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Music to rally behind:
Då Som Nu För Alltid

"We obviously have problems, but we're working on solutions."

Q: So what's going on? All that drama - then silence.

A: We're slow but determined and working on it.

I'll fill you in from my limited layman's view...



From 2008-2010 I was directing animation projects at Digital Alchemy in Vancouver BC and have one of the computers, not used for years. I finally installed Lubuntu (Lite Ubuntu) and OpenSSH-Server and named it "Cassandra" (prophet of doom who was never believed but was always correct). If I can make this indie-server then anyone can do this on an unused old box at home, work, wherever. We'll draft up tutorials but if you want in before then, please just ask.

I have to collect my other comparable box that we can also set up to be our first federation.

/u/LarrySwinger2 is remote lead sysadmin on my old Cassandra box for testing on and to start things out - to seed our new federation. He'll document his progress so others may follow. Ask him for technical details. It's all Greek to me.

Who Is "We"?

We are SaidItors, a few have been unfairly banned, and more that haven't. You don't need an invitation to download the FLOSS and distributed, but you'll need to let us know in order to join our chat. We're not secretive nor anything like that. To join all you need is a modicum of decency (no STABs) and to ask. At this stage, unfortunately more people won't speed things up. We'll be posting/sharing on SaidIt more frequently as things develop.

Alpha-Stage Invite Only

The chat is one thing, my server is another. If I respect you here on SaidIt you are most welcome and trusted on my instance, even in these alpha stages. We'll share info on that later. If you're an unknown (newer or rarely post) or an asstroll then you can ask for an invitation and we'll go from there.

All of this is jumping the gun until we have things running, and I don't mean to be so possessive with my indie-server limitations - but I also don't want to kill your hopes either. Anyone and everyone is welcome to start their own indie-server instances too. There you can make your own rules - or select from some that I am preparing. More on this later.

Besides security issues (ie. anons posting child porn, etc) the main reason my instance will be invite only is because I have no interest in moderating the content. I'll be sharing my community-self-regulation ideas soon enough anticipating your feedback.

What New Features?


I bought a bunch of domains on May Day. I'll share those soon enough, when we have the new MediaWiki up and ready. We need to learn how my instances work.

Server Wish List

This is wish list of server apps and sites (a work in progress):

  • Anon User Profile
    • To be determined. A profile that can be used across different platforms.
  • Lenny
    • Lenny is the uncensored version of Lemmy, a well-supported decentralized federated SaidIt/Reddit-like forum.
  • MediaWiki
    • A robust wiki for documenting our projects and archiving media (not decentralized).
  • PeerTube
    • A decentralize federated video platform.
  • Bridging
    • My made up term for being able to link between platforms, internal (all of these listed) and external (ie. SaidIt, Reddit, WikiSpooks, Wikipedia,, etc).
  • ZFS
    • A better drive partition system.
  • MyBB or phpBB
    • A bulletin board forum (not decentralized).
  • IPFS
    • The Inter-Planetary File System is a decentralized archival protocol, also tied to FileCoin and other protocols - an alternative to the Internet.
  • TOR
    • The Onion Router is an alternative to the Internet.
  • ZeroNet
    • An alternative to the Internet.
  • I2P
    • An alternative to the Internet.
  • Torrenting
    • An alternative to the Internet.
  • Archiving Systems
    • To be determined. Should include web scraping all forum links, including articles, images, media, video, etc. Should also include methods to mirror and distribute.
  • Crypto
    • To be determined.
  • Market / Online Store
    • To be determined.

Please let us know what I forgot and what else you'd like to see.

Ultimate Motivation And Goals

Community Platforms

Already covered in the wish list above.

Full Spectrum Decentralization

Our primary goal is not to replace SaidIt but to decentralize our SaidIt community and the SaidIt database so that's not dependent on a single point of failure (a single website) nor under the boot of a single owner/"leader" while also improving systems, features, and the community - together. Critically we aim to provide solutions to make it easy for basic beginners and even anonymous users to host indie-servers in order to co-support our federation.

4 Critical Wheels

We need to aim for and co-develop all our decentralization projects for users of all levels of technical aptitude, even if not every user will choose to participate.

  1. Plug-And-Play
  2. Basic Beginner
  3. Advanced
  4. Expert

These four critical wheels will server all users in our community and help keep the global resistance to tyranny perpetually rolling.

Transparent Alternative Community Organization

You can put "Transparent Alternative Community" in front of all topics below, as we'll be thinking outside the box and doing thing unconventionally.

On the wiki I will be drafting up a lot of this stuff in greater detail. Feel free to help out there. Then we'll share it to get feedback on ways to improve it.

  • Platforms
    • Archiving + Media
    • Forum + Wiki
    • Networking + Protocols
  • FLOSS Development
    • Accessibility /s/Decentralize4Dummies (Tutorials + Upcycling)
    • Archive + Search
    • Bridging Between Platforms
    • Classifications For Content + Users
    • Crypto + Curation
    • Decentralizing Anonymous Users + Servers
    • Full Spectrum Decentralization
      1. Plug-And-Play
      2. Basic Beginner
      3. Advanced
      4. Expert
    • GUI Design
    • Next-Generation Forum Development /s/PhoenixForum
    • Road Map
    • STABs Filter (More ideas are welcome in addition to what was posted)
  • Solidifying Fundamental Goals
    • Accessibility /s/Decentralize4Dummies (Tutorials + Upcycling)
    • Cooperative Liberty
    • Decentralize All Things
    • Digital Rights
      • FLOSS & Decentralization
      • "Free Speech"
      • Freedom From Censorship, Oppression, Suppression, And Tyranny
      • Freedom Of Information
      • Freedom To Communicate
      • Rejection Of Intellectual Property
      • Self-Governance
    • Federate All Media
    • O SPARTA
      • Organization, Solutions, Peace, Alternatives, Resistance to Tyranny, Analysis
      • Peaceful Resistance, Organization, Analysis, Sharing, Alternatives, & Solutions
    • Template Sets
      • Copyright Licenses
      • Goals
      • Libré-Manifestos
      • Terms Of Service
  • Social Management (More ideas are welcome in addition to what was posted)
    • FOACH
      • Fair, Open, Accountable, Consistent, Honest
    • Priorities + Goals
    • Road Map
    • STABs Filter
  • Data Organization + Management
    • Categories, Classification, Feeds, Flags, Metadata, Pins, Subs, Tags
    • Consensus And/Or Democratic Organizing
  • Transparency + Planning
    • Branding + Marketing
      • Social Media
    • Crypto + Curation
    • GUI Design
    • Online Cooperative
    • Open Accounting + Resource Management
      • Donations + Fundraising
      • Gear
      • Market + Web Store

Plan To Participate

If you don't participate in building this community then you'll just get what you get.

Session Chat

I can't speak for everyone in the chat, (especially when some haven't shown up for a while), but I ran this draft by them before I posted it for feedback. If they or anyone has different ideas of how to run things I'll be happy to draft up those alternative options in the Template Sets. More on that later.


The resistance evolution starts now on


SaidIt Projects

Many projects coming soon
Much feedback wanted
Many positions available
Prepare to do something
Watch this space


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