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the alien threat psyop and the space rock threat psyop are also in the pipeline..

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I was actually pondering that the other day. Aliens are hard to fake. Space rock much easier.

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project blue beam

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I just saw this the other day: 7.6/10 - a pretty good series it seems, except it's the sHitstory Channel

based on

not to be confused with (Redirected from Project Blue Beam) - an interesting read. I feel like I should have heard of him before now.

I used to be into the X-Files, etc. Now I have no patience for stupid media filled with plot holes and terrible physics. I get enough of that in deep politics, etc.

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So far we're seeing little actual destruction, other than what individuals may do to themselves. The psy-op is pretty obvious. All the coronavirus numbers in red all over the place remind me of the terror threat level colors, in what 2002-2003.

This really appears planned to me. There's certainly something big going down. It concerns me that no one really knows where this is going. Certainly end game plans like Agenda 21 are worth considering, but how are we going to get there from here?

This has to be one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. Everyone in the world was just told to go to their room, and the majority of them said OK. Well, not only said OK, but are sooo convinced that everyone should stay home that it would seem they would stone anybody they see not obeying the rules.

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Depends what you mean by "little actual destruction".

They blame the market crash and the LARGEST BAILOUT IN HISTORY on this event. To put the taxpayers in even deeper debt.

People are compelled to stay at home to destroy countless small businesses, jobs and lives.

People are struggling to make this months rent. Next month will be a nightmare.

You and I might not be affected directly - but MANY around us will, and the chaotic masses of endless ripples will make for some rough times ahead, though we may not see it all just yet.

2 months ago, I often wondered about Agenda 21 aka Agenda 2030, and how they were going to achieve all that terrible stuff on their checklists over the next 10 years. I mean, the worst that happened in the last decade was the NDAA 2013, the 2016 rigged election fiasco, a lot of stupid censorship, and a handful of "lone" shooters. Even knowing about their plans, and knowing the crash would happen in early 2020, I didn't see it all coming together so tightly and cleanly (sloppy as fuck as it is).

It just proves how effective the propaganda brainwashing and blind faith in authority is.

We now live in a prison with walls of sheeple.

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By little actual destruction, I mean that we're not now seeing masses of people dying or anything physical being destroyed.

Of course, all that was in place before coronavirus to keep people healthy and living well is still there and available regardless of what numbers are assigned to incomes or debts.

Money and currency are just a conceptual replacement for trust between people.

Unfortunately, our economic system is controlled by a centralized source meaning our means of trust and trade between each other is also controlled by that centralized source.

I agree that the majority will likely go along with this just as they have in past times of induced fear and panic.

Although, there is a minority of us who do see through the bullshit.

Hopefully we can stay strong and ride this wave that is upon us.

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Ah, I see.

Interesting that the CIA also considered trying to dose the enemy with LSD or longer lasting psychedelics for the same results. Get a whole town going mad for 12-72 hours (depending on the substance) and by the time they become rational, aside from a few potential suicides and accidents you'll have rolled your tanks in to town and peacefully subdued them all without destroying the infrastructure or blowing up a single building - thus maintaining part of the wealth and spoils of war, not to mention the clear supply routes.

Typical LSD would not be able to last in any water supply with chlorine nor be effective as a mist or vapour. But of course the CIA had their scientists invent ways to weaponize it as such - because they thought the Russians had or would. Meanwhile the Russians were far behind them on many fronts, though I suspect would have if they could have or if they'd even think of such things.

It's been a few decades, but Acid Dreams is an excellent book on all things LSD.

Oh, I agree that money is just a representation of trust. It's all in our heads how we value things. But goods are tangible. Gold is still rare and valued. The bank can claim your home, but unless they have the police kick you out, then you can still live there.

This whole bailout is just ratcheting up inflation to the extreme, while simultaneously elevating the wealthy. And the sheeple will eat it up.

I often feel like we're preaching to the choir, bantering back and forth, saying the same things in different words. But I also firmly believe this really matters. It's going on the record for all to see and read, should they seek it out, and being archived on some places. Hopefully SaidIt will be backup-able soon. All things considered there's a huuuuuuuge wealth of info here and its not too many GB.

Any person can keep reading all these things. Said this way and that way, and still not get it. But eventually, either sooner or later, due to the repetition or a particular phraseology that clicks and cements it - they will understand all these concepts. (Even if they don't agree.)

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Amen brother. The solution: FEMA CAMPS.

If there's anyone here who hasn't read "1984" by George Orwell, you really need to get on with it. I feel it's getting used as a blueprint for Dystopia 2.0.

Brave New World was the blueprint for Dystopia 1.0, so it seems.