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Please check out this video on Social Media manipulation from thinkingslow1

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@19:00: "They are 'flooding the zone with noise' in the Liberty Movement"
It is happening here too on SaidIt - the Front Page and #Subscribed Chat (as you have pointed out)

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This has been happening here for some time.

It's a useful tool for scumbags to suppress info, etc.
It's difficult to know what's being suppressed, but there's plenty of bullshit that is inexplicably popular.

The absence of the down vote somewhat mitigates this. At least popular posts can't be nullified on appearance. Instead, they have to popularize other ideas.

The /s/TumblrInAction is another suspect sub, not because bots are voting, and not because of any of the sub's posts.

Any time they want to distract from other things, they can post an article that is interesting for all of the wrong reasons. There's an endless supply of insanity being generated by people who are detached from reality.
And most of the articles are about stupid people, who aren't criminal in nature, but generally harmless narcissists.

The trans movement is moving the overton window at an unprecedented rate. It's the subtle rebranding of the pedo movement. IMHO.
This aspect is not harmless, but it's not passing under the radar, which is good news.

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It's difficult to know what's being suppressed

IMO for them to be doing this on Twitter and

happening here for some time

there is only one objective: to suppress this - elite-free Dom for the 99%

i.e. usurper-freeDom  

To avert the Dystopian agenda, stop being distracted, decouple ourselves from the 1%
- turn and head for usurper-free Dom
or else, the writing is on the wall - for us, the 99%.

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If you want to solve this, then look no further than this.


I've already completed the process, and I'm legit free. I'm a US national, but not a citizen. It's the best thing ever.

Also, no more income taxes, which is a quick and tangible bonus of being free.

I'm completely serious about this. If you want to affect change, then you have to start with yourself. The video is lengthy. 2.5 hours. But it takes time to explain how we've been deceived as as society into surrendering our God given rights, and to explain how to reclaim them in a way that the courts recognize.

And they recognize this.

I can personally confirm. If you're serious about change, then look into this.

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For all to be freed & immunized from usurpers: usurper-free Dom

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Every American can change to national political status..

I suspect the status of citizen is a voluntary political status in almost every Western county, and make Eastern ones too.

Citizenship is inferior to national status. When you expatriate, you give up nationality, and citizenship.
But you can cancel the citizenship contract without cancelling the national status.

Becoming a national but not a citizen, is not expatriating.

Here's an open forum podcast with over 4 years of daily shows of other people who have become US nationals.

The Radio Ranch with Roger Sayles

It's a legit thing. I've never heard of anyone having significant issues from becoming a ISnational. Essentially, you reclaim the former political status of the pre civil war state citizen. That's what it is.

They renamed the "state citizen", a "US national". It's hidden in plain sight.

If you're serious about freedom, then look into this.

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How will this be impacted?

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They can't force a national into any of the bottom level requirements.

You reclaim God given rights. You have a similar legal status to a king.
He gets his rights from God, and so do you.

Legally, you have no ruler. You can take your children or of school. You don't owe income taxes, because you are free. Etc.

Don't take my word for it. Check out the videos. Join the daily call in show. It's the real deal.

I've already done it.

When you decide to do this; it will change you. New doors will open.

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Thanks! Maybe remind me again in a couple weeks. Very busy for the next bit with organizing and doing action events and finally https://Projex.Wiki is going to be better utilized. It's the anniversary of the 2022 Canadian Trucker Convoy stuff.

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