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By the time I find and buy all that shit my covid will be over.

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simple to just get the ready to go Z stack. Have one ready in the cabinet just in case.

Imho, given how widespread T cell immunity is this most likely will never be an issue for most healthy individuals who keep their D level btwn 35 ng/ml to 60 ng/ml and take a daily 300 mg ascorbate and 100% rda zinc and selenium. Best to knock it out before you even feel it. And best yet to take some hygienic precautions so you don't get any large dose exposures over ID50.

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I realize they did not compare results against a placebo, but couldn't they compare results to similar patients who were not put on Zinc, Quercetin, Bromelain, and Vitamin C?

I do think declaring the supplements safe with the hospital drugs matters, not that I know what drugs would have contra-indications (I think that's the term, where one impacts the other negatively. Like when a drug has a good amount of sodium in it you might be told to avoid salty foods, but there are more complicated interactions than that) with those nutrients.

I think this also points to the fact that real science is slow and careful, the opposite of rushing not just one but many "vaccines" and frighten people into joining the experiment. Also it points to the funding problem real science has when compared to corporate science.