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Guys love sluts.

Girls love the D.

The reality of the situation is that other women sabotage the game. Female slut shaming cannot be overstated in it's social impact.

A significant percentage of women are openly hostile to women who dress promiscuously, as they are perceived as a potential threat to their relationships.

It's not worth it for most women.

I don't think it's hypocritical. Tinder extends anonymity to provide them with cover; when they're interested.

Tinder arrived too late for me.

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If like to see GermanLifter head over to Christan Mingle to see how they'd react.

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Girl: "You're the miracle to my Virgin Mary!"

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I think you have to put https:// for the link thing to work right

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I usually don't have to type it in, because I have a shortcut to Christan Mingle on my desktop and phone.

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Girls/woman are the most hypocrite creatures, i said it before and see it again and again

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They are all superficial. All of them.

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30 Rock did a funny episode about "The Bubble" which is exactly this. Here's some clips, you'd probably enjoy this episode:

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I think this is normal, it's the reality.

People only pretend to be offended by straightforward sexual conversations so as to appear "not easy" to others. Others would be offended if the person doing the dirty talk isn't their type. Others would just pretend to be offended but actually enjoy it, even if the person isn't their type (ego feeding). Men and women have sexual needs and they'll immediately take the opportunity if a suitable candidate (or in this case, one that exceeds the norm), presents him/herself.

As for me, if a beautiful, sexy woman started saying sexy things to me, I wouldn't pretend to be a "hard to get" guy. I'd just say "What are we waiting for, anywhere is fine!" haha!

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I wouldn't pretend to be a "hard to get" guy. I'd just say "What are we waiting for, anywhere is fine!" haha!

You're not supposed to actually be hard to get; just pretend you are.

That way, they can pretend that a trip to the free clinic isn't necessary.

No one wants to worry that they've contacted a disease from some dirty dude sex machine. ;-)

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Not if you were top 0,1%.