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Per user suggestion, until traffic on this sub picks up a bit, I'm going to create a single thread that may correlate to several weeks' worth of threads in the subreddit. We have this option because saidit's automoderator doesn't appear to have the "auto-post new threads" feature. There is no cutoff that will generate a new OT/LE thread, but practically-speaking, it will probably be somewhere in the 2-3 weeks/100 comments range to start (or, y'know, 4 months lol). We have flexibility at the expense of a small amount of convenience.

That said, here is the cross-link to the current OT/LE on reddit:

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Kayla Lemieux and the cult of validation: How the West’s crisis of moral judgement is inflaming the insanity of identity politics.

Kayla Lemieux, as the shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario, Canada styled himself when he decided to become a ‘transwoman’, has been going viral for the past week over his massive fake boobs. Images show Mr Lemieux in a bad blonde wig, tight biker shorts and a close-fitting top that is barely able to contain his outsized prosthetic breasts. In this get-up he is seen teaching his pupils how to use a saw to cut wood. It is staggeringly inappropriate. Ontario parents are rightly furious that a man who clearly has some kind of messed-up breast fetish is teaching their kids while engaging in that fetish. As some observers have pointed out, he seems to be using the pupils as props in a kind of sexual game. After all, exhibitionists depend for their kicks on being looked at, and in that classroom Mr Lemieux has a group of young people who have no choice but to look at him and his perverse bulging fake tits.

And now we know why these kids had to look, why they had to be in a classroom with a man who clearly has issues – it’s because their school thinks this is all fine and dandy. In response to ‘discussion on social media’, Oakville Trafalgar High issued a statement saying it is committed to ‘establishing and maintaining a safe, caring, inclusive, equitable and welcoming learning and working environment for all students and staff’. And this includes, it says, the right of staff to enjoy ‘equitable treatment’ for their ‘gender identity and gender expression’. In short, Lemieux’s grotesque parody of womanhood is his completely valid gender identity, and who are we to criticise him, far less tell him to get the hell away from those children?

The real problem here is the cult of validation. We are now expected to validate all sorts of wacky identities. That v-word is everywhere. It’s in the slogan of the trans lobby, as promoted by Stonewall: ‘Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary people are valid.’ It abounds on social-media hangouts like TikTok. In fact, on TikTok ‘valid’ doesn’t only mean acceptable or reasonable, but also cool and exciting. As Urban Dictionary explains, ‘valid’ is now used both to indicate that ‘someone’s personality, character or entire existence is 100 per cent normal’ and to describe things that are ‘enjoyable and fun’. So the switched-on young might say ‘my pronouns are valid’ or ‘that movie was well valid’. Validation is the holy grail of the identitarian-minded. As Francis Fukuyama says in Identity: The Demand for Dignity and The Politics of Resentment, modern identity politics ‘places a supreme value on authenticity, on the validation of [the] inner being…’. In earlier times people chased the favour of priests, the blessing of the church; now they’re desperate for ‘validation’ from a new, less godly elite.

And if they don’t get it, they will suffer. They will feel oppressed. They might even die. Failure to validate teenagers’ trans identities leads to a hike in suicide attempts, say cynical campaigners. Say a single contradictory word about someone’s gender identity and you’ll be accused of ‘erasing’ them. This is how sacred the act of validation has become in the 21st century – so much so that people will feel ‘destroyed, obliterated’, which is what ‘erased’ means, if they don’t receive it. Maybe this is why so many institutions are so quick and unquestioning in their validation of certain identities. From schools to universities, banks to the civil service, everyone is now pressured to speak and behave in a way that validates other people’s identity expression, especially their gender expression. You must use the right pronouns, welcome the man who thinks he’s a woman into your female changing room, use ‘they’ or ‘ze’ or ‘zir’ for those who fantasise that they are neither male nor female. Even the literal Royal Air Force now tells its pilots to use whatever pronoun a person demands they use – even ze, per and hir – because ‘total inclusivity is non-negotiable’ (my emphasis).

There it is. All of this is ‘non-negotiable’. We’re all slaves to validation now. It’s the new religious correctness – validate that person’s identity with your every utterance and mannerism or risk being branded one of the ‘erasers’ who is a threat to minority rights. This is how people like Kayla Lemieux come into existence. They clock that they live in societies that will validate almost any gender identity, and which will punish the bigoted erasers who dare to question these gender identities. And so they know they can pretty much do what they like. Be whatever they want. Indeed, even the media outlets that are expressing alarm over Lemieux and his misogynistic knockers still validate him. They’re calling him ‘she’ and ‘her’. They’re validating his greatest delusion – that he is a woman. His belief that he has the right to parade around in front of kids while wearing bizarre prosthetic breasts is only a cranky extension of his belief that he is female despite all the evidence to the contrary. A society that is unwilling to say ‘Actually, you are a man’ to men who think they’re women is not in a strong position to say ‘Actually, you are not allowed to wear those prosthetics in school’ to Mr Lemieux.

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NYC 'nearing its breaking point' amid influx of migrants, reassessing longstanding procedures

New York City is "reassessing" longstanding procedures that stem from a law requiring the city to shelter undomiciled people, following an influx of more than 11,000 asylum seekers who have been bused from Texas, the mayor's chief counsel said Thursday.

Brenda McGuire made the comments after touring the city's first Asylum Seeker Resource Navigation Center, which opened to help immigrants navigate the legal and education systems.

"We are reassessing the city's practices with respect to the right to shelter," she said. "It is important, because we don't exist in a vacuum, to reconsider the practices that the city developed that flow from the right to shelter."

McGuire declined to elaborate what, specifically, might need to change, but the city's prior practices involving mainly people experiencing homelessness "never contemplated the busing of thousands of people into New York," Mayor Eric Adams said earlier this week. "We expect thousands more to arrive every week going forward. The city's system is nearing its breaking point."

The comments followed the failure of the city's shelter system to offer beds to 60 men who arrived Monday at the men's intake shelter on East 30th Street.

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The Identity Cult: On the mass conversion of our institutions

The cult of identity, properly understood, consists of a series of platitudes and stereotypes invariably leading to gestures of repudiation and calls for the ritual purification of society. By definition, there can be no missionaries of identity. True believers have shown little interest in persuasion: their faith has spread not because of clever arguments but by relegating rival creeds beyond the pale of moral consideration. Hence the obsession with nomenclature—with the magical force of words.

Conversion has entailed drastically different experiences, depending on where you stand in the social pyramid. From below, at the level of the young professional and the college student, the cult provides a vision of truth and a source of meaning in a romantic struggle against the systemic evil represented by the rest of us. From above, at the level of high government and corporate officials, ostentatious adherence to the cult is a tool of control.

The dance between the generations has been awkward. Young activists are eternally on the hunt to identify and attack injustice, typically revealed by the utterance of certain taboo words. They dwell in a world of weakened religious and family ties, and their idea of community is a website. The cult of identity fills an existential void and raises up the young to be the vanguard of avenging virtue in a sinful world. This cohort is driven by the urge to purify—that is, by negation to the edge of nihilism.

Older institutional types, on the other hand, have seen their influence and authority plummet over the past decade. Of this vertiginous fall from grace, Trump was merely a symptom, not the cause. The digital age will not tolerate the steep hierarchies of the twentieth century: these will either be reconfigured or smashed. Stripped of the splendor of their titles, panicky elites have cast about for some principle that will allow them to maintain their distance from the public.

The puritanical slogans pouring out of anti-Trump protesters must have sounded, to this group, like an opportunity. They could reorganize society on woke values, with themselves in charge as high commissioners of purity. They could trade institutional authority for social control. With uneven measures of sincerity and cynicism, the cult of identity could be appropriated by power.

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‘Migrants only!’ The Greens’ plan to ban ‘organic Germans’ from a third of job vacancies in the name of diversity slammed as ‘unconstitutional’

“A green mayor makes the difference!” wrote Turkish-born Filiz Polat, the managing director of the Greens parliamentary group, in a tweet on Wednesday, which confirmed that “by the end of 2026, a third of all newly advertised positions in the city should be filled by applicants with a migration background.”


The plan has attracted criticism from political opponents who consider the proposal to be unlawful.

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, an FDP member of the Bundestag declared the plan to be “evidently unconstitutional, if I understand our Basic Law correctly.”

“What happens to the other two-thirds?” Lambsdorff asked Polat in a tweet. “Are they reserved for organic Germans?” he added, suggesting any form of discrimination in favor of either “organic Germans” or “those of a migrant background” for a particular vacancy would be unconstitutional.

The Greens are yet to outline how they would address this issue following the implementation of the scheme.

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L.A. School District Shares Video from ‘Nutritionist’ Who Says Eating Right Is Racist

Your dreams have come true, kids: French fries and pizza are now good for you, so eat up, or else: if you don’t, you might be suspected of “white supremacism.” If you thought things couldn’t possibly get any crazier, forget it: a “nutritionist” has proclaimed that “nutrition standards are rooted in whiteness,” and so like Robert E. Lee and Bull Connor, they’ve got to go. Nor is the nutritionist in question, Kéra Nyemb-Diop, some nut raving on the streetcorner; she works for Mondelez International, which is so concerned about nutrition that it produces Oreos and Chips Ahoy!. She is so well respected that the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) Office of Human Relations Diversity and Equity (HRDE) just shared her eating-right-is-racism video on its Instagram account. Oh yes, they did.

It comes as no surprise, really, now that women are men and men are drag queens in primary schools, that someone who calls herself a “nutritionist” would tell us something like this and, instead of being laughed out of her profession, would be held up by what is supposed to be an organization of sane and sober educators as someone who actually has something to tell us. The video that the L.A. school district wanted those who are foolish enough to follow it on Instagram to see begins with one woman offering another a plate of doughnuts, and being absolutely baffled when they’re refused. “Are they moldy? I mean, are they poisoned?” The woman who refused a doughnut is speechless, whereupon the fatty snack pusher scolds her: “Hmm. You’re judging my food choices based on a false standard of ‘health,’ again, aren’t you?”

The refusenik says happily, “Guilty!,” but she doesn’t get off that easily. The video then cuts to Kéra Nyemb-Diop herself, identified only as “@Black.Nutritionist,” who declares: “Diet culture, fatphobia and systems of oppression have created false hierarchies of food; it shows up everywhere.” A bit later in the video, a woman appears who is identified as “@SavageXFatty.” A woman named Maya Finoh, whose tweets are protected, has that Twitter account, and here’s her Twitter bio: “cultural worker. a salone pikin from the 919. like claudia jones i’m left of marx. they/them.” In the video, she says: “We are all incorrectly taught from a young age that our size and therefore the foods that we eat are markers of our self-worth. Moralizing food can lead to harmful relationships with food and disordered eating.” See? If you say that people ought to eat right, it’ll just make them eat even worse.

Nyemb-Diop then continues: “Instead of focusing on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ choices, try to approach food with neutrality in mind.” “Neutrality” in this context means that a doughnut is as good as a plate of broccoli, a salad absolutely equivalent to a dish of ice cream. “The only foods that are bad for you,” insists @SavageXFatty, “are foods that contain allergens (intolerances), poisons, and contaminents, or foods that are spoiled or is otherwise inedible.” Nyemb-Diop concludes: “Eat without guilt regardless of what society says.”

Now, Nyemb-Diop almost certainly knows how false and dangerous this all is, especially when there is already an epidemic of obesity among people of all ages. But she appears to be a committed ideologue. She insists that “nutrition standards are rooted in whiteness” and that the “health space is FLOODED with whitewashed nutritional standards that not only forget but exclude and demonize the food of those of the GLOBAL MAJORITY.” Racist to the core, as you might expect, Nyemb-Diop railed against the racists who say it’s healthier to maintain good nutrition: “I don’t know who made these white European bodies the standard but… oh that’s right, YT [white] people did! Because there ain’t a diverse culture on the face of this earth trying to look like these mediocre white men.”

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Vitriol over Queen Elizabeth II shows many left-wingers just hate white people

It's been an eventful month in race relations. First, there was the latest hate crime hoax at Brigham Young University, which all evidence suggests was concocted by a player desirous of attention. Then, there were the utterly despicable comments by two American professors about Queen Elizabeth II's death.

The professors, both black, took to social media to disparage Queen Elizabeth II. Uju Anya, an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University, displayed her bigotry by wishing the queen suffered an excruciatingly painful death in a tweet on Sept. 8. This was followed by a tweet from Zoe Samudzi, a Zimbabwean American who teaches photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. Samudzi tweeted that she would "dance on the graves of every member of the royal family."

Neither professor suffered any consequences — a privilege that most likely would not have been afforded if the professors were white and the deceased monarch black.

Their sentiments on the queen were shared by many on the Left. Others commented that the queen was an example of white supremacy, white privilege, or whatever concocted ism, phobia, or other social justice, victimization suffix you'd like to pick out of the dictionary. Such people have such a warped sense of reality that they will readily demonize anyone of European heritage who was connected to colonialism or imperialism yet always ignore the hundreds, if not thousands, of years of identical acts committed by people of African, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Asian heritage in building empires, oppressing other races, and colonizing faraway places.

Their flimsy worldview depends on the idea that history began in 1492 and that the first group of people ever to come along and develop a conscience about such activities — namely, Europeans — are the only ones who should ever be held accountable for it.

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Macron pushes to send migrants to French countryside, labels plan an ‘opportunity’ during ‘demographic transition’

Macron is pushing for “better distribution” of foreign nationals across France, particularly in “rural areas, which are themselves losing population,” and where “we will have to close classes, probably schools and colleges.” The French leader then claims that these migrants will be better received in these more rural areas.

“The conditions for their reception will be much better (in rural regions) than if we put them in areas that are already densely populated, with a concentration of massive economic and social problems,” he said. Macron said he wanted to relocate migrants in particular to “rural areas that are losing population” and described it as “a tremendous opportunity” within the framework of a “demographic transition.”

However, attempts to move migrants to rural regions has already been met with fierce opposition across France. As Remix News reported earlier this year, a plan financed with millions of euros from the wealthy Cohen family is designed to place 70 refugees into the quaint French town of Callac. The family has described their desire to create what they describe as a multicultural “Noah’s Ark of modern times.” However, the decision has been met with fierce opposition from the town’s locals with protests and calls to hold a referendum on migrant relocation plans. The Cohen family, undeterred by such opposition, has since expanded their project to a wide variety of French countryside towns, with the French government’s financial support.

A citizen’s initiative looking to block the proposal wrote a letter to the town’s mayor describing why they stood in opposition:

“The objective would be to repopulate a small ‘aging’ town with migrants, to revitalize the town center and to develop economic activities. Migrants would therefore be supervised, housed, and trained, and 70 jobs would be found for them.

The arrival of 70 non-European families would totally upset the life of the municipality and the canton. Thirty-eight non-French-speaking children would be educated at the Callac school and divided into classes. This would further complicate the task of teachers.

How can you impose on the people of Callac such a project that calls into question the identity of our population and before the real cost of the project is determined?”

The citizens opposed to the plan also pointed to already high unemployment rates in their own town, and asked why jobs would be found for migrants when there are not enough jobs currently for those already living there.

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Leicester and the unravelling of multiculturalism: How identity politics is whipping up hatred and violence in our communities.

There are two disturbing things about the Muslim-Hindu clashes in Leicester. The first is the violence itself. Gangs of men have clashed across the city. Hundreds of Muslim and Hindu youths in balaclavas and Covid masks – those plague-era face-coverings still have their uses, it seems – have confronted each other on normally quiet suburban streets. Glass bottles have been thrown, a knife was allegedly wielded (one man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a ‘bladed article’). It really blew up on Saturday night into Sunday morning, as the rest of the country was preparing for the queen’s funeral. You couldn’t have asked for a better, more depressing snapshot of fragmented Britain: a display of solemn unity in Westminster, violent religious streetfighting in Leicester.

The second disturbing thing is the moral evasion of the elites. The political and media establishments seem utterly unwilling to grapple, honestly, with this explosion of identitarian tension on the streets of England. Even where they do talk about Leicester’s strife, evasion remains the name of the game. It’s all the fault of outsiders, many are saying. As the Leicester Mercury summed it up, it is being ‘widely claimed’ that ‘a number of more recent migrants to the city hold far-right Hindu nationalist views’. Those backward Indians coming over here and disrupting our multicultural paradise. This is issue-avoidance on an epic scale. Blaming foreign agents for clashes in the Midlands is a desperate attempt to distract attention from the domestic ideologies that have whipped up identitarian tension. Primarily the ideology of multiculturalism, that hyper-divisive worldview. It is that ideology’s unravelling we are now witnessing in Leicester.

Easy, convenient explanations for the violence are best avoided. The tensions kicked off following the India-Pakistan cricket match in the Asia Cup in Dubai on 28 August, yet pretty much everyone will admit these clashes are not about cricket. Some say the violence represents the importation of the Kashmir conflict into communities in the UK. Leicester seems to have become a ‘mini-Kashmir’, as one writer puts it, with Pakistani-aligned youths and India-aligned youths fighting pitched battles. There’s truth in this, in the claim that the communal tensions of the subcontinent have made a grim appearance in parts of the UK. But even this speaks to the larger internal problem of multiculturalism.

After all, if young people in Leicester feel a greater affinity with Pakistan or India than they do with the country they grew up in, then clearly ‘multicultural Britain’ is failing to cohere its diverse communities around any sense of Britishness or belonging. That a mini-Kashmir erupted in Leicester at the same time as others were taking part in the shared national experience of the queen’s funeral speaks to the Balkanising impact of the homegrown ideology of multiculturalism. The problem here is not immigration or the everyday experience of diversity. It certainly isn’t the recent arrival of Modi fanatics. No, it’s the way multiculturalism, as an ideology, grates against the idea of a common culture, of national identity, and instead implicitly invites communities to live in their own cultures, their own worlds. If youths in Leicester feel more passion for Kashmir than the queen, we have a problem.

And it’s a problem that’s been a long time coming. Those startled that Leicester has been rocked by communal tensions are naive. But it’s a model multicultural city, they say. Yes, that’s the problem. Multiculturalism sowed the seeds of today’s violent grief. Community tensions are hardly new in multicultural Britain. From the Oldham riots of 2001 to the recent grooming-gang scandals, community tensions have been simmering and sometimes blowing up for years. Even in ‘model’ Leicester things were far from happy and peaceful. As the Leicester Mercury says, even before that now infamous cricket match, ‘tensions had been rising between different minority communities for quite some time’. Pinning the blame for Leicester’s woes on newly arrived Indians is cynical and ignorant. It smacks of the kind of immigrant-bashing that liberals would normally be opposed to.

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How Teachers Are Secretly Taught Critical Race Theory: A Pennsylvania father’s determined effort to find out what’s being taught to his children’s instructors.

Documents emailed from 2019 to 2021 by Pacific Educational Group to district administrators in advance of various training seminars cite critical race theory explicitly. A rubric dated Feb. 4, 2020, encourages participants to “Deconstruct the Presence and role of Whiteness” in their lives. A March 17, 2020, presentation lists “aspects and assumptions of white culture” in the U.S. Some are negative, such as “win at all costs,” “wealth = worth,” “don’t show emotion,” and in reference to food, “bland is best.” Others are seemingly universal principles such as “cause-and-effect relationships,” “objective, rational, linear thinking,” and “plan for future.”

That presentation also spells out the “5 tenets of critical race theory” to “better understand the critical intersection of race and schooling.” One tenet is the “permanence of racism,” or the idea that “racism is endemic to all our institutions, systems and structures” in the U.S. Another is “whiteness as property.” The “critique of liberalism” tenet argues that “colorblindness,” “neutrality of the law” and the “myth of meritocracy” must be “deconstructed.”

These tenets aren’t presented as abstract notions for faculty to consider, but ideas they’re meant to apply. School staff’s ability to use “critical race theory . . . to inform racial equity leadership and analysis of school policies, practices and procedures” is considered a sign of the successful “internalization and application” of Pacific Educational Group’s framework. And a chart includes “Critical Race Theory” as a step toward “Equity/Anti-Racism School Transformation Action Planning.” A Feb. 3, 2021, seminar is even titled “Using Critical Race Theory to Transform Leadership and District.”

Brian Elias, an attorney representing the school district, told us via email that these materials “were for District leadership team training only.” He insisted that materials “were not designed to train for classroom teaching” but merely to help district leaders understand “what Critical Race Theory is.” He added that “none of the training designed for core classroom teachers included a discussion of critical race theory.”

Does that mean no Tredyffrin-Easttown teachers attended Pacific Educational Group training that discussed critical race theory? Mr. Elias refused to say.

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Managed Dehumanization: Our trusted experts are neither trustworthy nor competent.

People from a particular place have a connection to a specific land with a specific culture. They prefer different foods, consume different products, prioritize different goals, and may even want their children taught specific values that are incompatible with those of other cultures. All of this is terrible news for the managerial class which gains power when the landscape is dominated by McDonalds, Walmart, and standardized public education. Many have watched in shocked disbelief as the radical social agenda of universities has merged with the marketing and human resource departments of large corporations, but the goals of these two groups align more closely than one might assume. The radical left is a nexus of ideologies designed to break down the traditional structures of society. Structures like family and religion are the institutions through which troublesome regional particularities tend to be expressed and perpetuated. The deracinated individual stripped of all connection to faith, family, culture, or even gender serves as the perfect employee and consumer. Woke ideology may pay lip service to diversity but it dissolves the particularities that generate actual diversity. Total cultural homogenization is the logical consequence of progressivism and serves as the perfect medium for the fungible worker and consumer that larger managerial corporations crave.

This destruction could be justified by the political formula of the managerial elite if the large bureaucratic organizations they operated were able to deliver on the promise of ever-increasing material abundance. As long as the standard of living increased and new luxuries were made available the majority of Americans seemed content to ignore the civilizational erosion that was occurring in the background. For the last few decades, the managerial class has failed to produce the miracle of perpetual abundance. Collapsing supply chains, skyrocketing inflation, stagnant wages, and commodity and housing shortages have made that failure obvious. Grafting woke ideology into the political formula has been advantageous because it added a moral dimension to distract from the failed promise of affluence, but in the end it is also insufficient to address the system’s mounting problems.

Though the homogenization of culture is designed to give everyone a uniform experience in order to make them easier to manage, it is also a very alienating and isolating process. Humans are not interchangeable. People derive meaning by being part of a particular tradition and community. The managerial elite seek to strip away connections to things like family or faith because they create inconvenient bonds that interfere with worker productivity or create particular moral tastes that could disrupt the predictable pattern of mass homogenized consumption. The stripping away of those bonds may streamline the economic process and generate more efficiency in the short term, but in the long term it is devastating to the health of society.

The toll that this process has taken on our civilization is undeniable. The individual was told that relieving himself or herself of the duties and obligations that traditional bonds demanded would bring liberation, but instead it has created deeply unhappy people who struggle to find meaning. The liberal managerial state has attempted to fill the void with cheap substitutes for the cultural infrastructure they have demolished, but these surrogates have failed. Wokeness can never replace the meaning and identity granted to a community by religion or even communal bonds. Corporate culture and fashionable activism can never hope to replace the resilient social tie created by family.

This calamitous failure can perhaps be most easily seen in the managerial state’s current obsession with transgender ideology. Instead of understanding the shortcomings of their political formula and attempting to adapt new solutions, the managerial elite have chosen to accelerate the very aspects of their ideology that have led to social disintegration. Transgenderism is the ultimate expression of deracination, stripping the individual of all innate identity down to even the biological level, and encouraging them to remake themselves in their own image. But no one actually constructs their own identity a priori. Instead this process simply makes the individual more easy to shape into the perfect cog. A person with an identity tied to nothing, not even their own biology, can be led to believe almost anything. While solutions like transgender ideology accelerate the spiritual and social crisis caused by managerialism, they are the only ones the system can offer. Any truly meaningful solutions would endanger their political formula.

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5th Circuit upholds Texas law forbidding social media ‘censorship’ — again: The ruling is a win for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in their efforts to combat what they call censorship of conservative viewpoints by social media companies.

Netchoice and the CCIA have argued that the First Amendment protects social media platforms’ ability to curate content, much like a newspaper does.

Oldham dismissed this argument, writing in the decision, “We reject the Platforms’ attempt to extract a freewheeling censorship right from the Constitution’s free speech guarantee. The Platforms are not newspapers. Their censorship is not speech.”

Edith Jones, a Ronald Reagan appointee who concurred in the largely 2-1 decision, was even more scathing, calling NetChoice’s argument “ludicrous.”

However, Leslie Southwick, the third judge on the appeals court panel (nominated by George W. Bush), dissented, arguing that social media platforms are indeed similar to newspapers. “The First Amendment, though, is what protects the curating, moderating, or whatever else we call the Platforms’ interaction with what others are trying to say. We are in a new arena, a very extensive one, for speakers and for those who would moderate their speech. None of the precedents fit seamlessly. The majority appears assured of their approach; I am hesitant.”

Texas’ law, were it to go into effect, could drastically change the way social media companies operate by restricting their ability to police their platforms and forcing the platforms to keep up content that could violate their hate speech rules.

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FBI insiders say white supremacy threat overblown as Biden opens summit about racists, extremists

The “United We Stand” summit builds on the administration’s push to root out racially motivated domestic violent extremists. The threat sparked a sweeping strategy that included the creation of a specialized Justice Department unit to combat domestic terrorism. Mr. Biden will deliver the keynote address to highlight the administration’s response to hate and “put forward a shared vision for a more united America,” officials said.

Current and former FBI agents tell The Washington Times that the perceived threat has become overblown under the administration. They say bureau analysts and top officials are pressuring FBI agents to create domestic terrorist cases and tag people as White supremacists to meet internal metrics.

“The demand for White supremacy” coming from FBI headquarters “vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy,” said one agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

The agent said those driving bureau policies “have already determined that White supremacy is a problem” and set agencywide policy to elevate racially motivated domestic extremism cases as priorities.

“We are sort of the lapdogs as the actual agents doing these sorts of investigations, trying to find a crime to fit otherwise First Amendment-protected activities,” he said. “If they have a Gadsden flag and they own guns and they are mean at school board meetings, that’s probably a domestic terrorist.”

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[Jesse Singal] How the Media Fell for A Racism Sham: A Brigham Young University paper scooped the New York Times. All the students did was practice basic journalism.

Unsurprisingly, major media outlets were all over this story. The Times’ coverage set the tone, with the Washington Post and CNN and Sports Illustrated and NPR all publishing similar articles, alongside the predictable think pieces. The incident also had consequences for BYU sports more generally. The head coach of women’s basketball at the University of South Carolina canceled its home opener against BYU. A match between Duke and Rider University’s women’s volleyball teams—scheduled to be played at the BYU arena—was moved to a nearby high school gym in order to provide both teams “the safest atmosphere,” according to Duke’s Director of Athletics, Nina King.

For millions of people watching this story unfold, this was yet another example of the ineradicable stain of American racism, of just how little progress we’ve really made.

Except it didn’t happen.

There is no evidence that the chain of events described by Richardson and her family members occurred. There isn’t even evidence a single slur was hurled at her and her teammates, let alone a terrifying onslaught of them.

All the journalists who credulously reported on this event were wrong—and it was an embarrassing kind of wrong, because the red flags were large, numerous, and flapping loudly. Richardson and her family members reported that racial slurs had been hurled with abandon, loudly and repeatedly, in a crowded gym filled with more than 5,000 people. But the journalists covering this incident never stopped to notice how odd it was that none of these vile slurs were captured by any of the thousands of little handheld cameras in the gym at the time, nor on the bigger cameras recording the match. Nor did they find it strange that in the days following the incident, not a single other eyewitness came forward—none of Richardson’s black teammates, and none of the players for either team.

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Chick-fil-A is slammed as 'racist' after telling black customer his 'community' would be first to know when spicy chicken nuggets return to its menu

On September 9, the fast-food company responded to a user querying when the chain will add spicy chicken nuggets to its menus.

'Your community will be the first to know if spicy items are added to the permanent menu, Don!' Chick-fil-A wrote.

The chain was immediately hit with a flood of tweets accusing it of being racist, and with users asking whether it was referring to the black community.

'What do you mean 'your community'???????' one response reads.

'Your community?' another Tweet says. 'I'm gonna need explanation for that comment. 'Our' community wouldn't wanna think that there were some racial undertones behind that.'

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Slow-Motion Trans Wreck: The ghastly fad of genital mutilation will end when the lawsuits begin.

In January of 2022, the San Francisco-based law firm Girard Sharp, which specializes in class action lawsuits, announced its investigation into the adverse effects of puberty blockers on transgender-identified children. These adverse effects can include low bone density, psychological problems, and potentially, per a July 2022 FDA warning label, pseudotumor cerebri, a condition which can cause brain swelling, headaches, nausea, double vision, and permanent loss of vision. Across the Atlantic, as of August 2022, the U.K.’s Tavistock Centre, a gender transition clinic, is expecting a class-action lawsuit from at least 1,000 families of children who were prescribed puberty blockers. Meanwhile, Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare released in February of 2022 new guidelines on transgender medicine, recommending that doctors not prescribe puberty blockers outside of “exceptional cases,” as their use is built on “uncertain science.” The reality that so-called “gender-affirming” medicine is not safe is now becoming too obvious to deny, and its implications could not be clearer: we are entering the long-overdue lawsuit phase of the transgender movement, and it is in lawsuits that this movement ends.

That we have reached a turning point on the issue of gender ideology is beyond question, especially seeing the increasing numbers of detransitioners—those formerly identified as transgender who have now returned to identifying with their sex—publicly speak out against the medical repercussions of gender ideology and transgender healthcare. Chloe Cole was put on puberty blockers when she was just 13 years old after identifying as transgender when she was 12. At 15 she was given a double mastectomy; at 16, she became filled with regret. “I was failed by the system,” she told the New York Post in June of 2022. “I literally lost organs.” In 2019, there were over 5,000 members on the subreddit r/detrans; today, in 2022, there are over 37,000, nearly an eightfold increase in just three years.

Transgenderism is primarily driven by social contagion among younger generations, and especially among teenage girls—in the U.K. alone, for instance, there was a 4,400% increase over the last decade for girls seeking medical transition. In the U.S., a June 2022 report from the CDC found that while the 13 to 17 age group comprises only 7.6% of the population, it comprises 18.3% of all transgender-identified Americans. A remarkable 1.4% of this age group identifies as transgender, compared with 0.5% of all adults. In the near future, the number of detransitioners will grow as more young adults who were caught in social contagion begin to regret their immature decisions, cosigned and affirmed by the psycho-medico therapeutic complex—and court-ordered revelations will make clear what evils the transgender movement has wrought.

As Helena Kerschner, who identified as a transgender boy when she was a teenager, told Tucker Carlson, “we have this ideology that is especially prevalent online that says that if you have [feelings of discomfort with yourself or with your body], that means you’re trans…there are literally people who say if you don’t even like your voice on a recording…you need to go see a medical professional because you’re trans.” And of course, the medical professionals themselves are negligent at best. Without even seeing a medical doctor, Kerschner was prescribed testosterone just a few days after turning 18.

That she was just barely an adult when she began medical transition brings up an important, though often undiscussed issue regarding the difference between transgender-identified adults and transgender-identified youth. Much of the opposition to medical transition has focused on the harms done to children, and rightfully so given their vulnerability, but unfortunately, this seems to have led many opponents of gender ideology toward a somewhat libertarian attitude concerning adult transitioners: “Adults can have done on them whatever medical procedures they want; it’s children who should not be given hormones and surgeries because they do not understand the repercussions of their decisions.” But when we consider the future of transgender healthcare, we have to think beyond the consent-based ethics that has increasingly totalized and sterilized our moral discourse on everything from drug addiction to workplace relationships. In other words, consent is not enough: medically transitioning adults may in some ways be different from medically transitioning children, but the fundamental cruelty of medical transition remains the same regardless of age.

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'Woke' Department of Defense equity chief writes anti-White posts: 'Exhausted with these white folx'

The chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at the Department of Defense's education wing, who describes herself as a "woke administrator," wrote a series of disparaging posts about White people on Twitter, Fox News Digital found.

Kelisa Wing is the DEI chief at Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), which provides K-12 education to the DoD community in the U.S. and all over the world. After Fox News Digital reached out for comment, Wing's Twitter was put on private, but she did not immediately respond.


"What is White Privilege?" also encourages White kids to "unpack" their "backpack" of privilege and referenced an article by Peggy McIntosh that said that White women are "justly seen as oppressive" and "enjoy unearned skin privilege."

McIntosh's article also lamented that White students are not taught in schools to see themselves as "an oppressor," a "participant in a damaged culture" and "unfairly advantaged."


The director of DoDEA, Thomas Brady, said, "Kelisa Wing is exactly the right person to lead our efforts in building on the foundational work done to support meaningful change in our organization."

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Denmark’s left-wing government will begin sending asylum seekers to Rwanda after groundbreaking agreement

Instead of migrants waiting in Denmark for their asylum request to be processed, the country’s left-wing government will now begin deporting them to Rwanda after the African country agreed to accept them in a bilateral agreement.

The plan, which has long been a goal of Denmark’s right-wing parties, took more than a year of negotiations, but the policy goal is now closer than ever to being realized. The deal does not apply to only Rwandan migrants — instead all asylum seekers would be forced to wait in Africa until their asylum procedure is finished. The fact that the plan is being implemented by a left-leaning government points to the strange circumstances in Denmark in which the left has embraced many of the anti-immigration polices of the right.


“Every fifth young man with a non-Western background born in 1997 had broken the law before turning 21. It’s not everyone. But there are too many young men who take the freedom of others, steal children’s futures, intimidate prison guards – and leave behind a long trail of insecurity,” said the Danish prime minister.

“It has been going on for too many years. Girls who are called derogatory names because they are Danish. Or girls who are subjected to social control because they have become too Danish. A sausage cart in Brønshøj that is attacked with firecrackers because it sells pork,” she said.


Polling shows the position is popular. A YouGov poll from 2018 found that 65 percent of Danes were against accepting any more migrants. A 2019 poll from the same firm found that 31 percent of Danes believed that immigration provided absolutely no benefit to the country.

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University cancels intramural ice hockey after ‘equity audit’

A Canadian university has decided to scrub its intramural hockey program after an “equity audit” determined it needs to be more “accessible and inclusive.”

In a statement, Alberta’s Mount Royal University said:

We have recently assessed ice hockey intramurals through our Accessible and Inclusive Programs Audit, an Equity Analysis, our Program Needs Assessment, informal feedback, and observation. Many factors were considered in these assessments which included, but are not limited to, sense of belonging; participant behavior (this includes anything that may lead to a penalty during games); who the program was built by, with, without, and for; equipment requirements; skill requirements; participant fees; ice time cost; program location; staffing; learning opportunities; etc.

The school added its assessment was “crucial” in making sure “all feel they belong,” and that it is “exploring options and strategies as to whether inclusive and equitable opportunities for ice hockey will be possible in the future.”

An update to its statement intended to clear up confusion among the campus community stated “Critical areas that require improvement include [things like] equitable cost of programming [and] providing accessible programs.”

Mount Royal’s Athletics and Recreation Department said it is “committed to equity, diversity and inclusion” and is “dedicated to creating a culture of accessibility and inclusion with safe services [and] programs,” the Calgary Herald reported.


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The tyranny of Pride: It’s time for a fightback against rainbow authoritarianism.

Imagine there was a political movement so powerful and so intolerant that you might be visited by the cops for making fun of it. A movement so dominant that desecrating its symbols came to be treated as a kind of blasphemy. A movement so fawned over by the elites that any town or village that refused to bow down to it – to wave its flag and shout its slogans – risked being written off as unsafe, and essentially as unclean. A movement so embedded in the ruling class that every wing of the establishment, from the political set to the military to the financial elite, was duty bound to display its insignia.

Well, such a movement exists, right here in 21st-century Britain. And it isn’t Toryism or ‘Brexshit’ or any of the other ideologies the liberal elite is constantly telling us to fear. It’s Pride.

We’re living under a tyranny of Pride. Its eyesore rainbow flag dominates every major highway during Pride month. Back in June London looked like a city under occupation, with vast boulevards like Regent Street festooned in this ugly new standard. Scores of them fluttered as far as the eye could see, in perfect and sinister militaristic formation. The capitalist class drapes itself in the Pride flag, too. Banks splash it across their windows, Morgan Stanley staff march behind it in the street. Even the armed wing of the state now comes in Pride colours. Cop cars have been repainted in the hues of this ideological rainbow. Top officers wear Pride-themed insignias and lanyards. The Ministry of Defence’s vast headquarters in London have been illuminated in the Pride colours. The Royal Air Force even did a flyover of the Pride march in London last year, with 10 fighter jets pumping out rainbow-coloured contrails to the whooping and cheering of the crowd below. How long before they start dropping Pride-painted bombs on their missions overseas?

And woe betide anyone who refuses to wave the Pride flag or – sin of sins – violates it in some fashion. Ockbrook and Borrowash Parish Council in Derbyshire was branded a sinful backwater when it refused to fly the flag last year. ‘Anger as Pride Month flag snubbed by Derbyshire council…’, reported a horrified BBC. As for profaning Pride and its sacred symbols – that is so serious it can become a police matter. A few weeks ago a man in Hampshire was visited by cops, and put in handcuffs, for the blasphemy of retweeting a meme showing four Pride flags arranged to look like a swastika. The literal speech police who knocked on his door accused him of ‘causing anxiety’.

Defiling Pride is to the 21st century what desecrating an image of Christ was to the 14th. Modern-day liberals puff themselves up as superior to little religious people, and yet they are far more rashly hostile to acts of iconoclasm. Most Christians let out a weary sigh when their beliefs or their book are mocked by the woke (who would never, of course, say an untoward word about Islam). It is the secular right-on who kick off when their holy symbols are befouled.

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San Diego teacher defines 'fascist' to class as 'whites,' 'heterosexuals,' and 'Christians'

A teacher from Madison High School in San Diego claimed fascists are synonymous with the "modern-day Republican Party" and "white, Christian, heterosexuals," according to a student at the school. Speaking on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation, the high school student detailed the teacher's unhinged definition of a "fascist."

The school began the 2022-23 year on Aug. 29. The alleged incident occurred at the high school last Thursday.

"Immediately, I walk in and notice on the board, it says, 'The Republican Party is the fascist party, and it does not fit the mold of a Democratic Party,'" the student told me. "It's the first thing I saw when I came in."

The student took a picture of this and shared it with me. It read, "As it is currently constituted, the Republican Party is now a fascist organization that no longer fits the category of a conventional Democratic Party."

But the teacher didn't stop there. He continued with his radical left-wing indoctrination by listing whites, Christians, and heterosexuals as groups that are "fascist." The student took a picture during the class that shows how the teacher defined "fascist." On the classroom's white dry-erase board, the teacher wrote the word "fascist," underlined it, and listed the words: Trump, heterosexual, white, Christian, and hatred of foreigners, immigrants, and minorities, among others.

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SC Democrats call on their party’s US Senate nominee to quit

The South Carolina Democrat vying to oust Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Scott is facing calls from within her own party to fold her campaign, following the publication of additional leaked audio in which she appears to make disparaging remarks about her constituents.

The calls for state Rep. Krystle Matthews to withdraw just two months ahead of the general election came Thursday in reaction to leaked audio published by conservative activist group Project Veritas of Matthews speaking to one of its members, without her knowledge.

Sitting in a restaurant, Matthews, who is Black, is heard saying that she represents a “mostly white” district, adding, of white voters: “I keep them right here — like under my thumbs. ... Otherwise, they get out of control — like kids.”

“You ought to know who you’re dealing with,” Matthews goes on to say. “You’ve got to treat them like s—-. That’s the only way they’ll respect you.”

In a statement, Matthews acknowledged her voice on the recording, calling Project Veritas a “satirical MAGA Powered news outlet.”

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And Yet It Moves: A top scientific journal places political correctness above the search for truth.

Nature Human Behavior, one of the most prestigious journals for social science research, recently published an editorial titled “Science must respect the dignity and rights of all humans.” Though short, the article generated tremendous pushback among academics and intellectuals concerned about the spread of social-justice ideology into science. Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker said the journal was “no longer a peer-reviewed scientific journal but an enforcer of a political creed,” while Greg Lukianoff, the CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, described the journal’s statement as “an epistemic catastrophe.” What did the editorial say?

In short, it took the position that scientific truth should defer to politics. The journal now considers it appropriate to suppress research that “undermines—or could reasonably be perceived to undermine—the rights and dignities” of people or groups, as well as “text or images that disparage a person or group on the basis of socially constructed human groupings.” Researchers are urged to “consider the potential implications of research on human groups defined on the basis of social characteristics” and “to contextualise their findings to minimize as much as possible potential misuse or risks of harm to the studied groups in the public sphere.” Anything that could be perceived as disparaging is now fair game for rejection or retraction.

The implications on scientific inquiry and truth-seeking are clear. As the journalist Jesse Singal observed, an empirically flawless study could be retracted under the guise of social justice. “What’s most alarming is that unless I’m missing something, research that is perfectly valid and well-executed could run afoul of these guidelines,” he wrote.

But such behavior already occurs. Sometimes, studies that offend social-justice orthodoxy are assigned a “flaw” of some kind—usually one that would be treated as minor had the results been different—and rejected on that pretextual basis. The psychologist Lee Jussim has coined the term rigorus mortus selectivus to describe the widespread practice among social scientists to denounce research one dislikes using criteria that are ostensibly scientific but never applied to politically congenial research. Other times, studies that manage to penetrate the literature (despite the best attempts of ideological gatekeepers) are seized upon by observers who scrutinize every aspect of the research using unreasonable criteria. Because no study is perfect, it is always possible to find some limitation to justify a cancellation campaign.

Consider two recent examples. One study suggested that junior female scientists benefit from collaborating with male—as compared with female—mentors. The publication of this article in Nature Communications—another journal in the prestigious Nature franchise—resulted in a social-media firestorm and prompted angry demands for retraction. Under growing pressure, the authors caved and “agreed” to retract the article on methodological grounds. As the psychologist Chris Ferguson noted, the issues discussed in the retraction note were limitations “typically handled in a comment and response format, where critics of the article publish their critiques and the authors can respond.” The authors of the mentoring study had published an earlier study in the same journal showing evidence that “ethnic diversity resulted in an impact gain” for scientific articles. This un-retracted study had used a similar methodological approach as the retracted one, but nobody objected.

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After exhaustive investigation, BYU declares Duke athlete’s racial slur claim completely fabricated

The allegation that a Brigham Young University fan continued to yell a racial slur at a Duke University volleyball player has been officially declared false by the Utah-based institution.

BYU athletics released an official statement Sept. 9 regarding its exhaustive investigation into the claim, which made national headlines and even prompted the head women’s basketball coach at the University of South Carolina to cancel a November 7 game against Brigham Young.

BYU stated there is zero evidence to corroborate the allegation:

BYU has completed its investigation into the allegation that racial heckling and slurs took place at the Duke vs. BYU women’s volleyball match on August 26. We reviewed all available video and audio recordings, including security footage and raw footage from all camera angles taken by BYUtv of the match, with broadcasting audio removed (to ensure that the noise from the stands could be heard more clearly). We also reached out to more than 50 individuals who attended the event: Duke athletic department personnel and student-athletes, BYU athletic department personnel and student-athletes, event security and management and fans who were in the arena that evening, including many of the fans in the on-court student section.

From our extensive review, we have not found any evidence to corroborate the allegation that fans engaged in racial heckling or uttered racial slurs at the event. … As a result of our investigation, we have lifted the ban on the fan who was identified as having uttered racial slurs during the match. We have not found any evidence that that individual engaged in such an activity. BYU sincerely apologizes to that fan for any hardship the ban has caused.


While the claim has been exposed as a hate-crime hoax, the damage has already been done, National Review reports:

Richardson’s allegations against BYU’s fans had resulted in a reflexive outcry from many in the media who took them at face value. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith charged BYU with “dereliction of duty,” shouting in an on-air rant that “I’m saying BYU — you did it! By allowing this to happen and not addressing expeditiously, not addressing it with a level of quickness and speed that you should’ve addressed this with.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta introduced a segment on the incident by declaring that “a Duke volleyball player is speaking out after she and other black teammates were called racist slurs and threatened during a match against Brigham Young University on Friday.”

Elsewhere on the channel, Alisyn Camerota chided BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe for having only banned one fan, noting that “sophomore Rachel Richardson said she heard more than one person using racial slurs toward the black players.”

"What does it say about the BYU community and culture that this happened?” Camerota asked Holmoe.

Even before BYU put out its statement, the allegation had been debunked by local journalists and investigators, including reporting by the conservative campus newspaper the Cougar Chronicle.

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Don’t call mothers ‘she’ in advice on maternity, Stonewall urges Oxford

It told the university to post more about LGBT issues from its official social media accounts if it wanted to improve its ranking on Stonewall’s annual list of its 100 favourite UK employers.

The university had tried to keep its correspondence with the lobby group secret. However, it was ordered to release the documents after the information commissioner ruled that participation in the Workplace Equality Index allowed Stonewall to “exercise a significant degree of influence” over the policies of public organisations.

However, Simon Fanshaw, one of the founders of Stonewall, who has urged organisations to distance themselves from the scheme, said: “This sounds more like a primary school teacher marking a child’s project book and patronising them at the same time.”

Oxford University was ranked 93rd in the 2019 Workplace Equality Index. A year later, it climbed to 76th place.

The documents show that in its 2020 feedback, Stonewall took issue with Oxford referring to mothers as “she” in its maternity policies, despite its advice to make the language gender neutral.

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France: 2 teens beaten after attending Church service, aggressors shouted anti-Christian and anti-White slurs

Two unnamed underage perpetrators face criminal charges in France for attacking a 15-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl on Sunday after the victims attended a Church service in Rambouillet, on the outskirts of Paris.

Police say the alleged perpetrators assaulted the two young people in front of the Sainte Bernadette Church in Rambouillet, promising to “kill” them and screaming “dirty Christians” as they punched them several times. The victims’ mother was still inside the church when the two teens were targeted.

According to CNews journalist Amaury Bucco, the perpetrators also yelled “dirty Whites,” during the assault.

The 15-year-old boy suffered the worst of the assault, with the perpetrators spraying him with pepper spray and hitting him repeatedly in the face. Although there were reportedly six individuals involved in the attack, only two have been taken into custody.

On Tuesday, the two suspects, aged 15 and 17, appeared in court in Versailles, according to French news outlet Le Figaro. They will face a sentencing hearing in juvenile court and could be placed under judicial supervision.

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Trans activists are taking the piss: That urine-soaked protest outside the EHRC might just be the nadir of the trans movement.

This was the bizarre scene yesterday outside the headquarters of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in London. An exhibitionist representing a group called ‘Pissed Off Trannies’ stood, dressed in a ballgown and balaclava, began to wet himself. He then deliberately poured a bottle of urine over himself, while shouting: ‘The EHRC has blood on its hands and piss on its streets.’ All the while, his demure lady penis was visible under his sheer dress.

As part of this ‘political action’, the small band of what might be termed ‘piss artists’ also filled 60 bottles with urine, which they then placed around the EHRC building.

A member of Pissed Off Trannies told Vice, the only outlet to cover the protest at the scene, that the point was to show ‘an extreme version of the public embarrassment that trans people experience on a daily basis, using the toilet that either doesn’t fit with their gender or using the one that does, and then facing the backlash of people’s judgement’. Essentially, this was a protest in favour of opening up women’s toilets, changing rooms and other spaces to males who identify as women.

For nearly a decade, trans-rights activists have presented themselves as being at the mercy of a hostile world. They have used their supposed victimhood to emotionally blackmail policymakers into adopting their demands. At first, women’s rights and women’s private spaces were all too readily sacrificed and opened up in the name of ‘gender self-identification’. But a backlash has been building. Even the remarkably tolerant British public is growing increasingly tired of the excesses of the trans movement. And so the government has been forced to respond.

The Pissed Off Trannies activists targeted the EHRC because it was among the first government bodies to explicitly recognise that trans rights and women’s rights can often come into conflict. In March 2021, the EHRC cut ties with trans lobby group Stonewall. In January this year, it urged the Scottish government to pause planned reforms to its gender-recognition process, citing concerns about women’s sex-based rights. And most significantly, in April this year, the EHRC released guidance clarifying that single-sex services and spaces are lawful and they do not have to be opened up to accommodate someone’s gender identity. This was later echoed last month by then attorney general Suella Braverman, who reminded public and private bodies that the rights of people who identify as trans do not trump those of the wider population.

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End D.C.: A modest proposal to eliminate the capital city

A major reason that Washington can’t be fixed is what has been called the “monoculture” that obtains throughout the government. The culture of any place breeds conformity: to refuse to assimilate to a culture is to mark yourself as an outsider. Because the presence of outsiders threatens the maintenance of any culture, cultural insiders often withhold their approval from those who don’t conform.

Imagine that a new representative is elected from the state of Delaware. He arrives in the capital as an avatar for the culture of Delaware, which is not the culture of Washington D.C. Because he shares the interests of the people of Delaware, he serves as an effective representative his constituents. But D.C. institutions have a different way of doing things: a different way of governing, socializing, doing business, and influence peddling. This creates a pressure for our representative from Delaware to adapt. After all, if he doesn’t, he won’t earn many friends—and he may even find some enemies. And if that were to happen, his tenure in Congress could be very brief. He doesn’t want that. So, the longer he is in the capital, the more he acculturates to the D.C. way of doing things. This wins him friends, donors, and more elections. After 50 years of “public service,” our regular Joe from Delaware will be almost entirely unrecognizable to the people he used to represent.

Remote government by Zoom might be the best way to break this monoculture. If all the official proceedings of the legislature were conducted virtually, this would keep the officials in the states that they represent. Not only would they be more aware of the situation in their home states (since they’d no longer spend much of the year far away), they would be more accessible to their constituents. Regular physical contact with the people who elected for them would increase the accountability of officials as they serve out their terms. This would also impede the formation of close friendships with representatives from other states, and hinder coziness between our representatives and the lobbyist and consultant class that parasitizes the body politic inside the Beltway. These friendships—which the culture of a centralized capital encourages—create an opportunity for an elected official to develop personal allegiances, obligations, and favoritism that may run counter to the interests of the people he represents.

Still, it wouldn’t be enough to simply conduct official state proceedings virtually. It would be even more important that the business of unelected bureaucrats also be moved online. Right now, the staff of the Department of State, the Internal Revenue Service, or the Environmental Protection Agency is largely composed of educated urbanites, raised in the monoculture of the university and the eastern power corridor. Imagine if the mid-level clerks at the State Department weren’t all working together in Washington, but were spread out across the country, working independently from home: one in Kalispell, Montana, another in Little Rock, Arkansas, and another in Birmingham, Alabama. There would be no more potent way to erode the influence of the monoculture in government. Bureaucrats wouldn’t have personal relationships with most of the people they work with. Further, because so many colleagues would come from outside the monoculture, they wouldn’t be able to reliably ascertain where their political loyalties lie, which would discourage internal schemes. And the fact that one could never be sure that one’s online communication wasn’t being recorded or surveilled would be a strong disincentive for conspiratorial corruption. Finally, the tedium of online communication (emails, Zoom calls, etc.) would encourage workers to eliminate almost all inessential interaction, which would undermine the informal advocacy and organization that occurs behind closed doors in D.C.

There would also be a variety of peripheral benefits to be had from eliminating a national capital. As it stands, the capital city always represents a desirable target for hostile military action—this was tragically illustrated on 9/11 and various other occasions. With all government business conducted online, enemies of the United States would be deprived of an attractive hard target. Additionally, as we have recently seen, the courts of Washington routinely serve the objectives of the state monoculture. For cases that involve the interests of the federal government (which are often tried in Washington simply because the government is located there), the outcome is all but predetermined. But if the government wasn’t physically located in Washington, some other criteria could decide where these critical cases were tried, and juries could be drawn from places other than the capital.

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Harvard’s Affirmative Action Rationale Is Bogus: Defending its race-based admissions, the college attempts to appeal to originalists on the Supreme Court.

Harvard seems to be refuting this principle of colorblindness, writing that the “collective understanding” of the 39th Congress “chose ‘equal protection’ over language SFFA would have preferred and authorized numerous race-conscious measures incompatible with SFFA’s absolutist view.” But if colorblindness—that is, the removal of all distinctions based on race—is not the ideal for which the Court and the nation should strive, then what alternative does Harvard propose?

The answer is: we don’t know. More precisely, we don’t know when or under what conditions Harvard, if left to its own devices, would finally remove the racial classifications from its admissions process. Ten years from now? Twenty? A century from now? A skeptic would note that prestigious traditions tend to die hard—and that, after nearly 30 years of alleged racial discrimination against Asians, Harvard’s racial “balancing” has in fact become such a tradition.

It has long been established that Asian-Americans and whites suffer disproportionately due to Harvard’s race-based admissions, which have created an upswell of resentment from frustrated Asian and white college applicants. In his expert witness testimony, Duke University economist Peter Arcidiacono estimates that an Asian-American with a 25 percent chance of admission to Harvard would have a 33 percent chance if he or she were white, a 75 percent chance if Hispanic, and a 95 percent chance if black. Furthermore, the average Asian-American admittee to Harvard had SAT scores roughly 120 points higher than blacks admitted and 50 points higher than whites. (This is a low estimate, as a third or more of Asian applicants would have scored higher than the maximum SAT score had the maximum been increased.)

Harvard uses the word “tip” to describe its racial preferences, but the preferences are in fact massive boosts to an applicants’ admission chances. The self-described “tip” for athletes, for example, moves their chances of admission from 6 percent to 86 percent. Another “tip,” for legacy applications, moves their chances from 6 percent to 34 percent, and one for Dean’s interest list students (most likely children of significant donors to Harvard) moves their chances from 6 percent to 42 percent. And applicants receive a comparably large boost for being the right race. Harvard’s “tip” system certainly contravenes Justice Harlan’s notion that the “race line” should be removed from our institutions. If Harvard is sincerely interested in what it calls in its brief “a genuinely diverse environment,” it should consider eliminating the legacy and child-of-donor incentives that benefit children from wealthy backgrounds before it seeks to deny merit-based opportunity to Asian students.

So long as Grutter v. Bollinger, the Supreme Court case now at issue, remains precedent, Harvard will be free to discriminate on the basis of race. The Supreme Court should strike down that precedent and get America’s colorblind ideal back on track.

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TikTok suspends Remix News over video showcasing racist anti-White slurs during Denmark protest

TikTok has hit Remix News with our third suspension since we started posting on the social media giant approximately three months ago, and it is worth noting why our account was suspended this time around.

The video we posted featured Muslim men screaming a wide variety of racist and genocidal threats during a protest organized by controversial Danish right-wing politician Rasmus Paludan, who leads the Straight Course party. Paludan is a divisive figure, and he has burned the Quran in predominately Muslim neighborhoods in Sweden, a move that sparked mass riots earlier this year and made national headlines across the country. Due to the amount of property damage and the dozens of police officers injured, left-wing Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said that “integration has failed in Sweden.”


It features a variety of men, one of whom says Denmark will be outbred by brown people and “exterminated,” another who says, “This is a Brown country,” and another who uses the term: “F**king White pig.”

Even if these individuals are angry over Paludan’s past actions, their remarks directly target all Danes and White people. That is why the video is newsworthy and why Remix published it.

Truth be told, it is the type of video that tends to do very well on TikTok when the roles are reversed. Any time a random White person says anything racist anywhere and is recorded, it is often uploaded to TikTok and spread across the platform, with such videos garnering millions of views, such as this one. These videos also often feature strong language, including racial slurs. The question is why are these types of videos allowed to trend while examples of anti-White racism, of which there are many, are not?

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[Project Veritas] exposes woke assistant principal bragging about indoctrinating kids, REFUSING to hire Catholic teachers: When asked by the Project Veritas journalist what he does if he finds out that the candidate is Catholic, Boland responded simply, "you don’t hire them."

In a new video released by Project Veritas on Tuesday, the Assistant Principle of Cos Cob Elementary School in Connecticut was captured boasting about how he doesn’t hire Catholic teachers, and how the teachers at the school sneak liberal ways of thinking into their teaching methods.

"You’re teaching them how to think. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what they think about. If they think about it in a logical, progressive way, that becomes their habit," Jeremy Boland was captured saying in an undercover conversation with a Project Veritas Journalist.

"So, you kind of like, gear them to think in a more liberal way?" the Project Veritas journalist asked.

Boland replied with a yes, before later adding, "believe it or not, the open-minded, more progressive teachers are actually more savvy about delivering a Democratic message without really ever having to mention their politics."

"It’s subtly. They’ll never say, 'oh, this is a liberal or a Democratic way of doing this.' They’ll just make that the norm. And this is how we handle things, it’s subtle," he added.

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US, 2008: Palin's a kook! "Death Panels"?!

Canada, 20202: Medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending: Across Canada, journal calculates up to $136.8 M in savings

First off, Canada is not the USA, US Obamacare has nothing to do with Canadian policy

Second, not even remotely the same thing. The 'Death Panels' were supposedly going to be panels of government people who would decide whether or not to authorize life-saving treatment (which never happened by the way, insurance companies and medicare make the same decisions the same way). This has absolutely nothing to do with Dr. assisted suicide for people who want to end their own lives.

The government deciding whether or not you have the right to live is a far cry from a person having the right to decide they want to die in a humane fashion.

This is belligerently stupid counterfactual propaganda on multiple levels, and Sarah Palin is bordering on mental retardation

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Try thinking on the meta level instead of the object level. In 2008 North America the idea of government-run euthanasia was far beyond the pale, with even "Death with Dignity" advocates only proposing it as an optional for people suffering from terminal cancers and other edge cases. Now 14 years later the Canadian government is euthanizing people for "hearing loss". This is a definite cultural shift that should be remarked upon.

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Bank of America slammed for ‘discriminatory’ preferential mortgage scheme exclusively for Blacks and Hispanics: Bank of America is making it easier for Black and Hispanic prospective homebuyers to acquire a mortgage. Whites and Asians need not apply

An American investment bank has been accused of discrimination after announcing an initiative that will see first-time homebuyers be offered a mortgage without any down payment or closing costs, but only if they’re Black or Hispanic.

The scheme, expected to be trialed in Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Miami neighborhoods, is the first of its kind, intended to provide minorities with a chance to step onto the property ladder, but critics have slammed the bank for what some call its racist program.

Former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes tweeted: “Hey Americans who happen to be white: You bailed out Bank of America when they (and every other big bank) nearly collapsed the economy. Now…BofA pays you back with an explicitly race-based lending program that overtly discriminates against white people. Had enough???”


In a press release announcing the plan, the bank did not address the obvious concerns of positive discrimination, or explain how disadvantaged White or Asian families could benefit from any similar scheme.

Under the program, prospective Black or Hispanic homebuyers will be able to acquire a mortgage without any down payment, no mortgage insurance, no closing costs, and no minimum credit score.

Credit default swap crisis, take two!

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Daufuskie Island business owner arrested for reporting fake hate crime

A Daufuskie Island business owner has been arrested for filing a false report after claiming she was a victim of a hate crime.

Previously, WSAV News 3 reported that a restaurant owner had been victimized in a potential hate crime incident.

According to the original report, Geneva Clines, owner of Geneva’s Joint, claimed that four white men walked into her restaurant on a Tuesday night and began using racial slurs before smashing the screen of the cash register and tearing up the small restaurant.

After the incident, police launched an investigation into the claim. During the investigation, Ms. Clines admitted that she intentionally filed a false police report about the damage to her business in order to cover up a domestic-related situation. Detectives say that she also admitted to causing damage herself. Ms. Clines provided a written statement that contained the same information.

After warrants were obtained, she turned herself into the Beaufort County Sherriff’s office on Friday.

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[Christopher F. Rufo] Unholy Alliance: In Chicago, the city’s largest children’s hospital has partnered with local school districts to promote radical gender theory.

The largest children’s hospital in Chicago has created partnerships with local school districts to promote radical gender theory, “kink,” “BDSM,” and “trans-friendly” sex toys for children.

I have obtained insider documents that reveal this troubling collaboration between gender activists at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and school administrators throughout the Chicago area. According to these documents, and a review of school district websites, Lurie Children’s Hospital has provided materials to school leaders promoting radical gender theory, trans activism, and sexually explicit materials in at least four Chicago-area public school systems: District 75, District 120, District 181, and District 204. According to a whistleblower, these documents were circulated to administrators, teachers, and other staff at the middle school and high school level as part of ongoing employee-training programs.

The primary training document, “Beyond Binary: Gender in Schools,” follows the basic narrative of academic queer theory: white, Western society has created an oppressive gender binary, falsely dividing the world into the categories of man and woman, that has resulted in “transphobia,” “cissexism,” and “systemic discrimination” against racial and sexual minorities. Versions of the document were attributed to Jennifer Leininger, associate director of Lurie’s Community Programs and Initiatives, and Hadeis Safi, a “nonbinary” gender activist who uses “they/them” pronouns and works for the hospital’s LGBTQ and Gender Inclusion program—which advertises its care for children with “gender expansive” identities and offers “gender-affirming” medical procedures, including puberty blockers for children.

The presentation encourages teachers and school administrators to support “gender diversity” in their districts, automatically “affirm” students who announce sexual transitions, and “communicate a non-binary understanding of gender” to children in the classrooms. The objective, as one version of the presentation suggests, is to disrupt the “entrenched [gender] norms in western society” and facilitate the transition to a more “gender creative” world.

In at least two districts, the activists at Lurie Children’s Hospital also recommended that teachers offer a series of sexually explicit resources to children as young as 11. At the end of the “Beyond Binary” presentation circulated to teachers in District 75 and District 120, the hospital recommended a “Binder Exchange Program” to assist teenage girls in binding their breasts, a “kid friendly website for gender affirming gear,” which sells items such as artificial penis “packers” and female-to-male “trans masc pump[s],” and an “LGBTQ friendly sex shop for teens” that sells a range of “dildos,” “vibrators,” “harnesses,” “anal toys,” “trans-friendly toys,” and “kink & BDSM” equipment. The links include graphic descriptions of sadomasochism, bondage, pornography, and transgressive sex.

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The elite’s green fantasies are finally unravelling: The desperate scramble for fossil fuels now makes the posturing of COP26 look almost otherworldly.

Today Boris Johnson is using his final speech as UK prime minister to assert the primary importance of energy security. He says the nation needs energy in the future to be ‘cheap, clean, reliable and plentiful’. And he denounces the ‘myopia’ and the ‘short-termism’ that has led the UK to not complete a single new nuclear reactor in 27 years. Johnson’s parting pledge is to build eight new nuclear reactors, at a pace of one per year.

Of course, Johnson does not name the obsession with the climate as the chief culprit – nor does he call for a rethink on unreliable renewable energy or Net Zero targets. But it is a striking change in emphasis from a PM who just nine months ago, at COP26 in Glasgow, was channelling his inner Greta, denouncing the evils of the Industrial Revolution as he tried to corral other world leaders into dismantling their energy supplies.

Behind the scenes, the u-turns are even more dizzying. We’re seeing a flurry of new drilling licences for North Sea oil and gas. Ministers are pleading with oil-and-gas firms to invest in new infrastructure, pushing against years of government policy and so-called ESG initiatives from the business world, which were designed explicitly to throttle such investment.

Meanwhile, gas-storage facilities are being brought out of retirement – such as the Rough facility in east Yorkshire, once the UK’s largest, which was closed back in 2017. And fracking, which for years has been frustrated by overzealous regulation and was suspended entirely in 2019, is expected to get the green light when the next PM assumes office.

Even coal – the most demonised of fossil fuels – is making a comeback. At least three coal plants that were due to be shut down will have their lives extended. This is despite the fact that the UK is officially committed to ending its use of coal power by 2024.

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No Whites Allowed: Pfizer Fellowship Flagrantly Violates the Law, Lawyers Say

The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer offers a prestigious fellowship that bars whites and Asians from applying. Trumpeted on the company’s website as a "Bold Move" to "create a workplace for all," civil rights lawyers are characterizing it in a different way: as a blatant violation of the law.

"This Pfizer program is so flagrantly illegal I seriously wonder how it passed internal review by its general counsel," said Adam Mortara, one of the country’s top civil rights attorneys.

Pfizer’s "Breakthrough Fellowship" offers college students multiple internships, a fully funded master's degree, and several years of employment at the pharmaceutical giant. It also restricts applications to "Black/African American, Latino/Hispanic and Native American" students, the fellowship requirements state.


Gail Heriot, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, described the fellowship as a "clear case of liability" under federal law: a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which bans racial discrimination in contracting, and Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which bans racial discrimination in employment.

"Major corporations seem to have forgotten that there’s such a thing as law," said Heriot, who is also a law professor at the University of San Diego. "They seem to think that as long as they’re woke, they’re bulletproof."

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31-year-old Dutch transgender has ‘passion’ for playing football with young girls, says being allowed into girls’ dressing room was ‘the best gift I could get’: “I’m 31 years old, but I don’t feel that way. I’m full of hormones, and I feel like a 15-year-old girl”

A Dutch male-to-female transgender person, Marjolein Schepers (31), who was temporarily permitted to play with a team of under-20 girls in the Netherlands, celebrated being allowed to change in the girls’ dressing room by saying it was “the best gift I could get.”

Marjolein says playing football has always been a passion from an early age, but finding a team of young girls that welcomes 31-year-old transgender men has been a struggle, especially due to problems Marjolein has adhering to rules set by the Royal Football Association (KNVB), according to Dutch news outlet VRPO.

Marjolein, who fully transitioned two years ago and received updated gender status in her passport and official documents, has managed to register as a woman with the KNVB. She says the sport keeps her going, and that the experience of not playing football is a form of torture. The psychologist who guided her during her transition recently said that she is “on the edge of a burn out.”

“Last spring, I had the best time of my life,” she said. After a difficult time at the club in her hometown of Westerbork, she found a connection with a girls’ team in Lisse, which was 200 kilometers away. The fact that she was in the car for up to five hours to train for an hour and a half was no problem. “I was finally accepted by my teammates. I joined in.”

For the first time, she did not have to change in a separate room while playing for the team in Lisse, but was welcome in the women’s dressing room, which she described as “the best gift I could get.”

एव्री लास्त व᳴न ओफ़ थीज़ धिस्गुस्तिङ क्रीप्स शुद बी पुब्लिकली दिज़्मेम्बेर्द अन्द थॆर रीमैन्स स्त्रून अक्रौस ठ देज़ेर्त फ़ोर ठ वुल्चुर्स

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Yale receives $1 million to study ‘anti-racist problem’ of video game hair

A Yale professor will lead a team seeking to dismantle racism inherent in video games thanks to a $1 million gift, according to an announcement from the university.

Professor Theodore Kim “will lead a group that will investigate the algorithmic representation of Type 4 hair as a uniquely anti-racist problem,” the university announced. “Type 4 hair” refers to a type of hair typical of black women.

Professor Kim stated in the news release that “this research will serve as an example of how to identify the products of systemic racism in computer graphics and demonstrate how to take concrete steps to ameliorate their harm.”

“The tools and algorithms we aim to develop will allow the full range of human hair, in its elegant variation and diversity, to be faithfully represented in film and games,” he stated.

The College Fix contacted the computer science professor via email and asked what he hoped the research will do for video games in the future and if he sees any other areas where “anti-racism” and computer science intersect, but he did not respond.

“One of the physical characteristics that is most revealing of algorithmic bias is the representation of human hair,” the university stated. “Computer graphics research has historically favored the simulation and rendering of straight hair, which is racially coded as European or Caucasian hair.”


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Race-Based Idolatry

There’s a tweet that made the rounds a while back ago. I don’t know who came up with it, but it goes something like this: “A black woman invented the telescope. You might disagree. You might even have some evidence of the contrary. But you have to ask yourself, is this really worth losing my job over? A black woman invented the telescope.” The aim, you see, is not to persuade, but to humiliate. It’s to break the spirit of people by forcing them to say out loud what they know to be patently untrue. It’s to remind ordinary white Americans of their subordinate place under the reigning racial hierarchy.

Of course, not all lies are maliciously told by others to humiliate or deceive us. There are also the lies we tell ourselves. There are the hopes and dreams we so want to be true that we just end up disregarding all contrary evidence. I am reminded of a passage in Thucydides: “It is a habit of mankind to entrust to careless hope that which it longs for, and to use sovereign reason to thrust aside that which it does not desire.” I think that Martin Luther King’s dream of brotherhood falls under this category.

Given our country’s very ugly history of race relations, it’s easy to see why many people would be seduced by the promise “to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.” This dream, however, is a pipe dream. Even in times of war, Americans have never united in a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. It’s also worth noting that black Americans themselves seem to advance little interest in becoming fully racially integrated with white Americans in all realms. HBCUs have no reason to exist anymore in America today, and yet they continue to thrive.

In giving up on this pipe dream of completely going beyond race, I don’t think we need to resign ourselves to a future of racial strife. We could perhaps set our sights on the much more reasonable goal of peaceful coexistence. Perhaps instead of making Martin Luther King our prophet, we might turn to another King for guidance. You may remember that when South L.A. was being burned down by riots, Rodney King famously asked, “Why can’t we all get along?” Is it really too much to hope that black and white Americans could just get along day-to-day, without however living fully intertwined lives?

Many people will surely do more. They’ll intermarry. They’ll become friends. They will serve together in the military. But I think it’s foolish to believe that the whole country will do so. Intellectual probity does compel me to acknowledge that perhaps even this goal at this point is beyond our reach. After all, the deeply ensconced, forever-metastasizing and fundamentally inegalitarian civil rights regime basically pits blacks and whites against one another. I must admit that it is beyond me how it could be reined in, much less dismantled, to say nothing of what could be done about the fanatical wokeness that pervades the entire culture.

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How Woke Put Paid to Publishing: Until the industry reclaims its allegiance to free speech over ideological orthodoxies, both readers and writers will suffer.

Books are no longer safe from woke censorship even when long in the public domain. In 2020, author and teacher Kate Clanchy won the prestigious Orwell Prize for her memoir Some Kids I Taught And What They Taught Me. Just two years later, following reader reviews accusing Clanchy of employing racial stereotypes, her publisher dropped her, and all distribution of her back catalogue of works ceased. Meanwhile, classic texts out of copyright get slapped with trigger warnings to alert students to hidden dangers contained in their words.

When all these censorious tactics fail, and a “problematic” author slips through the net, campaigners plummet to new depths. Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling has been bombarded with misogynistic abuse and death threats since speaking out in defense of women’s rights. In 2021, Rowling said that she had “received enough death threats to paper my home.” These threats should be taken seriously. Three activists moved from targeting her online to posting a photo of themselves outside her house, in the process revealing to the world the whereabouts of Rowling’s family residence. Most chilling of all was the death threat Rowling received after expressing her sympathy for Salman Rushdie on Twitter. “Don’t worry, you are next,” replied a man who had previously tweeted his support for Hadi Matar, Rushdie’s alleged attacker.

Rather than offering support to Rowling, best-selling novelist Joanne Harris, chair of the U.K.’s Society of Authors, created a Twitter poll. She asked her fellow authors if they had ever received a death threat, with potential answers being: “Yes,” “Hell, yes,” “No, never,” and “Show me, dammit.” The lighthearted nature of the poll seemed to imply that Rowling was making a fuss over nothing. After a backlash, Harris deleted the poll, only to replace it with one asking the same questions but in a slightly less jaunty tone.

Harris has since said that the dispute between her and Rowling is “fabricated,” though the two women are known to disagree on issues surrounding gender self-identification. But whereas Rowling, who believes that sex is immutable, faces social media abuse and her books being pulled from shops, Harris, who believes trans women are actually women, continues to hold one of the most influential positions in British publishing.

What should concern everyone is the message that the publishing industry is sending to young writers: transgress against the current orthodoxies and you are unlikely ever to see your work in print or on bookshop shelves. And if, somehow, you manage that feat, no one will defend you when the inevitable abuse comes your way. A cowardly reluctance to stand up for free speech now pervades publishing, to the detriment of literature, creativity, and reasoned argument.

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Austin fire chaplain fired over religious beliefs sues city: I won't recant

For eight years, an Austin Fire Department chaplain answered the calls of distressed firefighters and served those serving the community. However, when Dr. Andrew Fox answered the phone on an unsuspecting evening, he learned this would be his last call.

Fox joined "America's Newsroom" Thursday after his volunteer service with the Austin Fire Department was terminated due to religious beliefs shared in a personal blog.

Fox wrote that he believed biological males should not be allowed to compete against biological females. When city officials demanded he recant his statement and apologize, Fox says he apologized to anyone who was offended but could not apologize for his faith.

"When I was fired over the phone, I felt an immediate offense there that my First Amendment rights have been violated of freedom of speech and freedom of religion in something unrelated to my job," Fox told host Dana Perino.

Since his firing, Fox has filed a lawsuit against the city of Austin for violating his constitutional rights -- specifically the freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

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Publisher's withdrawal of Winnetou books stirs outrage in Germany: Germany wrestles with the legacy of author Karl May, whose fictional Native American hero, Winnetou, embodies the Germans' love affair with the Wild West.

Another day, another online outrage over "cancel culture." German Twitter lit up with instant indignation this week after a German publisher announced it was pulling two children's books from its line-up amid accusations of racism and cultural appropriation.

Both books were inspired by Wild West stories from the wildly popular, and increasingly controversial, 19th-century German writer Karl May.

The books imagine the childhood of May's most famous creation: the fearless Apache brave Winnetou, a fictional Native America chief who made his first appearance in 1875 and whose adventures have been retold in numerous novels — May's books have sold around 200 million copies worldwide — as well as in several movies and even an animated series.


The publisher, Ravensburger Verlag, citing "lots of negative feedback" around the "romanticized" and "clichéd" depiction of Native Americans in the books, dropped the titles from its program and apologized if it had hurt anyone's feelings.

The blowback was quick, and predictable. #Winnetou has been a trending topic online since with the majority of posters furious over what German tabloid Bild, with characteristic restraint, termed the "woke hysteria" that was "burning the hero of our childhood at the stake".

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The New York Times is eating itself: Why is the world’s most liberal newsroom being accused of racism?

I’m far from a statistics maven. I hew more to the line, first spoken by some dead white guy, that ‘There are lies, damned lies and statistics’. But I can’t help but notice some language games at work in the report. For instance, ‘being Hispanic’ and ‘being Black’ is said to have ‘reduced the odds of receiving high ratings’ by 60 per cent and 50 per cent respectively. Isn’t there something in statistics about correlation not indicating causation? Even the questions in the evaluations – which focus on whether employees meet undefined ‘expectations’ – seem too vague to draw too many conclusions.

So what does the wider context show us? As has been well documented, in recent years the Times has been a huge purveyor of race-based storylines (the 1619 Project being the most famous example). And it has rigidly upheld the new racial orthodoxies in its internal culture. See: the departures of James Bennet in 2020 and of Donald McNeil in 2021, who each fell afoul of the woke code espoused by a new generation of staff.

It is, of course, possible that at the same time as the United States as a whole became far less racist, the Times secretly hired a bunch of racist managers. But is it likely?

Remember, this is the same newspaper that published headlines like these: ‘Is the White Church Inherently Racist?’, ‘The Housewives of White Supremacy’ and ‘How White Women Use Themselves as Instruments of Terror’. So are we now supposed to accept at face value that this newspaper is punishing staff because of their non-white skin colour?

A far more likely explanation is that the new obsession with racism means we are discovering it in places where it probably doesn’t exist. White liberals, desperate to be seen as ‘allies’, can barely disguise their zeal to unmask the inner racists that apparently lurk deep inside us all.

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Utah Teacher Who Posted Video Saying She Built Her Classroom for ‘Non-White Students’ Placed on Leave

A Utah elementary school teacher who said that she built her classroom for “non-white students” and had “no white kids represented” in the books and media in the class has been placed on leave.

The fourth grade teacher was newly hired at William Penn Elementary School.

“For the first time in my life, I’m going to be teaching at a majority-white school, and I’m kind of interested to see how students and parents react to my classroom, or if they even notice anything about it, because it’s built for nonwhite students,” the teacher said in the video.

The teacher also said that there are “no White kids represented” within the classroom, even on coloring pages.


“If you look around and you interact with some of the materials I have, you’ll notice that there’s like, no white kids represented in that,” the teacher said. “So just on like that, that very first level of multicultural education, and I don’t think, like, my new students will mind, but you know, not a single white face there.”

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The Disastrous Push to Resegregate Health Care: A flawed study spurs a retrograde trend in medicine that will lead to worse outcomes.

Racial segregation is returning to health care, driven by a new generation of woke activists. The seminal study advocating this backward policy was released in June 2018 and revised three years ago this month. Titled “Does Diversity Matter For Health: Experimental Evidence from Oakland” and published in the American Economic Review, it argued that matching black patients with black physicians would save lives. The medical establishment immediately took up the banner of “racial concordance” between physicians and patients.

But the Oakland study is fatally flawed. In a new analysis, we show the shortcuts and un-scientific methods its authors used. No sound evidence supports resegregating health care, and taking this dangerous road will surely lead to worse health outcomes.

It’s important to realize how the Oakland study is reshaping health care, starting with the push for diversity in medical education and training. There aren’t enough minority physicians to make racial concordance a reality—so to get more nonwhite physicians, medical schools are ditching the MCAT for some minority students, while trainee assessments are being changed to minimize the documented differences in performance between white and so-called underrepresented minorities. These policies require lower standards, a direct threat to patient health.

Medical providers are also moving toward racial concordance. A February 2021 leak showed that UnitedHealth Group, the largest health-insurance company in America, supports matching patients with physicians based on their race. Activists are pushing hospitals and policymakers to follow suit. Yet these measures inherently undermine trust—a key part of health care—between patients and physicians with different skin colors.

The Oakland study does not justify this campaign. The authors conclude that racial concordance would lead to better health screening, leading to “a 19 percent reduction in the black-white male cardiovascular mortality gap and an 8 percent decline in the black-white male life expectancy gap.” The authors admit, however, that these are “back of the envelope calculations.” They should have designed a better study.

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Gender Theory in Schools – Two Things the TERFs Get Right (Plus Two Things They Get Wrong): Another dispatch from our undercover teacher correspondent

Last month, I wrote another piece for Wesley’s Substack where I talked about the biggest barrier to discussing DEI programs productively: If you’re honest about what’s going on, no one will believe you, because it just sounds too crazy to be true. I imagine the same problem is going to pop up here, but what else can I do? Like it or not, the TERFs are right about this one.

Here are some solid figures: I had six classes last year, and I didn’t have a single one without multiple students who identified as transgender. Some classes had more than others, but the absolutely lowest number was two in a 26-person class. Most of these students were just non-binary, but I had least five in the midst of actual medical transition, along with quite a few more who spent their days planning how to get the process started. I’d estimate that 70% or so of these students are female, and talk about breast binding and “top surgery” are common conversation topics at lunch time. It’s hard to not step in when you hear an obviously depressed, dysfunctional teenage girl working out how she can convince her parents to approve a double mastectomy, but what can you do? If I said anything at all, I’d be fired in a heartbeat.

These children’s identities, as you might expect, are wildly unstable; I can count a total of nineteen pronoun changes requested by twelve students over just the last semester, along with six for changing names. It’s relatively common for students to transition, detransition, and transition again, especially in response to the identity shifts in their classmates. At one point, a single student’s decision to go with they/them pronouns set off a chain reaction that resulted in four more of her friends doing the same. It’s gotten so ridiculous that a neighboring teacher recommended weekly pronoun checks, just to avoid the outrage that inevitably comes with every “misgendering.”

This sort of obsessive fixation on gender is concerning enough, but the dynamic is hugely exacerbated by the administration’s willingness to outsource tedious work virtue signaling to student organizations – almost all of which are staffed entirely by the wokest of the woke. As a result, gender theory inevitably seeps into every last corner of the entire school experience. A quick example: Last March, our principal thought it would be fun to have some students from the feminism club do a short Women’s History Month profile at the end of each day’s morning announcements. How many of the thirteen women they decided to cover were transgender, would you guess? One? Maybe two?

Nope! Seven of the thirteen women who received shout-outs for Women’s History Month were actually men. Some of the usual suspects showed up, of course; we got Rachel Levine and Christine Jorgensen, along with a double dose of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson. But the list also included such trailblazing luminaries as Alok Vaid-Menon, who doesn’t even identify as a woman in the first place, and Laverne Cox, whose major accomplishment was a supporting role in a mediocre Netflix series. At least students had the good sense to include Sappho, where she was described as a “queer poet” whose poetry focused on a love for “women and femmes.”

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American Express slapped with lawsuit alleging discrimination against White employees: The former employee alleges 'anti-racism' policies at American Express fostered 'tremendous animosity'

The lawsuit alleges that amid the racial tensions roiling the U.S. in 2020, Amex implemented "anti-racism" policies throughout its corporate structure that "gave preferential treatment to individuals for being Black and unambiguously signaled to White employees that their race was an impediment to getting ahead in the company."

Netzel said such policies fostered a workplace rife with "a tremendous amount of animosity" in which White employees were unfairly punished or passed over for promotions, while some Black employees were promoted merely to meet racial quotas and employees were encouraged to "root out in McCarthy-era fashion people who didn't agree with this overall philosophy."


Netzel maintained that this created an atmosphere in which White employees were treated disparately and forced to undergo trainings in which they were told to treat Black coworkers differently.

"We weren't allowed to talk before they talked in a meeting," he said, adding that they were explicitly advised against things such as touching Black people's hair, as if it were a frequent occurrence. According to the lawsuit, "no admonishments were given to Black employees nor did the trainings direct Black employees on how they should conduct themselves around other races."


The lawsuit's claims echo previous allegations of discrimination Amex has faced. In 2021, five current and former employees told FOX Business on condition of anonymity that the company engaged in "reverse discrimination" against White employees, barring them from promotions and steeping the workplace in the tenets of critical race theory. Amex categorically denied the accusations at the time.

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[Christopher F. Rufo] Radical Gender Theory Comes to the Heartland: A Missouri school district promotes the idea that “gender is a universe.”

Last year, I reported on Springfield Public Schools’ critical race theory training program, which required teachers to locate themselves on an “oppression matrix” and watch a video of “George Floyd’s last words.” But according to new documents obtained by the Southeastern Legal Foundation as part of a civil rights lawsuit, the district’s left-wing training program was not limited to racial ideology: administrators were simultaneously promoting the principles of radical gender theory to school employees.

The training program followed the basic narrative of academic-style gender theory: Western societies have created a “heteronormative” system that marginalizes racial and sexual minorities. To start, presenters led district employees in a “land acknowledgement” censuring white settlers for conquering North America. “As we begin our training, we want to acknowledge and honor the Native and Indigenous Peoples whose land we currently gather on. Springfield Public Schools is built on ancestral territory of the Osage, Delaware and Kickapoo Nations and Peoples,” the statement read. “In doing social justice work, it is important we acknowledge the dark history and violence against Native and Indigenous People across the world. In this work, we are committed to promoting, supporting and affirming all communities, especially those that are marginalized.”

Next, Springfield Public Schools told administrators and teachers that they must understand their “privileges” and identify their position within the “cycles of oppression.” In a “matching game,” the district provides a basic glossary for critical theory, explaining that some groups—i.e., straight, white, cisgender men—have “power” and “privilege” over others based on the categories of “race,” “gender,” “identity,” and “sexual orientation.” Teachers are then asked to classify themselves on a “social identities” wheel and account for their race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. All of these social hierarchies contribute to the “cycles of oppression,” which are reinforced by institutions and result in “anger, dehumanization, guilt, collusion, ignorance, self-hatred, stress, lack of reality . . . [and] internalization of patterns of power.”

Finally, the presentation zeroed in on the principles of radical gender theory. Administrators claimed that people are given a “biological sex assigned at birth,” which often conflicts with their “gender identity” and “gender expression.” Teachers are asked to recognize and affirm identities such as “non-binary,” “gender non-conforming,” “drag queen,” “pansexual,” and “polyamorous,” which is described as having “[ethical], honest, and consensual non-monogamous relationships (i.e. relationships that may include multiple partners).” These teachers are also expected to use the “preferred gender pronouns” of their students. As part of the presentation, administrators shared a video featuring “genderqueer” and “nonbinary” children, titled “Why Gender Pronouns Matter,” which claims that “gender is a universe,” that some children “don’t have a gender,” and that “misgendering a trans person is an act of violence.” “My identity, although you can’t see it, still needs to be validated,” says one of the “non-binary” children in the video.

This kind of training program has also trickled down into some district schools. At Parkview High School, Springfield Public Schools dispatched one of its “Equity Champions,” teacher Ashley Blankinship, to explain to her colleagues that they must “acknowledge [their] privileges” and “lean into [their] discomfort” as part of the “LGBTQ+ 101” training program. Blankinship instructed teachers that they must study and affirm sexual identities such as “queer,” “pansexual,” and “gender non-conforming,” and use “they/them” pronouns for “non-binary” students. “For some folks, pronouns are non-negotiable,” the presentation reads. “Using ‘they’ is PERFECTLY GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT when referring to a single person. We use ‘they’ to describe people all the time.” Additionally, the training instructs teachers to “try not to use gender-specific terms in class,” such as “ladies and gentlemen,” and to “add your pronouns to your email signature.”

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You can’t sit out the culture wars

Sullivan has proved to be the Cassandra of our times on this subject. If anything, he underestimated the speed and scope with which the pathologies of the campus would sweep the western world, from governments and corporations to military bureaucracies and scientific and clinical institutions. The successor ideology, which some call wokeism and I call coercive progressivism, has made such advances thanks to four conditions common to liberal societies.


There is something that has been overlooked in all this. It doesn’t detract from Sullivan’s thesis and nor is it grounds for sudden optimism among liberals. It is simply a counter-impulse worth noting. Yes, quietlife-ism is the preponderant ideology among the masses but only up to a point. There is only so far you can push even the most determined quietlife-ist and when you stray over that boundary you can drive a bystander in the culture wars to enlist on the side of your enemy.

Political, social, corporate and cultural elites may live on campus but most of the population does not and has no wish to. They shake their heads at the latest fad or inanity then shrug it off because, honestly, who needs the hassle? They do not think in the stilted, paradigmatic fashion of academics but instinctually, relying on their gut to tell them when something is tolerable and when someone is taking the piss. They know when they are being pushed around and, in some, a bloody-minded antagonism towards bullies overcomes the impulse to keep their head down. They come to realise there is no alternative but to push back.

We are in the pushback phase of what is called the ‘trans rights debate’ but is properly understood as the elite project to impose gender identity ideology, and especially self-identification, with as little debate or scrutiny as possible. Had this been a debate about arranging accommodations in public services, sport, prisons, facilities, and other areas of life for people suffering gender dysphoria, it would have been over long ago and resolved with sensitivity and compassion. It is because the object is not advancing the interests of dysphoria sufferers or accommodating their needs but the raw exercise of elite power.

Of course, there is a determination to make material reality bend to theory but there is also a certain sadism to be savoured. What could be more delicious than writing women out of womanhood and claiming the mantle of feminism as you do it? Who could forgo a wry smile at the thought of women being told both that their sex-based rights are not affected by gender ideology and that they’re bigots for even bringing those rights up? How must it feel to be able to force people to recite mantras (‘trans women are women’) that both you and they know to be untrue?

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More hate symbols found in Atlanta, suspect 'close by,' police say

Officials are cleaning more graffiti from Atlanta's Midtown Rainbow crosswalk.

It's the second time in two days that a swastika was discovered at the intersection.

Similar symbols were discovered at the Federal Reserve building.

Police believe the same person who vandalized the Rainbow Crosswalk on Wednesday night struck again overnight.

Atlanta Police Department Interim Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said police are reviewing security cameras at nearby businesses to identify one or multiple suspects.

Place your bets, then click for image of the suspect.

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Conservative publication censored by British retail giant for publishing interview with Viktor Orbán and promoting satirical LGBT cartoon

A conservative journal has been taken off the shelves in British retailer WH Smith after a single complaint was filed by a customer seemingly offended by its content, it has emerged.

The latest edition of the European Conservative, an English-language quarterly journal of philosophy, politics, and culture, featured a cartoon that satirized what it perceives to be the overenthusiastic teaching of LGBT content in schools and included a separate interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

In a post on the social networking platform, Instagram, the offended customer purported to be “shocked” at what they described as “fascist filth” being sold in a mainstream British retailer.

The person’s partner chimed in, insisting that they believe “we could all be more open to engaging respectfully with people we disagree with,” before calling on consumers to “consider boycotting” WH Smith until the retailer stops selling the offending magazine.

The customer, Alexi Kaye Campbell, posted a screenshot of an email exchange between himself and the chain on Saturday, in which the store confirmed it had “taken the decision to remove (the publication) from sale while we are in discussion with the publisher.”


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Black Christian denied student government role after quoting Bible

Mya Little (pictured) opened a speech at an interview session over the summer with a Bible quote, according to The Cougar, the campus newspaper. Little had applied to be an associate justice on the SGA Supreme Court.

“I read that scripture months ago and it really inspired me,” Little said, although the campus newspaper did not identify what Bible verse she quoted. “It made me realize that the world to me, and in my eyes, is made out of love.”

This use of a Bible quote led to opposition to Little being allowed on the judicial branch from the student government, particularly in the context of the reversal of Roe v. Wade in June, which had occurred just days prior to the meeting.

“I personally think it’s a little bit tone deaf given the current political climate,” Senate Speaker Aryana Azizi said at the meeting, according to the Cougar. “I don’t think now is the time to be preaching about religion given the clear lack of separation of church and state in our federal government.”

Others raised concerns. “Stressing the crucial nature of bias as it applies to the Supreme Court, [Senator Marie] McGrew asked Little how she intended to account for, and contend with, her own latent biases,” the campus newspaper reported.

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Principal calls police on 4-year-old who refuses to wear face mask

A California father is calling for change after police escorted him and his son, 4, from school property for attempting to drop his son off without a mask.

The father, who is only identified as Shawn by the Daily Mail, was confronted by local police on Thursday at Theuerkauf Elementary School in Mountain View, a city in Silicon Valley.

In a video recorded by Shawn, the little boy is maskless and being escorted from school by a staff member.


On Friday, the day after the incident, Mountain View Whisman School District changed its policy, in accordance with a new CDC guideline. The students at their nine elementary and two middle schools are now no longer required to wear face masks.

However, Shawn claims the mask mandates have not gone away for good because the rule could be easily reinstated.