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The worst thing about this whole thing, for me personally, is that this is the totalitarian state coming down hard already. The Bittersweet Seeds story I'm writing that takes place in 25-30 years, a world that is certainly worse than our world was last year (this year is now unknowable), but I was too narrow sighted to properly anticipate what the next "big event(s)" could be, or when, or that it could even happen (maybe several ratchet times) between now and then. (As I wrote, I do have a "big event" for the background of my story set 2-3 decades from now.)

Now that totalitarianism has arrived, I may have to reconceive much of it. In my story it was bad and ever present, but now I may have to amp it up to absurd levels for a cautionary story to be effective and not just routine life. Further still, much else that I've "predicted" in my imagination has already come true over the last decade - yet beyond 2045-2050, with the dawn of the singularity, after that... all bets are off and my imagination is far to human and limited to see beyond that ENORMOUS event - the great change over of epochs.

Side note: I did wonder what ever happened to all the lone wolf event scenarios. Seemed like they were saving up for this big one.

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"This isn't just a pandemic it's an infodemic."