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Cassandra Team Basic RoadMap (First Draft 2021-09-24)

This roadmap includes simplified short term objectives for reference.

Details may be discussed elsewhere.

This wiki draft is not meant to be shared in a SaidIt post like other wikis.

In order of importance:

1) Document EVERYTHING clearly for future admins, as though the life of these project depends upon it (it does).

2) Prepare EVERYTHING as if it will be moved to another computer, either to another alt-server or to the cloud. This is not only likely possible, it's the goal to upgrade, sooner or later.

3) Set up Projex.Wiki (new and separate from the other

4) Set up Projex.Wiki backup systems - to publicly share and be able to download the entire wiki to a thumbdrive. An internal systems snapshot backup* is desired too.

5) Add Semantic Wiki (and other extensions to be discussed and discovered).

6) Set up Volun.Tube (a PeerTube instance) and federate.

7) Set up a Volun.Tube backup system. This is for common sense redundancy. Not publicly shared, this would be an internal systems snapshot backup*. We'll be federated so videos may be shared that way and we'll have download options.

Note: All videos go on Volun.Tube, no videos on Projex.Wiki, to keep the wiki smaller. This may be awkward for users, but it's practical. It may be easy, difficult, or impossible to bridge the platforms, perhaps not.

Note: Sooner than later we'll need to build several robust drives (TrueNAS (formerly FreeNas) or that better one d3rr recommended ages ago) for proper backups, storage, and videos.

Note: Anticipate Lemmy, archival, search, and/or other platforms - and bridging them via design, code, utility, community, and perhaps other ways.

8) Plan (openly on SaidIt?) and establish the user hierarchies for these platforms (around 6 to 8 types of users/admins).

9) Plan (openly on SaidIt?) primary subs / topics / categorization / metatags / classification of Projex.Wiki, Volun.Tube, and a future Lemmy or Reddit-like forum.

10) Plan verification / approval processes for Projex.Wiki and Volun.Tube. We can't have people uploading porn or vandalizing wiki pages.

11) Customize Projex.Wiki : Too many ideas to list.

12) Customize Volun.Tube : Get or build auto-mirroring of approved video sources. Instead of users uploading, they can link direct from reliable sources like YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, Rumble, Locals, etc. A webscrape of the page would be good too (anticipate an archival platform in the future). Users may need an upload limit.



Projects For Jason

1) Hustle for money for gear. (Taxes, setup donations & crypto, business plans, etc.)

  • Moto-G
  • Hard Drives
  • Proxy
  • Strong NAS x?
  • Mint PC
  • Strong Server x?
  • Fiber Line
  • VPS ?
  • Good Microphone
  • Good Camera
  • Lenses

2) SaidIt Subs:

3) Draft (in wiki):

  • SaidIt post: SaidIt Survey: Default Sub Improvements - Part 2.
  • ASAP Kijiji find and screen admins to help resist tyranny.
  • ASAP Involve Robin with Projex.Wiki setup and co-draft: WikiSpooks Projects & Updates.
  • ASAP Cassy post: Cassandra Team Updates, including summer efforts.
    • Lemmy tests
    • RabbitHole.WF
    • FoilHat.Party
    • Updates on new and old directions
  • ASAP 3 LeverMind Scripts:
    • Forever Tyranny
    • Cultural Enslavement
    • Ball Of Conflation
  • ASAP Local Windsor Resistance - Organize Better
  • Local Windsor Resistance
    • AMA
      • Fall Projects
      • Overlapping Groups
    • Draft Design Contests
      • Designs
      • Flags
      • Banners
      • T-Shirts
      • Stencils
    • Draft Pitch To Windsor Political Podcasts Groups
      • resistance groups
      • 2x freedom rallies
      • Green Party
      • PPC
      • Libertarians
      • religious
      • preppers
      • CB radio
      • etc.
    • and:
  • Projex.Wiki Documentation
    • Copyright Policy & Templates.
    • Goals.
    • Mission Statement.
    • Road Map.
    • Social Media Policy & Templates.
    • Terms Of Service Policy & Templates.
    • User Intro & Guide & FAQ (Basic / Advanced / Expert).
    • Local Resistance Organizing.
    • LeverMind Organizing.
  • LeverMind Scripts:
    • Animus Vaccus
    • Bodies Upon Gears
    • Copyrights & Wrongs
    • Critical Resistance Theory
    • Culture War Crimes
    • Denying Agency
    • Depop Culture
    • Dynamic Silence
    • Eternal Truth Seeking
    • Fifth Generation Warfare
    • Food For Drought
    • For Your Consideration
    • Full Spectrum Dominance
    • Greater Contextual Understanding
    • Hypno Media
    • Illusions & Faith
    • Limited Hangouts
    • Local To Global
    • Mafia Government
    • Matrix Of Rigged Systems
    • Nihil Timor (Fear Nothing)
    • Odious Machine
    • Organizing & Prepping
    • Ostrichism & Olicharchy
    • Repugnant Secrecy
    • Sad Joke Of Voting
    • Sick At Heart
    • Subvert Infiltration
    • Timor Populi (Fear Of People)
    • Uncivil Obedience
    • Vax Ex Populi / Vax Populi
  • Federation Deplorables Lists (plus rankings/reviews?)
    • Mastodon
    • PeerTube
    • etc.

4) Edit LeverMinds #1-3

  • Forever Tyranny
  • Cultural Enslavement
  • Ball Of Conflation

5) (Openly on SaidIt?) Research and consider existing fonts and icon libraries to use (and build upon) across all the Cassy and related platforms, and perhaps eventually WikiSpooks (talked about with Robin for years) and maybe SaidIt? If not universal, then develop in parallel.

6) Sketch logo / brand design variations to choose from for:

  • Projex.Wiki - conceived
  • Volun.Tube -
  • LeverMind - conceived
  • - conceived
  • FoilHat.Party -
  • and:
  • Bittersweet Seeds - conceived but rethinking
  • Giraffe Ideas* - many ideas
  • Glossed And Profound*
  • Truth Seeker +
  • maybe:
  • Jason Carswell
  • Trutherism 101

7) Refine and finish logo / brand designs and development consulting with the Cassandra Team and/or SaidIt.

8) Design packages (branding bibles, logos, headers, banners, footers, etc. - and HTML splash pages?) for domains.

9) LeverMind animations and video effect templates.



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