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you will be a paleoconservative soon :-)

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I hope that's good thing if it's inevitable.

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Do your knees and hips hurt when you stand up? If so, you're an old fuddyduddy.

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My knees and hips are fine. I've had chronic back problems off and on since I was 23.

What does it mean when your heart and soul aches?

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Are you a fuddyduddy? No. I'd say there's probably loads of people that would agree with your tastes. I feel it's more a question of how strong your resolve is when dealing with the programming people can be bombarded with. I often see gorgeous human females in my local town, it's just a shame they're typically driving in the opposite direction to me.

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Also, I should have mentioned that I think skinny-jeans are a terrible invention for everyone except those few individuals with nice legs. Doesn't matter if you're old or young, fit or fat, thick knees or ankles just do not make for a good shape, and so few are blessed. I suspect only police benefit because they can see if you're packing or not.

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I wholeheartedly agree, dear boy.

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It's elementary, Sir Myrkskog.

BTW, what is the origin of that curious handle(bar moustache)?

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It's the name of a Norwegian band that I used to listen to a lot as a teenager. It came in handy to use for screen names as it was never taken. Maybe if I frequented Norwegian message boards instead, it may not have been quite so unique. Allegedly translates to 'Mirkwood', although their music isn't reminiscent of Tolkien's work.

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Haha, yes, erm, listen with caution. If at all.

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I live in Montréal, which is the world's best city for locally-grown beauty. With a friend one day we are in a park, on a beautiful summer day, and he says, look, do you realize EVERYONE is good-looking? I'm like, yeah, of course, how else could they be? But then I travelled a bit around the world and yeah, this place is insane. The average chick here is a 10 elsewhere.

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I agree. I don't know what it is, but Montréal girls have the best eyebrows - and faaar fewer chubbs.

Good to know you're from there. I might ask you for some local ideas and feedback for my /s/BittersweetSeeds story. Part of it takes place in Montréal - at the TamTams.

Also, say hi to Guy for me. :P

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Which Guy? I knew a Guy... And yes what I speak of was at the park that surrounds the tamtams spot, after a rave, sometime around the turn of the century.

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Kidding. Of course there are lots of Guy's there.

But there's only one FairyGodMotherFucker (his alias). Guy, or Geeeeee, has been a friend for decades. We went to the University of Windsor in the early 90s. We were also into raves and Burning Man culture.

Neat coincidence. Maybe I was there too. Of all the parks in all the world...

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Fucking English Canadians. Stay in your country.

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If Quebec separates from Canada would Guy have to leave or stay?

"If you cut off my head, what I say? Me in my head or me in my body."

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We tried but you people and your politicians just won't leave us alone.

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"You people" are very distinct from "your politicians". I didn't vote for them.

I'm all for decentralizing all things. I want SouthWestern Ontario to secede too. It wouldn't bug me too much if someone nuked Ottawa and/or Buckingham Palace.

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Well the politicians organized a fake "Québec, nous vous aimons, ne partez pas!" operation, bringing thousands of Canadians (English speakers, by definition) to parade in our streets of Montréal with signs saying how they love us and don't want us to leave. It later turned into a "sponsorship scandal" which pretty much destroyed the Liberal party at the time.

But it seemed to have been enough to sway the vote just enough to keep us with this cucked shithole of a country.

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I wouldn't call it a shithole, though there's plenty of shit and holes to go around.

I call Canada the least sucking country I know of. Considering I've only ever been ALL over North America, from Alaska to Florida and Newfoundland to Juarez, my first hand knowledge is limited.

As for Quexit, "they" will never let that happen. Just like they'll never allow a B.C.exit. Centralized power hoards itself.

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Hollywood is full of trannies.

There are (were?) many 'transvestigation' channels on youtube exploring this if it interests you.

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Some of those channels were calling everyone a tranny with male features that clearly were not. They had no credibility, though I wouldn't be surprised if more "celebs" had more secrets than we can imagine.