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I get the concern, but I think the greatest loss is from socializing and creating friendships etc

Emphasize the importance of respecting authority and following rules,

this too, it sounds kind of dark, but not only are you getting book smart. But, you also being taught structure and different people personalities.

IDK if it still like this, but I did like baseball well, t-ball that wasn't affiliated with the school district. I know youth sports are starting to open again here from co-workers with kids, but i think it is with the school... actually i know someone near me, thats a PE couch i should ask him next time i see him outside.

My major sport in HS was track, I could dart off and sprint like a crazy (even my mile was top, there was other that just about as fast), but my knees are bad. I would get pain. But heck, you hand me that baton I was off like a bullet. They wanted me in every sport, especially hockey & football. I still have my take of speed tho... i'm rambling.

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I'm not the public school teacher but personally, I see this school year as being even darker than most people can imagine. I see this is part of an attempt to indoctrinate our children by the state