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Your post reminded me of the scramble for Africa cartoon thing, so I made The Scramble for the Internet. which isn't what you wanted, but thought I'd mention it.

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Based on a French scramble for Africa cartoon, with Communist China carving up the Internet and big tech companies sitting at the table, waiting for their slice of the pie.

The message is that China is colluding with big tech to carve up the Internet and take full control.

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That's the idea of which I was thinking.

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Oh, huh.

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That's a cool title. "I'm Jason Carswell, meme maker."

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I'll take it. I hope to upgrade it soon.

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Soon you'll be promoted to Antipropagandist General.

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I'd just settle for counter-propagandist.

I'm trying to come up with some new strategies for interactive projects and productions for SaidIt. I still have some brain farts I can't get past. I guess I'll settle for getting them as compelling and presentable as possible hoping folks will like some and help me improve them.

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u/JasonCarswell IDK if that pinged you.

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He will see it since he sees everything. Or you could Direct Message him by clicking on his user name. Near the FRIENDS button, you will see: Send Personal Message.

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We've talked over PMs before.

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The sad thing with me and messages and PMs is that I often procrastinate on too many the important ones that I mean to properly respond to, then they get buried and forgotten. Further I'm often worn out so I only respond to the easy ones.

Generally I avoid the PMs and prefer to be open and in the comments. I'm an open book, but on occasion I can respect some topics, plans in development, or those who aren't as open won't want to be broadcast.

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Yeah, I don't really talk much in PMs.

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Thank you!
You are correct...

Only comments ping users.

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Oh, huh.

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Thank you so much for the request!

I've intentionally been pulling back from SaidIt, especially this new year. Obviously I've been addicted to current events and OCD trying to share all the great content I'd stumble on - so why change? I understand that sharing powerful content is critical, but I believe I have more to offer to make impacts in different ways, and to do this I'll not only need to focus - but I'll also need some plans and some help. I can always return to my old routine, but times being what they are I think it's critical that I get on my top game. I'll be sharing more on this soon enough.

/u/TheAmeliaMay made your meme before I did. First thing I would have done was try image searching on DDG and Google. Failing a few attempts with key words I'd have to resort to sketching a political cartoon instead of a meme.

Part of my near future plans include writing concepts, developing original characters, making political cartoons (longer and more complex than memes), and building up a body of work to further refine for the next stages - all interactively with the help and feedback of SaidIt folks. I'm still drafting these complex plans into roadmap to present to everyone - and then we can fine tune them and get active.

Your concepts and feedback will be most welcome then too.