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WE SHOULD ALL BOYCOTT American Intelligence Media, that despicable lying YT channel, and all those Hideous lying Conservative Media Outlets like the plague. We need to expose those EVIL QANON MAGAtards for the RightWing Tyranny New World Order Shills they really are. Those Q scum are nothing but BIG FAT LIARS! I will root for James Corbett, & defend him alongside Derrick Broze + James Evan Pilato from those despicable conservative Q MAGAtards.

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Is this information about disinformation or disinformation about information? It's hard to tell, for me anyway but I think this site is one of the shills.

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I think it's click-bait for them trying to make a low hanging nothing burger.

I think they have some legit good content. But I'm afraid they fucked the pooch on this one. Their comment section is shitting on them tremendously.

It was because of some of their good content that I tried to follow them for a bit. Unfortunately they seem trapped in a regimented format to make a regular show that needs to be filled with content. Sometimes they'll have a hit and sometimes a miss. The problem is that you have to actually pay attention for a while to know how legit they are or aren't (on many levels) and how much they hit and miss.

I was already getting alienated before this. The egos of some media bugs me. "I predicted this." "I'm always right." "We are way ahead of everyone else." etc. Sometimes they do that to waste time and sometimes to act like children - it's hard to tell.

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I'm not condemning them to Hades and may follow 'em for a while. They must get desperate sometimes trying to fill up their slot. But everybody has to leave out something and maybe they introduced some people to James Corbett.

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I think it was a big mistake. Omitting something like that is no lying by omission and/or "fake news". It's a deep subject and things will be missed.

They would have been wiser to make an addendum to the Corbett Report rather than an attack.

I'll still catch them now and then but this is sour and a rookie mistake IMO. We all do them until we don't.