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One thing I see a lot when someone is trying to get their point across is people just waiting their turn to talk, and not really listening to what the other person is saying. If you really want to widen someone's perspective, you need to listen to them and really try to see things from their point of view. A little respect goes a long way.

Another thing that I've found useful conveying ideas is the use of simple examples or parables. Most people don't think in terms of numbers and statistics, so a narrative format is much more relevant.

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The avalanche has already started

It is too late for the pebbles to vote

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I'm not talking about stopping the avalanche nor "voting" to make a difference.

I'm asking about the best ways to influence those in your circles, including the dumb AND smart adults, woke or not, as well as the kids, teens, and ancient folks who may cross your sphere.

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They are alone. They are a dying people; we should let them pass

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don't allow emotions to enter in and set an example for others

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Easier said than done.

I'm very zen when alone.

Even when I fuck up and am angry at myself I know there is no point in yelling or whatever. I just deal with it.

That changes when interactive people are around, time is limited and never paused, etc etc etc.

I'm a better editor than performer. Some people get it right first time or know how to flow with it. I'd rather work it over and over until I nail it properly. I sketch where others groove.

But little of this hits on the initial question.

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i didn't say it was easy. you asked and i answered. you let emotion enter in when ur trying to discuss a topic and you're going to poison it

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There is wisdom in it.

I guess I need to add several wise things together...

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ya, solution to life isn't 1 ingredient. it's a bunch of good stuff mixed together and baked for atleast 20 years