're working on solutions."

The ultimate goal: decentralized, fair, open, accountable, consistent, honest, management and social media systems.

The resistance evolution starts now on


SaidIt Projects

Many projects coming VERY soon
Much feedback wanted
Many positions available
Prepare to do something
Watch this space


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