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Honestly, I'm curious about the Ryan Dawson non-controversy. I hardly think you would be big enough in alternative media for him to hear about you. Send me a link to that show, please (the one where he calls you an idiot).

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I didn't think I'd get any bites. No one voted for this post either. At least some folks on TCR were intrigued.


On Ryan Dawson

No, I'm not "big enough", if ever I will be. Nonetheless it happened, briefly.

Ryan Dawson is uncouth. Recently he was "Karen-ed"1 for losing his shit on a troll caller while filling in on Mike Rivero's What Really Happened radio show.2

I commented, "Or... you could get more professional, earn respect, and gain more viewers for your message more important than your casual/sloppy attitude. Stop being a frat boy playing with code words and memes with your cult of supporters. Clean up and branch out. Keep your bangs trimmed, keep your dick off cam (yes, he accidentally was caught beating it on a show), keep calm, carry on, have patience for those who don't know, and stay on point."3

I doubt he would remember my other comments, supportive and/or critical (he only responds to the critical ones, defensively), or our chats on Discord before I was banned or something technical last year (I didn't care to go back and follow up) and he was finally censored there. I was trying to get him to interview magnora7 and he seemed legit interested in doing it, but kept losing the contact info, despite there being a whole fucking SaidIt website.

His sloppiness and attitude are his greatest weaknesses. If he could hire a professional team to make nicer videos they'd have a great product. Instead of always being live begging for shekels and goofing around he could be focused (a problem I have too). His intolerance for other viewpoints and other researchers is more than toxic. He thinks many other researchers who come to the same conclusions steal from him. He never takes criticism well. Yet, he's good enough to follow. Though I don't follow closely, much less all the time (like Corbett, Dore, reallygraceful, etc). It was actually a fluke I even caught the particular video in question, as typically I don't bother with his short videos and play the long ones while multitasking, doing chores, etc. to let the casual info trickle in.

First you should know that he's referencing my unnoticed posts:

JizzLane married Yes Ghislaine married but not for love (5:42) ~ Ryan Dawson, 2020-07-16

YouTube auto-transcript:
03:24 this short let me tell you something
03:27 real fast though spinning squirrel is by
03:31 spinning squirrel and rainbow frog my
03:34 name is not on there the credits go to
03:37 rainbow frog and spinning squirrel I do
03:40 not want any credit for that film or the
03:44 subsequent films rotating rotate and
03:46 twirl squirrel and if you are posting
03:49 stuff on websites and stuff saying how
03:52 great ryan dawson is that made this in
03:54 that you're either a fed or a fucking
03:58 idiot do not if you're a supporter a fan
04:03 and you're not a fed and you're not a
04:05 dumbass do not put my name on that I've
04:10 already lost PayPal and patreon I don't
04:13 need to lose the last thing I have left
04:14 I swear to Jesus I will remove that
04:18 video from bit shoot and from brand new
04:21 tube and I will never release the
04:23 sequels I'm talking to you Jason
04:26 Caldwell and others get my fucking name
04:30 off of that film just say rainbow frog
04:34 and spinning squirrel I want them to
04:35 have all the credit it's on oven magnet
04:39 it's not on my channel for a reason I
04:41 did do some narration and stuff that may
04:44 or may not have been swiped just use
04:47 your brain all right he's going nuts
04:49 gotta go peace and love

Ryan Dawson is the ONLY person always fucking using the rainbow frog, selling Spinning Squirrel T-shirts, been talking about it for months, releasing unfinished work cuts, and now finally promoting this Spinning Squirrel documentary on Brand New Tube (with two more parts forthcoming). His childish code-words may work to avoid censorship or they may just be stupid esoteric shit for his cult following. Nonetheless if an "idiot" neckbeard like me can see through his shit, I'm quite certain the actual Feds, CIA, NSA, Mossad, etc etc etc know how to also use YouTube-DLG and piece together the fucking obvious clues. They don't need me to censor the Spinning Squirrel documentary and/or Ryan's YouTube channel. They'll strike him down when they feel like it, with or without reason - though especially if the video were to go viral like the Plandemic documentary or any of the other COVID-1984 counter-narratives that briefly gain traction. When it gets censored it also attracts more attention and people seek out alternative ways to see it.

Not only is he an idiot for thinking he's too clever with his lame camouflage, he didn't even get my name right.

I admit I am an idiot in many things. I hardly think I'm an idiot in this case. You tell me.

For respect of the material I seriously thought about withdrawing and rewriting those posts (with no votes to lose, not that I care about votes - I care about eyes), but the material stands on it's own so really I'd only be redoing it for the idiot asshole who called me an idiot for crediting the fucking obvious creator. I can't be bothered. Also, if it's any relief to you or him, I won't be attaching his name to the 2 parts that follow. Now he can go eat a bag of dicks. (Sorry if I sound angry, as he often does. I'm hoping this will finally be purged from my system.)