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The 0.01% are the Real Virus & their Corporatocracy, the Real Pandemic

A. The 0.01% Control All Sides

Best Enemies Money Can Buy: An interview with Prof Antony C Sutton On:

  • How Soviet Russia & Nazi Germany were created & sustained by the 0.01% through their Corporations
  • The Trilateral Commission & the CFR behind US Govts

The 0.01%

1. Control, via Corporations

  • ACE: Arts Culture Entertainment, Education, MSM & Soc Media➡Our Minds
  • Food & Healthcare➡Our Bodies
  • Political Parties➡"Our Government"Note A➡Our Liberty
  • Finance -all the above

2. Divide & Conquer / Distract Us, via #Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers hold the 99% from winning against the 0.01%

i.e. those who, whilst appearing to fight for the people or liberty, do not:

  • touch on the Great Reset
  • question the official narrative to connect the dots of the emerging dystopia that you & I can see

Instead, they

a. direct away from the real problem - the 0.01%

b. do not deal with solutions

c. direct away from the real solutions

d. sit on, or even sabotage the real solutions

Note A *A 2014 Princeton University study showed that:

  • "the opinion of the average citizen has near zero impact on (US) public policy", whilst
  • "economic elites have a quite substantial, highly significant impact on policy"

    ie the US Government works for the 0.01%

B. The 0.01% & Covid-19

Who's behind:

  • the economy (& life)-collapsing lockdowns: Politicians
  • the masks, tests & vaccines: WHO+Corpns+Govts
  • The Great Reset: WEF+UN+Corpns+Govts
  • Next: Conditional income+CBDCs: IMF+Central Banks

Who's behind them all: The 0.01%

Covid-19: The Great Reset by the 0.01%

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The Great Reset - the ePanopticon is the Real Agenda

Govts work for the 1% Per Princeton Study

  1. Problem: Use the Fear Card: Max it to "Pandemic"

  2. Reaction: Lockdown: Prolong it to crush economy & lives

  3. Solution: Vax -No Vax, No Job, No Income; Next up: UBI via CBDCs ➡#ePanopticon

Outcome of Government Counter Measures - only benefit the 1%:

  1. Disaster Capitalism
  2. A Totalitarian Tip Toe

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The Solution: Make Direct Change Ourselves

All We Have To Do:

  • Affirm that We the 99.99% do not need the 0.01%

  • Unshackle ourselves & just walk away from them

  • Do our own Direct Change: ➡ Co-opefy The Economy

  • Appeal to the humanity of the Order Executors: Please side with the Truth. Be Human, Be Humane.

Solutions For

  1. Covid-19: Prophylaxis
  2. Corporatocracy: Co-opefy The Economy
  3. Climate Change: Decenter the Corporatocracy

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it contains omega-3, required for myelin production. All covid cures promote remyelination, and coronaviruses are used to model demyelinating diseases. All symptoms/deaths consistent with medullary damage

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This new guy /u/EddieC is hitting the ground running.