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I just turned 30 and I hate this dark era today. If I had to pick a past state of affairs for society I would want to live it would be no later than the 1980s. I admit that I resent that I am stuck and would not see or experience what it is like to live in such an era. And it's getting acceleratingly worse. I also kind of dislike it from a technological standpoint, nobody is interacting socially and everything is online, that is almost dystopian. Bring back brick-and-mortar things! And I do realize the irony of writing this on the internet, thank you.

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What about those for whom moving outside of the whole US is not currently or in near future a realistic option?

Do I have to resign to the possible fate of being put in a gulag, or a "modern" equivalent?

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Why isn't moving a realistic option? Let's make sure this is really true before giving up on it. If you really can't move, then you simply must obey the tyrants without dissent.

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Because I don't have a job (late bloomer, never did before) to pay and I still live with parents at 29.

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This shouldn't be a problem, but I will put off the details until we know for sure that Trump lost.

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What are some thing I can or should do in the meantime?

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Maybe start learning a foreign language, if you haven't already. Or brush up if you have. You can learn a surprising amount with just a few months of intensive effort.

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Are you assuming that I already decided where to go?

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No, of course not, but I am guessing you want to leave the US, since you you said it's not realistic for you to leave, not that you don't want to leave. I am also assuming there are some people who are still on the fence given the political situation. For anyone who is considering leaving, this would be a useful step that one can take in one's spare time.

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Well, the question is about what language/country do we agree on?

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I'd say it's a two-part question. What language/country works best for you individually and what works for interested people as a group.

So far, some of us are looking at Mexico since it's open without restrictions for US citizens, borders the US, it's relatively easy to get a residency visa, the language is not very difficult to learn and some Americans may have exposure to Spanish already.

So, what do you have in mind?

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