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Never been in a dishwasher, never been roughly handled. This is beyond bad, and this used to be a quality US manufacture of pots. Now made in China.

/u/usehername asked why it mattered on the bottom, and there's several reasons. The first is that just shouldn't be happening at all, the outer clad layer of things is not supposed to just peel off. Functionally, it needs a stainless steel bottom to work on induction cookware. And finally, if it's that thin on the bottom, what's the inside like? One fleck out of the cooking surface and it might as well be an aluminum pot.

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    I plan to contact them tomorrow.

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    I'm sorry man, that's depressing.

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    Thanks man. Everyone I know is fucking shocked. I'm going to call the company because frankly, this is embarrassing. Or should be embarrassing for them if they have any decency. It's under warranty, maybe they have some old stock when their stuff was still made in the US they can replace it with.

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    Let me know if you need some negative press. My Google Maps reviews work wonders.

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    This is why we switched to cast iron pans, soon we will be 100% cast iron pans, pots and such.