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This makes sense. The problem is disunity as always.

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Thanks. Indeed, there is much noise & cacophony going on right now - all leading to nowhere, all part of the divide and rule.

I hope people will quickly realize that all they need to do is turn off the noise and just focus on this.

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Good stuff, but infinitely easier said than done.

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Thanks! There's work to be done for sure.

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Oct 18 Update:

The Battle Is In The Narrative

Let's Seize the Narrative!
Front Liners - Their Achilles' Heel!

Imagine IF Rather than just protesting the Government
Rallies are specifically designed & organized to turn the frontline order executors - police officers, military, civil service, etc - over to our side


Our only way out of this is to be united in Truth
Here's how we can do it:
1) Gathers Everything Together In One Place: Writings On The Wall
2) Gathers Everyone Together In One Place: Catch One, Catch All
3) Builds on & amplifies it to Seize the Narrative: The Virus (& Vaccine) is a lab-made, bioweapon
4) Rallies All Front Liners -- Their Achilles' Heel-- to Our Side: Walk Away & Avert Tyranny!



This Is The Davos Agenda:
They created the Problem: The Virus (& Vaccine) is a lab-made, bioweapon
And instituted the Reaction: Lockdowns = a psychological coercion for their
"Solution": hex4all +"pass"+AI => SerfChains4All
Their 4IR = The 4th Reich

The "Great Reset" Is Their Destruction & Plunder Plan
following which THEY will

It's All Down To You!:
Walk Away & the House of Cards Crumbles!
Walk Away & Avert Tyranny!
Walk Away & The Children Lives!

What's Your Stand: Truth or Tyranny?
You Too Won't Be Safe Under Tyranny
Be A Human, Be Humane

The Real Herd Immunity We Need Is Against Tyranny
Let's Buy From / Work For / Invest In Co-ops To Defund Their Corporations!


Let's Seize the Narrative
1. Stop more from getting the jab - The Children!
2. Awaken the Jabbed - They Lied To You!
3. Awaken the Order Executors - Stand Down!
4. Challenge Experts, Journalists - Speak the Truth!
5. Perpetrators & Authority - You Are Accountable!




What Are Really In the Vaccines?
Here are the microscopy analysis of:
- The Moderna Vaccine
- The Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine


Why are the Governments all over the world still pushing the Vaccines when
according to CDC, the Vaccines Do Not Prevent Transmission?


The Virus Is A Lab-Made Bio-Weapon

It is a US Govt funded pathogen,
lab researched & assembled for human infection -> TLDR
with parts of other pathogens in the
- S-Protein
- N-Protein


The Spike Protein Is Bad News

The S-Protein from the Jabs:
1) has a furin cleavage site, PRRAR
2) has toxin-like motifs around PRRAR
3) when cleaved:
*a) frees and exposes sub-unit S1
*b) exposes sub-unit S2 which remains anchored
*c) exposed toxin-like motifs (on freed S1 & anchored S2) disrupt the normal functioning of surrounding Receptors & Proteins by binding / interacting with them

Super-antigenic character of an insert unique to SARS-CoV-2 spike supported by skewed TCR repertoire in patients with hyperinflammation
Nicotinic Cholinergic System and COVID-19: In Silico Identification of an Interaction between SARS-CoV-2 and Nicotinic Receptors with Potential Therapeutic Targeting Implications SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induces Paracrine Senescence and Leukocyte Adhesion in Endothelial Cells


Lockdowns = a Psychological Leverage to Coerce People to take the Injections

In various parts of the world, lockdowns went from "2-3 weeks to flatten the curve" to more than 12 months.

Lockdowns were:

A. not part of pre-existing public emergency plans
- decades old carefully prepared emergency plans were discarded

B. intended to do harm AND did do harm:
(1) businesses - financially - many did not re-open

(2) people - physically, mentally, financially -
many were made homeless with no income to pay their bills
many died as they missed timely medical treatment
some chose suicide
many elderly died isolated in long term care homes

(3) children's immune system, social and psychological development

C. basically used as leverage to force compliance:
(1) businesses - required to ensure customers are vaccinated
(2) individuals - take the vaccine to return to work/for holiday
(3) children - take the vaccine to return to school

Watch to understand behavior psychology from animal models:

1) Why it is important for people to think they are "returning to normal":
"The animals come around the curve (with solid sides), they think they're going back to where they came from
- that's one of the reasons why they work so well

2) Why it is important for people to actually have "normalcy" :
"An animal standing in that crowd pen has to be able to see up 2 - 3 body lengths before the turn"


Link to Writings On The Wall