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This is a working draft to eventually post upon approval the Cassandra Core and others in the Cassandra Team.

Other ideas to include are welcome.

Once we confirm that we have the FINAL draft it can be shared.


  1. Do NOT edit this wiki. Avoid wiki conflicts by leaving all wiki updates to /u/JasonCarswell. Keep at him until a consensus is reached.

NOTE: Inconsistencies in SaidIt formatting means results are very different in SaidIt Posts/Comments/PMs, SaidIt Wikis, and SaidIt SideBox despite having the same markdown code. The private messages will look very different than how this wiki presents it.


Cassandra Team Presents: RoadMap

We're not yet ready to receive donations but all management suggestions, insights, and recommendations are very welcome. Please consider planning your future budget keeping our cause in mind.

Some goals include:

  • Developing fair, open, accountable, consistent, and honest social management systems and tools.
  • Sharing resources, tutorials, and assistance to help everyone setup their own instances. (basic beginners: /s/Decentralize4Dummies, advanced users: /s/Decentralize_DIY)
  • Mirroring and backing up the entire SaidIt history on these other platforms.
  • Creating bots for phpBB and Lenny to bridge and mirror the other's content for a crudely hacked decentralized phpBB (a first).
  • PeerTube, a decentralized video platform.
  • YaCe, a decentralized search engine.
  • Web-scrape and archive everything linked within our forums.
  • Other platforms, preferably decentralized (Mastodon, Diaspora, etc.).
  • Various networking protocols: Internet, TOR, IPFS, ZeroNet, I2P, etc.
  • Various Internet to network gateways.
  • Decentralized git?
  • Quality over quantity.

What is "quality over quantity"? We won't want or need huge numbers of people for some time if we have the best folks like you. It may take years before we have a big launch with a large social media public relations campaign with animations, but right now, as best we can, we're trying to 1) lay down the fundamental foundations first and 2) simply become operational.

Embrace this golden opportunity.

Help plan our evolution of SaidIt and beyond.

Everyone's feedback is very welcome and helpful.


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