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Racist texts denying an airman a special duty were fake, Air Force investigation finds

Air Force investigators found that a series of purported text messages where an airman allegedly told another airman that he was not being considered for a position because “the Air Force is looking for somebody of white complexion” were fake.

“Following an exhaustive investigation, authorities determined that the statements published did not occur and the text messages were fake,” Sean Clements, chief of media relations for the 56th Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona told Task & Purpose on Monday.

In May, base officials began investigating the texts, which first appeared on the popular Facebook page Air Force amn/snco/nco and allegedly occurred between a technical sergeant and a Black senior airman at the base’s 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron.


If this was in fact the case, the senior airman would not be the first member of the Air Force or prospective member of the Air Force to compose fake racist messages.

In 2017, racial slurs were written on the dormitory message boards of five black cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School, Air Force Times reported at the time. Two months later, the academy said that one of the cadet candidates thought to have been a victim of the slurs had admitted to being responsible for them. The cadet candidate said he wrote the slurs because of an untreated concussion, according to Air Force Times.

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Yes, Critical Race Theory Is Being Taught in Schools: A new survey of young Americans vindicates the fears of CRT’s critics.

While only scratching the surface of what will feature in the full report, our findings have several important takeaways.

First, the claim that CRT and gender ideology are not being taught or promoted in America’s pre-college public schools is grossly misleading. More than nine in ten of our respondents reported some form of school exposure to at least some CRT-related and critical gender concepts, with the average respondent reporting being taught in class or hearing about from an adult at school more than half of the eight concepts we measured. Eight in ten reported being taught in class at least one concept central to CRT and contemporary left-wing racial ideology, with the average respondent reporting being taught two of the five we listed. A majority were taught radical gender ideas. Given the sheer size of these numbers, the promotion and teaching of “white privilege” and “systemic racism” in America’s public schools can hardly be regarded as a rare or isolated phenomenon. It is the experience of a sizeable share of pre-college students.

Second, educators are presenting CSJ ideas to students uncritically. If such concepts were presented only as perspectives—and in conjunction with competing others—then their introduction into the classroom could very well be defensible. But our data suggest that this is not the case. Instead, most are receiving them as undisputed “facts”—or at least facts only disputed by bigots and ignoramuses. This is indoctrination, and governments should act swiftly to put a stop to it. More-detailed policy recommendations must await the full report. But schools and teachers that wish to teach about these concepts should be given the option of either teaching the diversity of thought surrounding them or being barred from teaching them altogether.

Third, such biased instruction is effective. Our data show that those who report being taught CRT-related concepts are not only more likely to endorse them but are also more likely to blame white people for racial inequality, to essentialize white people as “racist,” and to support “equity-oriented” race-based policies. Among whites, we also observe higher levels of white guilt among those exposed to more CRT-related concepts.

Overall, then, our data would appear to confirm many of the fears of anti-CRT activists about such instruction. Anecdotes are borne out by our representative large-scale data.

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Fury over Dis-Chem letter on hiring of whites

A leaked internal Dis-Chem memo detailing a memorandum on the recruitment and employment of white South Africans must have spoilt its author, chief executive Ivan Saltzman’s weekend.


The letter, details the chain’s decision to no longer hire white people, because as Saltzman put it: “When no suitable black candidate is found and a white is appointed, we need several blacks just to maintain the status quo, never mind moving forward.”

He then went on to say that no whites should be employed. It is a conundrum that many South African companies and sports teams face on a daily basis.


Cardo suggested the Dis-Chem letter was penned in anticipation of new draconian employment equity laws expected.

He said: “The craven and desperate letter penned by Dis-Chem CEO Ivan Saltzman in which he calls for a moratorium on the appointment of whites in his company, underscores the panic engendered by pending changes to employment equity legislation.”

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It Takes a Village to Take Your Child

America’s Favorite Supervillain, Governor Gavin Newsom, just legalized child kidnapping in California.

State Bill 107 will allow the State to seize children from their own legal parents who are not sufficiently “affirming” of a child’s misguided wish to mutilate themselves and destroy their own lives. As the Federalist explains, “California courts will have the power to strip custody from parents, wherever they live, who doubt the wisdom of these experimental and irreversible procedures — if their child so much as steps foot in California.” In other words, even if you don’t even live in California, the long arm of the Village can capture your kid in their net.

Immediately after Newsom signed that law—almost as if there was a coordinated campaign by the village elders—the American Medical Association issued a letter to the Department of Justice begging them to imprison anyone who dares stand in the way of them having full access to your child’s body and mind. As Christopher Rufo tweeted, “The AMA asks the DOJ to ‘investigate and prosecute high-profile social media users’ who share ‘misleading information’ about ‘gender-affirming health care.’”

“Transgender medicine saves lives!” The medical experts and politicians scream at vulnerable parents. “Quick, iInject your eight-year-old with experimental, off-label Lupron and synthetic chemical hormones before they/them kills their/themselves!”


I wrote last year about our own family pediatrician, who is already shooing parents out of her examination room and asking teenage boys if they are “comfortable with their gender.” She somehow forgot to ask me, his mother, if I was comfortable with her unwelcome intrusion into my relationship with my own child.

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Mayor pushes ‘Great Replacement’ project in rural France despite protests, refuses to hold citizen referendum on accepting migrant families

In the letter, the mayor rejected a referendum on the issue and instead tried to assuage the town that a citizen’s council should decide on how the project is implemented. The move comes after Sud Radio reported that a witnesses during a meeting with the mayor, which included 12 other eyewitnesses, related that the mayor said he would not hold a referendum because 80 percent of residents are against the measure. He reportedly said: “I would lose it.”

At the national level, 62 percent of French say they want to hold a national referendum on continued immigration, with other polls showing that a majority of French are both opposed to further immigration into France and worried about the Great Replacement, which describes the ongoing displacement of Europeans by non-European people in the West.


The protests against the project were attended by various conservative activists and the Reconquest party. However, spearheading the effort is a citizens’ initiative made up of residents of Callac who are rejecting the transfer of migrants to their town. These citizens point to the already high unemployment rate in Callac; they ask where jobs will be found for the new migrants when jobs cannot even be found for the people who live in the area, which features an unemployment rate of 17.6 percent. In addition, they point to potential overcrowding in schools and daycare, and the millions of taxpayer euros that will be needed to integrate the newcomers.

At the demonstration, protesters held up signs against the “African repopulation of our cities” while others pointed to the events in Callac, a peaceful town of 2,200 inhabitants in the Côtes-d’Armor, as a clear and identifiable symbol of the Great Replacement. Left-wing counter-protesters chanted against what they claimed was “fascism.” Many of those protesting both from the right and left were not from the area. According to a report from Le Figaro newspaper, residents are saying: “We don’t want to be guinea pigs!” They point out that the “Horizon Village” project is an experiment funded by the Merci Endowment Fund, which was created in 2009 by the Cohen family.

As Remix News previously reported, Cohen family members, who are the former owners of the upscale children’s clothing brand Bonpoint, live in some of the wealthiest areas of France, all of which feature remarkably low diversity. Nevertheless, the family is focused on Callac for now but also plans to relocate refugees across the countryside. While the family has put up millions to further this goal, the French government has also pledged to back the project with taxpayers’ money. However, the Cohen family is only providing funding for 10 years, after which point, the town would be on its own.

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[Freddie deBoer] The Tribe Still Comes First

In the fifteen years I’ve written for public consumption, this is the topic I’ve returned to most. I have argued that people who work in the media are in great majorities unduly concerned with being popular among their peers, and that this desire distorts our newsmedia and what it covers in destructive ways. I also believe that the most important site of this kind of social conditioning is Twitter. A corollary to this is that the industry, which will give the most trivial subjects immense amounts of coverage (like, say, the “Try Guys”) avoids talking about the powerful impact of the desire to be popular, a kind of within-industry omerta that prevents anyone from looking too closely at how the sausage gets made. I told this story my first year of writing, I’ve told it most every year since, and I’m telling it again now. Because nothing ever changes.

There are, of course, many people of both talent and integrity within the industry who do their best to avoid this social capture. Many of them are open-minded about who they read and what they’ll engage with. Indeed, the median writer is (unsurprisingly) more thoughtful and willing to challenge consensus than the crowd. But even the most independent of them tend to at least maintain the code of omerta, refusing to publicly question the in-crowd dynamics even if they won’t play into them with their own behavior. And I do get it; they have to live and work in that industry and coexist alongside the peers that they might be criticizing in aggregate. It would, though, make me feel slightly less crazy if more people would say, even occasionally, “people in the industry really want to be well-liked, and they change their public personas and their work to remain so.” What’s frustrating for me is that, while they may not share my level of disdain for this condition, many individual writers have privately conceded the broad contours of what I’m saying. But they don’t do so publicly. Like I said. Omerta.

Of course, the disciplinary action taken against people who speak the way I am is exactly what you’d expect: insiders accuse critics of insiderism of merely being jealous that they aren’t insiders themselves. It can’t be the case that someone like myself could genuinely, organically observe the ways in which media cliquishness distorts the practices of journalism and commentary and advocate for something better. Any such critics must necessarily merely want to be a part of the hierarchy they criticize, sour grapes. Again, it never changes.

What I never understand is why no enterprising media reporter doesn’t ever try to report this out. There are no industries where insiderism and patronage don’t impact the labor market to some degree, so why not try to explore that influence? How does the insiderism of elite media Twitter influence the industry and thus our national story? This topic would seem to fit perfectly for several people who have undertaken career-long investigations of media and online culture. I don’t know how anyone who works in professional media can fail to understand that what gets covered and who gets advanced within the profession is deeply bound up in who’s perceived as cool among peers, especially as expressed on Twitter. But my sense is that if any particular media reporters were to see this post, they would likely just make fun of it - and in so doing, take part in precisely the kind of social capture I’m critiquing. Because the way that people assert their status as insiders is with the ritualistic rejection of outsiders. Part of the reason I rarely take media insider criticism personally is because long ago I realized that, a lot of the time, I was being invoked only opportunistically; I was merely a convenient symbol of what a given critic didn’t want to appear to be.

Often the media is accused of being too solipsistic, generally unafraid to report on itself. But while we’ll get a newscycle out of the idea of a “vibes shift” we won’t get a single New York magazine feature about how there’s a high school-like popularity hierarchy on Twitter that enforces consensus and helps determine who becomes a big deal in the industry. Honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that many of Twitter’s most passionate users feel compelled to dismiss the idea that they’re attached to it, as this would be uncool. Thus you have people who have tweeted hundreds of thousands of times but performatively deny that they care about their position in the network. But the entire media industry talks to and about itself on Twitter all day, every day. How could this not be worthy of serious and critical analysis?

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Fla. to strip licenses of K-3 teachers who discuss gender identity, sexuality

The rule, proposed in August and approved by Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. in September, is intended to enforce a 2021 state law that forbids instruction on gender identity and sexuality for children in kindergarten through third grade. The measure, the Parental Rights in Education Act, is known by opponents as the “don’t say gay” law.


The rule states that any teacher who “intentionally provide[s] classroom instruction” to K-3 students on those two topics will face “revocation or suspension of the individual educator’s certificate, or the other penalties as provided by law.”

The 2021 law already requires schools to create a system via which parents can report teacher noncompliance with the law. If a school system does not address a parent’s concerns, the law makes it easy for parents to sue and says the Florida Department of Education can launch an investigation of the district.

The rule on teachers’ licenses drew immediate condemnation from some teacher groups and LGBTQ advocates. Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, executive director of LGBTQ rights group GLSEN, said in a statement Thursday that the Florida rule “will harm LGBTQ+ students, who we know benefit by having supportive teachers and inclusive curriculum in the classroom.”

A spokesman for the education department said in a statement Thursday evening that “it should not be surprising that educators are at risk of having their certificates sanctioned if they violate state law. The proposed amendment will change nothing for teachers who follow the law and are focused on providing high-quality classroom instruction aligned to state academic standards.”

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Without a “Diversity” Leg to Stand On: Harvard’s own freshman survey data undermine one of its justifications for affirmative action.

Every year since 2013, usually during the first week of September, the Harvard Crimson publishes survey results profiling the incoming freshman class, including their political and social orientations. These feature-length reports have consistently shown that a dominant majority of Harvard’s incoming students identify as politically and socially progressive, with ever-fewer students identifying as conservative. This year, however, the Crimson didn’t publish the feature and didn’t reply to my inquiry about whether they would do so. Harvard may have good reasons for wanting to delay such a report, given an upcoming Supreme Court case.

In Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College, the Supreme Court will reexamine a half-century-old justification for race-based university admissions—namely, that racial diversity generates viewpoint diversity on campus and contributes to the lively exchange of ideas. Past results of Harvard’s freshman surveys, which detail growing racial diversity but diminishing viewpoint diversity, discredit this justification. Of the Class of 2025, for example, only 1.4 percent identify as very conservative; only 7.2 percent identify as somewhat conservative; and only 18.6 percent identify as moderate. By contrast, 72.4 percent of freshmen identify as predominantly liberal. Yet this class is the “the most diverse class in the history of Harvard,” according to William R. Fitzsimmons, dean of admissions and financial aid.

Other survey responses drive the point home. Of members of the Class of 2025 who supported a candidate in the 2020 presidential election, 87 percent backed Joe Biden. Meantime, 82 percent said they supported the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, which resulted in at least $1 billion in damages and numerous deaths, while nearly half (49.8 percent) said that they supported defunding the police. This doesn’t sound like viewpoint diversity to me.

Without viewpoint diversity as a justification, race-based admissions—that is, affirmative action—may not survive. Since 2014, Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA), a nonprofit group of more than 20,000 students, parents, and others, has argued that affirmative action violates Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, which prohibit public and private universities receiving federal funds from discriminating based on race, color, and national origin. This straightforward legal argument is likely to play well with a Supreme Court that leans toward originalism, but this doesn’t mean that the justices’ decision will rest on that philosophy alone. In fact, the Court’s jurisprudence on race-conscious admissions has centered predominantly not on the legality of the policy but on its implications for higher education.


The Court now seems likely to strike down the use of race-conscious admissions in higher education next June. Given the originalist-bent of the Court’s majority, the decision will rely most heavily on the text of both Title VI and the Equal Protection Clause, which prohibit racial discrimination. But it may also have something to say about the faulty premise underlying race-conscious admissions all these years. Contrary to what O’Connor claimed in Grutter, affirmative action has not led to greater diversity of thought on America’s college campuses.

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Why the trans lobby loves censorship: Twitter’s suspension of Maya Forstater is yet more proof that gender ideologues cannot abide any scrutiny.

Trans activists resort to censorship because, high on their assumed moral superiority, they are not prepared to engage in debate. On campus, gender-critical academics such as Selina Todd and Heather Brunskell-Evans have been repeatedly No Platformed. At Sussex University, Kathleen Stock was hounded out of her job by intimidatory trans activists. Academics are often keen to join in the witch-hunting of their colleagues, usually by signing petitions denouncing gender-critical views.

Even just drawing attention to this censorious climate can land you in trouble. Earlier this year, Laura Favaro, at City University, tried to do some research into how freely gender can be discussed in academia, by speaking to both sides of the debate. Leading scholars quickly sought to discredit her work and planned to ‘act’ in response.

This is not just a university phenomenon. In June this year, Nottingham City Council cancelled a talk by feminist Julie Bindel because of ‘the speaker’s views on transgender rights’. And in 2018, Leeds Council stopped feminist group Woman’s Place UK from holding a meeting in the city’s civic hall. Even in schools, girls are not able to challenge transgenderism without risking abuse from their peers and exclusion from the classroom. There are calls for gender-critical books to be pulled from book shops or to be cancelled pre-publication. Most brutally censorious are the masked-up and sometimes tooled-up Men in Black who attend women’s rights rallies expressly to intimidate participants.

This censorship is not a bug in the system of trans lobbying – it is the primary goal. A policy of ‘no debate’ has long been a touchstone for transgender advocates. Mermaids maintains that ‘the rights of trans children and adults are an indivisible part of human rights, and that they are not up for debate’. Stonewall equates any debate on gender issues with questioning ‘trans people’s right to exist’. Documentary-maker Olly Lambert has quipped that ‘it was easier to get an interview with Hamas and the IDF’ than it was with the CEO of Mermaids, Susie Green.

This refusal to debate is backed by claims that all discussion calls into question the right of transgender people to exist or that it ‘invalidates their experiences’. Talk of invalidation and ‘the right to exist’ nudges us to think of the trans activists’ trump card – claims that transgender children are placed at risk of suicide when their gender identities are not affirmed. Never mind that these suicide statistics are highly contested. We are not meant to question any of the trans lobby’s claims.

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‘One day, it will be necessary to mass troops in front of the Élysée’ – Former Paris police chief paints bleak future for France due to crime and mass migration

Lallement’s claim that half of all crimes are committed by foreigners in France, despite them only making up approximately 22 percent of the population, is supported by recent data from the French interior ministry.

Lallement also writes that the problem with migrants and illegal immigration played a major role in the riots and assaults at the Stade de France, which served as one of France’s biggest scandals in recent times. The incident saw large groups of migrants attacking and robbing English and Spanish football fans earlier this year, sparking international outrage and sharp criticism towards French President Emmanuel Macron.

Lallement blames himself for the incident, and stated that he could not have imagined that “migrants would come to loot at the gates of the stadium.”

“I fully assume the failure of this evening,” he writes. He also writes that he would have resigned immediately due to the incident if Macron had not asked him to wait. However, Lallement writes in his book that the riots and assaults at the Stade de France, along with the general breakdown down in security, are only foreshadowing much larger social upheavals to come.


The former police chief is not the only former top official warning of a breakdown in society and possible conflict, with a large number of former top generals writing an open letter warning of civil war in France in the coming years. The country’s former top intelligence director for the DGSE , Pierre Brochand, also said earlier this year that the country could face a civil war due to mass immigration,

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Why Can’t Johnny Read Porn? "Porn literacy" aims to make sure that schools are exposing kids to the broadest range of sexualized matter.

The Left uses several mechanisms to sexualize children. Public libraries, public schools, and book retailers must feature gender-bending books for ever-younger children, all with the aim of mainstreaming the fringes. Pride Month in June, 2022 featured drag shows aplenty, where young children danced with men dressed as sexualized women or put dollar bills in the pasties of strippers. Activists and academics are hard at work redefining pedophiles as “Minor Attracted Persons” in order to reduce the stigma associated with the desire to have sex with children.

Much work must be done before these practices become tolerated. Academics invent and defend new practices in seemingly obscure journals. More academics take notice. Then those practices are translated into pedagogy in education schools. After this, it is just a matter of time until they make their way into the classroom or into a library or bandshell in a city near you.

James Lindsay tells how drag went from the fringes to the mainstream, using an academic study by Harper Keenan and the venerable “Lil Mis Hot Mess” called “Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood” (published in Curriculum Inquiry). Introducing drag into schools and library story times, argue Keenan and Hot Mess, will “unsettle binary gender expectations among children.” The suddenly ubiquitous Drag Queen Story Hour creates “space for young children and families to immerse themselves in LGBT-themed stories” and “a pathway into the imaginative, messy, and rule-breaking aspects of drag for children without necessarily watering down queer cultures.”

Among the next mechanisms to be normalized is porn literacy. Planned Parenthood and its government partners are already promoting porn literacy to school trainers and public health officials, as we have shown in a recent report. It is late in the game already, though few people even know what porn literacy is.

As with drag, academic articles show what is at stake for porn literacy. Kath Albury’s 2014 “Porn and Sex Education, Porn as Sex Education,” published in Porn Studies, is among the most widely cited porn literacy articles. When Lindsay read “Drag Pedagogy,” it had only four citations; Albury’s classic has already been cited 116 times.

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‘Blatantly Intolerant’: Physician Assistant Sues Michigan Health For Allegedly Firing Her Over Religious Beliefs

A physician assistant is suing University of Michigan Health – West for allegedly violating her civil rights in firing her after she requested religious accommodations for her objections to certain transgender-related procedures, according to the lawsuit.

Valerie Kloosterman is a third-generation employee of Michigan Health, following her mother and grandmother, but she was terminated in 2021 about a month after she objected to using transgender patients’ preferred pronouns and referring them for cross-sex surgeries following a diversity training, according to a press release from her attorneys. After her initial objections, a diversity representative allegedly called Kloosterman “evil,” blamed her for the suicides of transgender people and told her she couldn’t bring her faith or the Bible into her work.

Kloosterman had worked at Michigan Health for 17 years, where she received glowing reviews from her supervisors and was treated well until the medical center imposed a mandatory diversity training program, the lawsuit alleges.

“Billboard Chris”, who opposes medical treatments for transgender youth, stands across the street from counter-protestors outside Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., September 18, 2022. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Michigan Health allegedly violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by firing Kloosterman for her religious beliefs and refusing to provide a religious accommodation while providing nonreligious accommodations to other employees, according to First Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group focused on religious liberty that’s providing legal aid to Kloosterman. The attorneys also accused Michigan Health of violating the First and Fourteenth Amendments through “open hostility” to Kloosterman’s religious beliefs, compelling her to speak certain pronouns and refusing to grant religious accommodations while agreeing to secular accommodations.

“Because Valerie wouldn’t violate her conscience, Michigan Health violated her rights and ended her employment,” Kayla Toney, Counsel for First Liberty Institute, said in a statement shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It is blatantly intolerant of Michigan Health to demand that medical professionals like Valerie abandon their religious beliefs in order to remain employed. Valerie loves her community and her job. She is devastated that the University of Michigan health system derided her beliefs and demanded that she choose between her faith and providing health care.”

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School board meeting cut short as protests over LGBTQ books grow unruly

It was the most recent clash in Dearborn between parents who say their children are being exposed to sexually explicit books in school and educators who say they’ve updated a system to assess materials to make sure they’re appropriate for students. The tension mirrors the growing antagonism between schools and parents that has flared up around the country in recent years, fueled by pandemic-related school closures and debates over teachings on race and gender.

“In 2020, it was the global pandemic. In 2021, it was masks. Today’s debate is books. This is a national debate, my friends,” board member Hussein Berry said at Monday’s meeting in Dearborn.


Like other parts of the country, conservative Christians were the first to raise fears about books with LGBTQ content in the Michigan school district, which serves the city of Dearborn and part of Dearborn Heights in the Detroit metro area, the Detroit Free Press reported. They then rallied the significant Muslim population in both cities to join them.

Weeks ahead of Monday’s meeting, local Muslim leaders pushed people to attend to tell the school board they oppose LGBTQ books being in public schools. One of the most prominent Muslim leaders in the state, Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini of the Islamic Institute of America in Dearborn Heights, used his sermon on Friday to urge his followers to go to the meeting to protest.

“Some of those books are completely inappropriate for our children to read,” Al-Qazwini said, according to the Free Press. “Some of those books promote pornography. Some of them promote homosexuality. We don’t need this.”

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NGOs and activists claim White people are ‘racist’ for complaining about too much noise, label it ‘volume racism’: “To say that speaking loudly would be the prerogative of racialized people is an intellectual manipulation,” says historian Virginie Girod

Anti-racism organizations and ethnic-group activists in France are trying to link those who complain about noise on buses, trains, and subways with racism.

The question is not just about how immigration is leading to record population levels in Western countries, which means more people in cars, buses, and on the streets and invariably increases noise pollution, but also how these different ethnic groups and cultures conduct themselves in relation to “noise,” all the way from personal conversations on a bus to how they celebrate weddings and other events.

According to the anti-racist North African interest group, NEOIFRI, those who express concerns about people speaking too loudly or making claims like “your weddings are to noisy,” are guilty of the new term “volume racism.”

Europe, which features a culture that traditionally values quiet and a respect for lower volumes in public spaces, is unlike much of the rest of the world, where noise reins supreme. The issue has led to public laws being changed in France, as Muslims and different non-European groups are known to conduct, for example, loud weddings that can cause public disturbances and feature convoys of cars honking their horns. Some of these weddings have even become dangerous, resulting in French municipalities in Seine-Saint-Denis, Alsace, and even Vaucluse and Bouches-du-Rhône establishing strict noise pollution laws to guarantee quiet for the citizens. The politicians behind the laws argue that they are necessary due to loud horns and “urban rodeos,” which involve drivers doing tricks and skidding out their vehicles in circles, which have even resulted in the death of young pedestrians.

The phenomenon of honking Muslim car convoys is not just relegated to France either; this video from Germany demonstrates it is a typical spectacle in cities across that country as well.

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Deradicalization Strategies for Blue Anon and other Extremists: Do you have a loved one who has been radicalized by the DNC and its communications arms like the mainstream media, think tanks, NGOs, and academia?

In a previous post, we saw how the ADL had been radicalizing Americans into adopting extremist and hateful misconceptions about the abstract, omnipotent evil demiurge known in the establishment as “white people”.[v] In reality, this ill-defined abstraction is used to discriminate against declasse, downscale, and working class descendants of white ethnic immigrants, many of whom descend directly from lineages that spent a thousand years or more in servitude to the aristocratic and business elites of Europe.

Similarly, during a recent Cato Institute event, Adam Posen, head of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, said that the concerns about domestic manufacturing (a bipartisan concern) were borne of “the fetish for keeping white males with low education in the powerful positions they are in”.

This statement evidences the paranoid, conspiratorial style that increasingly dominates establishment American communications to the public, and which seems to be encouraging the kinds of primitive, polarizing convictions about group abstractions that led to the horrors of WW2.

In the context of the ADL and Peterson Institute, this paranoid approach is often justified by the goal of deradicalizing or disempowering white supremacists, a group of people constituting a tiny fraction of the American population. While such a goal is a noble one under our civil religion, such nobility does not excuse the ADL or Posen’s dereliction of the duty to promote sober, moderate material consistent with the American civil religion.

The ADL and Posen’s adoption of radically racist superstitions about “white people” demonstrates just how easy it is for even respectable, politically neutral American individuals and institutions to be seduced by extremism. Does Posen’s statement accord with the mission statement of the institution he heads?

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The tech tyrants are out of control: PayPal’s fantasy about fining speechcriminals is a terrifying sign of the times.

Our corporate overlords are out of control. Just look at PayPal. It appears to have flirted with the idea of fining people for saying problematic things, for dealing in wrongthink. A briefly published new policy said users might have a whopping $2,500 seized from their coffers if PayPal believed they were engaged in ‘misinformation’ or ‘hate speech’. Just think about what an egregious affront this would have been not only to freedom of speech but also to the fundamentals of justice. Without a trial, presumably even without the right of representation, an individual or organisation could have been subjected to severe financial punishment on the say so of some hip moderator in California who didn’t like something they said. Tech tyranny is getting serious now.

PayPal backtracked on the policy incredibly swiftly. The published policy said any PayPal user who breaks the rules on misinformation or hateful commentary could be subject to ‘damages, including liquidated damages of $2,500 US dollars per violation, which may be debited from your PayPal account’. The online response to this threatened stiff fining of people with problematic views was intense. Even PayPal’s former president, David Marcus, couldn’t believe what he was reading. ‘It’s hard for me to openly criticise a company I used to love and gave so much to’, he said. ‘But PayPal’s new [policy] goes against everything I believe in. A private company now gets to decide to take your money if you say something they disagree with. Insanity.’ Insanity indeed.

Unsurprisingly, PayPal walked back the insanity. The policy was published ‘in error’, it said. This was ‘incorrect information’, it insisted. ‘PayPal is not fining people for misinformation and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy…. We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused.’ You can’t blame us for being confused though, PayPal. You published the policy. Clearly you’ve discussed it. Clearly you’ve thought very seriously indeed about taking money from wrongthinkers as punishment for their polluted morality. We can give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that your idea was published in ‘error’ but this doesn’t distract from the fact that you had the idea, that you gave real consideration to the idea of seizing cash from thoughtcriminals.

We shouldn’t just ‘move on’ from this policy proposal. It’s too egregious for that. That corporate elites in Silicon Valley even thought about stealing money from the anti-woke is a terrifying sign of the times. After all, what is ‘misinformation’? What is ‘hate speech’? These are not neutral categories. They are highly politicised terms used to describe speech and ideas that the elites consider ‘unacceptable’. Some, like Jacinda Ardern, consider questioning the climate-change narrative to be ‘misinformation’. Criticising the cult of transgenderism or the religion of Islam is viewed by some as ‘hate speech’ – as transphobia or Islamophobia. Over the past few weeks PayPal restricted the accounts of the Free Speech Union and UsForThem. So, is defending freedom of speech a form of ‘hate speech’? Is questioning lockdown and its pernicious impact on the young – which is what UsForThem does – ‘misinformation’? What a fool one would have to be to allow wealthy, prejudiced tech people in California to define what misinformation is, and what hate is, and to punish anyone they find guilty of committing such speech transgressions.

Let’s be clear about what PayPal was thinking of, what it was dreaming of, when it entertained, at some level, the idea of taking people’s money for saying things it didn’t agree with. This would have been a speechcrime tax. John Stuart Mill described the hiking in prices of booze as a ‘sin tax’, where the state financially punishes people for engaging in social pastimes it disapproves of. Well, this would be a wrongthink tax, the seizure of funds as a downpayment for incorrect belief. ‘Tax is theft’, say some libertarians. We can disagree with that sweeping statement while recognising that PayPal’s sneaking of $2,500 out of your account for the expression of certain ideas would have been very much like an act of theft – a low, cynical grab for cash justified in the name of correcting people’s thoughts.

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Students boycott class after professor declares there are only two sexes

Students walked out of University of Southern Maine (USM) professor Christy Hammer’s class on Sept. 14 after she reportedly said that there are only two biological sexes.

The students alleged the comment was “inaccurate and transphobic,” the Bangor Daily News reports.

After Hammer reportedly refused to retract her statement during a restorative justice meeting, students threatened to boycott class until she is replaced.

A petition supporting Hammer was created by Jennifer Gingrich to USM Teacher Education Department Chair Flynn Ross. It currently has over 1,500 signatures.

The petition calls on USM to “support” Hammer and “biological fact.”

“A university that cannot teach facts because students find them too hard to handle is useless as an educational institution,” the petition reads. “We the undersigned ask USM President Jacqueline Edmondson, Interim Provost Adam Tuchinsky and Chair of the Teacher Education Department Flynn Ross to stand firmly behind Professor Hammer and issue a public statement to the effect that she will neither be replaced nor required to stop stating the fact that sex in humans is binary.”

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National Math Conference Trains Teachers to Push Anti-Racism, Social Justice in Classrooms

Of the 179 sessions offered, 28 included in their promotional descriptions the word “equity,” seven included “diverse,” seven used “systemic,” six used “social justice,” five used “marginalized,” three included “bias,” two used “antiracist,” and one used “oppressive.”

Two workshops focused on black people specifically, with one honing in on “disruptions in the Black STEM teacher pipeline.” Another workshop was titled, “Making Black Girls Count in Mathematics Education: A Black Feminist Vision of Transformative Teaching.”

“Much is lost when we do not politicize Black girls’ math education. Centering Black girls as knowledge producers through a critical analysis of their experiences is necessary,” Nicole Joseph, an associate professor of mathematics education at Vanderbilt University, wrote in her pitch to attendees.


The National Assessment of Educational Progress, which has dubbed itself the “nation’s report card,” reported in early September math scores for nine-year-olds had declined for the first time since the test was first administered in 1973.

On Tuesday, new test score data revealed that New York City’s middle and elementary schoolers suffered an eight-point drop this year in math achievement since 2019, when Covid-19 emerged and districts responded by closing schools for nearly two years. While 46 percent of those students passed the math exam in 2019, only 38 percent passed in 2022.Only 25 percent of the city’s eighth graders have obtained grade-level competency in math. The racial disparity in math between white and black kids did not improve, holding at roughly 38 percentage points.

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The Hate-Crime Distraction: Activists’ insistence that whites commit most anti-Asian hate crimes is a transparent attempt to obscure.

Even the claim that whites commit most anti-Asian hate crimes is based on questionable statistics. The main source that covers actual hate crimes is a 2021 study published in the American Journal of Criminal Justice by Yan Zhang, Lening Zhang, and Francis Benton entitled “Hate Crimes against Asian Americans.” This study covers incidents from 1992–2014 and includes the figure that white people commit 74.5 percent of violent anti-Asian hate crimes. However, Zhang et al. excluded Asian-on-Asian incidents, left out incidents where the perpetrator’s race was unknown, and lumped together all non-white perpetrators. Meantime, the authors note that “hate crimes against Asian Americans are more likely than hate crimes against either African Americans or Hispanics to be committed by non-White offenders.” (Proximity doesn’t seem to explain the disparity: my own analysis—using newer hate-crime data and comparing the perpetrators with the “likely neighbors” of a given Asian-American—finds that whites were about 28 percent more likely, and blacks about 255 percent more likely, to attack Asians than neighborhood demographics might predict.)

Yet a difficulty remains in these analyses. The Zhang study yielded 329 anti-Asian hate crimes over a span of 23 years. My analysis returned 713 incidents over 30 years (fewer than 24 per year). If these numbers seem low, it is because almost no violent crimes get designated as hate crimes. Again, no meaningful conclusions can be drawn from so few reported incidents. A linguistic trick—interpreting “anti-Asian” in the narrowest legal sense of the term—enabled the pivot from violent crimes to hate crimes.

The above studies ignore almost all violent crimes, often in favor of nonviolent behaviors like tweets or shunning. Because the hate-crime designation is rare, and fewer than 14 percent of local jurisdictions reported even a single hate crime for inclusion in the FBI database, datasets are too small and incomplete to draw meaningful conclusions.

A more pertinent question would be: “Who is responsible for the greatest proportion of violent crimes against Asians?” The Criminal Victimization report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics provides a robust dataset, with over 180,000 violent attacks on Asians in 2018.

The data indicate just how misleading the narrative of white-on-Asian violence really is. While black perpetrators account for 27.5 percent of violent attacks against Asians, Asians commit less than 0.1 percent of violent attacks against blacks, indicating little role for proximity. Most violent attacks against individuals of a particular racial group are committed by other members of that group—except for Asians, where a plurality is committed by blacks. In fact, blacks are responsible for 305 percent more violent crime against Asians than neighborhood demographics would predict, while whites and Hispanics commit significantly fewer attacks against Asians than would be expected.

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Parks and Devastation: How wokeness is destroying America’s national parks.

I was at Glacier National Park, in the farthest reaches of Montana where I live, when it hit me how deep and comprehensive the woke takeover of environmental policy has become. I had driven for some backcountry hiking to a ranger station, one that can only be reached by going 27 miles down a rough gravel road.

On the signboard at the station, one side displayed some limited information on open trails and road conditions. The other had (out-of-date) news from the Department of the Interior, which oversees the National Parks inter alia and which, under President Trump, I helped oversee as deputy assistant secretary for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

Here was the department news that Glacier wished to highlight:

  • First, an article about Secretary Deb Haaland (the first Native American to run the department, which also is in charge of Indian Affairs) announcing a Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative. This will examine the history of Native American boarding schools in the U.S. While generally well-intentioned these are, to put it politely, out of fashion by modern standards. Doubtless, the call for reparations is just months away.

  • Then an article about the Interior Department transferring the National Bison Range Lands to the Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

  • Third, an article celebrating the brand-new federal holiday of Juneteenth (Which 60% of Americans knew little or nothing about when it became a federal holiday) and focusing on how the Department of the Interior protects major sites having to do with emancipation from slavery.

  • Fourth, an introduction to a series of articles on disability history.

  • Fifth, a consultation with Hawaiians to discuss updates to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.

  • Sixth, an article celebrating Latino Conservation Week.

  • And finally, a picture of a Tweet from Haaland, raising the “Progress Pride” flag (this is the freaky new one with the weird triangles that look like they are sexually assaulting a Rainbow Pride flag) for the first time over the Department of the Interior. Of note, Haaland’s only child, daughter Somah (whom she raised without a father, natch) identifies as “non-binary” and is a radical political activist.

In and of themselves some of these initiatives might be praiseworthy or at least not particularly objectionable. But taken as the core front-door priorities of an agency that oversees 1/5 of America’s total land area, helps regulate and authorize much of our oil and minerals exploration, maintains our relationships with Native American tribes, and supervises all of our Fish and Wildlife Refuges and National Parks, it shows a profound loss of focus.

It shows a government agency obsessed with every aspect of identify politics at the expense of its core mission. Literally the entire message board was devoted to one form or another of minority activism, whether for Hispanics, African Americans, Hawaiians, Native Americans, LGBT, or the disabled. Any notion that the Department of the Interior had a core mission to serve the entire American people was lost completely.

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Nurse sues NHS for ‘forcing racist ideology’ on students: ‘First test of woke ideology in the courts’ as health service accused of ‘forcing Critical Race Theory onto people’

Amy Gallagher, 33, is suing the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust alleging discrimination on the basis of race, religion and philosophical belief, as well as victimisation and harassment.

The mental health nurse, who is in the final stages of a two-year course in forensic psychology at the trust, objected to a lecture titled “whiteness – a problem of our time” in Oct 2020, where attendees were forced to confront “the reality of white privilege”.

In another race lecture the following month, Ms Gallagher claimed she was told that “Christianity is racist because it is European” by a talk leader.

The case escalated in March this year when an external speaker at the trust complained to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, alleging that Ms Gallagher could not work with “diverse populations" and had "inflicted race-based harm".

Paul Jenkins, chief executive of the trust, told her that it "has committed itself to an explicit ambition of becoming an anti-racist organisation".

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'I Was Asked To Agree to a "White People Are Racist" Contract at Work'

Meanwhile, one of the trainings I was given noted that white supremacy is "a smog we all ingest." Another was about how our organization was complicit in systemic racism and white supremacy. It was a given that if you're white, you're racist. And I was even asked to agree to a "Full Value Contract" shared over email that included a point saying we had to "Own that all white people are racist and that I am not the exception."

The "Full Value Contract" was intended to govern our behavior during Legal Center meetings. My view was that everything else about this "Full Value Contract" was fine. But there was that one line that stated that all white people are racist and that I'm not the exception. That was my sole objection.

We're lawyers, and we look at words, and we take the meaning of words seriously. And we're not going to stop doing that. So I refused to agree to using words that I saw as dividing people.


I know racism exists, and I want to eliminate it. By saying America is not a racist country, I'm not denying that racism exists. It is there. But I don't personally believe in Ibram X. Kendi's idea of anti-racism—which in part states that the only way to address prior racist discrimination is through present anti-racist discrimination—is going to eliminate racism, I personally think it's going to make it worse. By pitting different identities against each other. I don't think that that's the way we should be operating in this country. And as an attorney, I believe a lot of what I experienced violated civil rights laws.

So, I have submitted an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint against my employer for singling out white people to agree to a "Full Value Contract", or set of standards in the workplace, saying they're racist. I believe this is in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act. You're not allowed to scapegoat any race, including white people, for whatever purpose. A racially hostile atmosphere is one in which there are constantly messages of stereotyping, discriminating, scapegoating, one race, which is what I feel I experienced.

Leopards, face, etc.

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‘Implicit Bias’ Training Cost Me My Nursing Job: States are forcing medical professionals to make false confessions of racism. I refused to go along.

My ordeal started in September 2021 when my employer, Dallas-based Baylor Scott & White Health, rolled out its annual training modules for clinical educators. The list included “Overcoming Unconscious Bias.” After viewing the interactive course, I contacted my supervisor and asked for a meeting with the chief nursing officer and the human resources director. The former sent a surrogate; the latter didn’t attend. After two meetings, it was clear that I wouldn’t be given an exemption. My supervisor told me, “I don’t want you to die on this cross.”

But I did. The idea of implicit bias is grounded in the belief that white people treat those who aren’t white worse than those who are. It’s part of the woke assumption that society, including healthcare, suffers from “systemic racism.” Accordingly, my own supposed implicit bias, which is a euphemism for ingrained racism, must be rooted out. Not only that, it must be replaced with preferential treatment for the nonwhite. I fail to see how real racial discrimination is justified by my nonexistent racism.

I knew it was coming, but I was still devastated when I was fired in February. I went from a six-figure job to zero income. The day I was fired I sold my car to make sure I’d have enough money to live on. When I tried to find a new healthcare job, no one would hire me. No doubt if they contacted my old employer, they were told why I was let go.


No state board of medicine or nursing provides sufficient evidence to support the claim that all white people are implicitly biased, and there’s plenty of scholarly research that shows that implicit-bias testing is flawed. Policy makers don’t seem to be considering the unintended consequences of these mandates. Accusing my peers and me of racism will contribute to soaring levels of burnout, causing many to leave the medical profession. Some, like me, will surely be forced out. Patients, especially minorities, will experience the most harm. Their caregivers are being told to admit to unconscious racism. Why would you see a physician who supposedly hates you and will hurt your health?

More state mandates are surely on the way, including in red states. Most state medical associations, which exert a powerful influence over policy, have bought in to the belief that their own members are racist. The Texas Nurses Association declares the existence of “racial biases in healthcare” and supports implicit-bias training for nurses. The national Federation of State Medical Boards urges state boards to take a bigger role in addressing the “systemic racism and structural inequities” that it says are “embedded” in American healthcare.

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The “T” Piggybacking on the “LGB”: Polls make clear that Americans across political persuasions have major reservations about “gender-affirming” care for minors and teaching gender-identity ideology in schools.

Last April, a Marist poll commissioned by the organization Do No Harm asked 1,377 Americans about their views on the infiltration of “social justice” ideology into medicine. One question asked whether “minors who identify as transgender and want to undergo hormone treatment or gender transition surgery” should be able to do so “without parental consent,” “only with parental consent,” or not until adulthood (regardless of parental consent). Only 10 percent of all adults surveyed said that minors should be able to access these interventions without parental consent. Twenty-five percent said that parental consent should be required, and 60 percent said minors should never be subject to hormonal or surgical interventions in this context (5 percent were unsure). These findings more or less track with those from a recent New York Times/Siena Poll on (among other things) teaching “sexual orientation and gender identity” content in elementary schools, and it is reasonable to assume that the same people who believe it’s unacceptable for teachers to introduce first-graders to, say, the concept of “non-binary” also think that 12-year-old children should not be given puberty blockers for feeling like they were “born in the wrong body.”

It’s useful to compare the Marist poll with yet another recent poll, this one by Pew, which deals with gender-identity issues, as a way to illustrate the importance of how questions are phrased. The Pew poll asked whether it should be “illegal for health care professionals to provide someone younger than 18 with medical care for a gender transition.” Note how this phrasing avoids specifying the procedures (hormones and surgeries), uses terms like “professionals” and “medical care,” and shifts the focus from the procedures themselves to the issue of state involvement in the doctor-patient relationship. Unsurprisingly, public opinion was more evenly divided in the Pew poll, though a plurality still favored restrictions: 46 percent said they support making it illegal for providers to administer medical intervention, 30 percent opposed it, and 22 percent were undecided.

Lawmakers who believe that the field of pediatric gender medicine is a Wild West badly in need of accountability and discipline can take a lesson here: focus your message on the procedures themselves, don’t shy away from specifying what they entail, and avoid using inherently disputable terms such as “health care” and “professionals.” Whether “gender-affirming care” is in fact “health care,” and whether doctors who adhere to this model are acting “professionally,” is precisely what is at issue. Unlike the Pew poll, the Marist poll’s language is precise and unambiguous and avoids politically loaded terms. For this reason, it arguably comes closer to capturing voters’ true beliefs on the matter.

This difference in how poll questions are phrased mirrors a broader trend in the rhetoric of the transgender movement, which prefers euphemistic abstractions to plain language. Some examples include:

“Hormone replacement therapy.” A person administered cross-sex hormones (testosterone or estrogen), usually through periodic injections, is not having his or her hormones “replaced;” rather, hormones are introduced to counter the effects of the body’s natural hormone production.

“Gender dysphoria.” For those going through or after puberty, the relevant experience here is usually a strong aversion to one’s body parts (such as breasts) or to the body’s natural processes (for example, menstruation).

“Cisgender.” Activists define this as “identifying with the sex one was assigned at birth,” but what this word really means in practice is the lack of debilitating distress associated with one’s sexed body. To be “cisgender” means to feel comfortable, or comfortable enough, with your body and its natural processes such that you don’t seek to make it appear like that of the other sex.

“Children know their gender identity.” This language obscures the key question of whether even sincere and stable cross-gender feelings—or indeed any feelings—in fact amount to “knowledge.”

“LGBTQIA+.” The sole purpose of this acronym is to enable activists making radical claims about human nature and society to piggyback off the far more broadly accepted claims of gay rights.

The Pew poll yielded some additional noteworthy findings. For instance, it turns out that 60 percent of Americans don’t think that government documents such as drivers’ licenses and passports should indicate a sex other than male or female. In March, the Biden administration decided to allow Americans who self-identify as neither male nor female to have an “X” on their passports. Meantime, the percentage of Americans who say that “our society has gone too far in accepting people who are transgender” ticked up slightly since 2017, from 32 percent to 38 percent. Considering how loaded this question is—what exactly counts as “accepting,” and what happens when “acceptance” involves infringement of the interests or rights of women or violations of the bodily autonomy of minors?—one suspects that a more accurately phrased question would find even more public skepticism of these issues.

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George Washington U. professor replaced after using ‘N-word’ in educational context

According to The Hatchet, George Washington University’s Michael Stoil, who had taught a course on human rights the last five years, related to his students what he talked about with (an unnamed) provost.

Stoil (pictured) said he uttered the N-word while discussing “differential aspects of prejudice.” This resulted in some students feeling “frustrated” and “uncomfortable” and “at least three bias reports” ended up being filed against the professor.

Political Science Department Chair Eric Lawrence informed Stoil’s students on September 21 that “a new instructor would start teaching the course.”

Stoil told The Hatchet the provost was “horrified” when he said the word, telling him “Oh my God, I felt that viscerally. It ran right through me.” Stoil responded by asking “You don’t listen to hip hop? You don’t listen to some of the street music? They use it all the time.”

Two of Stoil’s students told him “Yeah, but they’re Black people,” whereupon Stoil replied “The point is I didn’t imagine that she would feel pain from the use of the N-word simply because, by the way, she didn’t know what color I was.”

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Lawsuit filed to stop Biden’s ‘lawless’ student loan bailout

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the legal nonprofit’s own employee Frank Garrison, argued that Biden’s bailout is a “lawless action” that must be stopped.

The suit argued that Garrison is harmed by the bailout because he will have to pay higher taxes in Indiana on the forgiven loan, despite his participation in a separate, established program that wipes away part of his debt.

“As a part of an existing, congressionally authorized Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, [Garrison] will receive debt forgiveness after making 10 years of payments on his loans,” PLF stated in its news release. “The challenged program will stick him with a new state tax bill which he would not have under his existing PSLF program.”

The lawsuit challenges the legality of the Department of Education program, created without following the normal steps for issuing new regulations or initiatives.

The DOE “did not undertake the notice-and-comment process required for rulemaking, much less solicit any public input,” the attorneys argued in the lawsuit.

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Kids Must Cry: Government schools have become day camps for indoctrinating a woke cadre.

Last week, the U.S. Department of Education awarded a coveted blue ribbon of excellence to Rota Elementary School, which serves children of military service members abroad in Spain. The DOE singled out Rota’s commitment to “families and educators work[ing] together in partnership.” But the “partnership” between teachers and parents that the DOE praises has a weird twist, as it appears to be rooted in keeping parents in the dark about classroom activities.

According to Rota teacher Genevieve Chavez, elementary school is the “ideal time” to introduce children to gender identity ideology because “kids as young as four years old are already starting to develop a stable understanding of their gender identity.” And once they hit middle school, according to Chavez, Rota will keep students’ alternative gender identities secret from their “unsafe” parents. So much for “families and educators work[ing] together in partnership.”

Chavez’s comments were part of the Department of Defense Education Activity’s (DoDEA) 2021 “Equity and Access Summit” video, which was the basis for Claremont’s recent report “Grooming Future Revolutionaries: Woke Indoctrination at K-12 Schools on America’s Military Bases.” The report covered how schools serving children of service members are peddling critical race theory, white-shaming, queer theory, and leftist activism to children. After the report was published, the videos were hidden from public view. But one aspect of DoDEA’s “Equity” agenda deserves further emphasis: the bizarre cruelty of the pedagogical practices that estrange children from their parents.

One practice highlighted in the conference was the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Let’s Talk!” toolkit, which encourages “critical conversations” that promote “intersectionality” and discuss “the ways that injustice affects our lives and society.” The “Let’s Talk!” toolkit prepares teachers for the inevitable moment when this exercise makes their students break down and cry. Normal pedagogical practice in America post-Dewey tends to avoid lesson plans that predictably result in tears.

But not under an “Equity” framework. Just as military bootcamps promise to break down recruits’ individuality to rebuild them as members of a corps, “Equity” pedagogy will decompose a student’s worldview to impose a new one. The Equity and Access Summit suggests that students and teachers can swear an oath to their new god. “My name is ____,” the program proposes, “and I have been impacted by systemic discrimination in society, and am committed to a lifelong journey of dismantling my own bias(es). I strive to thrive in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion every day!”

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[Christopher F. Rufo] Pronouns Unbound: San Francisco Unified School District facilitates secret child sexual transitions and allows students to identify as “it.”

According to documents obtained from a whistleblower, in 2021 the district celebrated “International Pronouns Day,” teaching students that they can adopt a wide range of genders and sexual identities. In elementary school, the district tells students that they may not “feel like a boy OR a girl” and can identify as “non-binary” and use “they” pronouns. For secondary students, the district teaches that they can be part of the “bisexual umbrella” and identify as “fluid,” “pansexual,” “omnisexual,” “hetero-, homo-, lesbi-curious,” “hetero-, homo-, lesbi-flexible,” and “queer.”

The district also released a guide on students who use “it” pronouns, explaining to teachers that “we are increasingly seeing students using the pronoun ‘it’” at school. The guidebook explains that using “it” as a pronoun “has a long history being used as a slur to dehumanize trans and gender non-conforming folks” but functions as a gender-identity version of the “n-word,” which was “reclaimed” by African-Americans. The guidebook recommends that teachers discuss “it” pronoun usage with their students but ultimately recommends that teachers “affirm their right to use whatever pronoun feels right to them.”

To assist in this process, the district published a worksheet called “Elementary Name and Pronoun Information Sheet,” which teachers can use to facilitate gender transitions for their K-5 students. The document tells children that they may choose a different name and set of pronouns than the ones they use at home, and that this new identity will be kept secret from their parents. The sheet asks: “What is your official name?”; “What name would you like me to call you in class?”; “What name would you like me to use with your grown-ups?”; “Would you like me to call you a boy, a girl, or something else?”

The district’s policy begins with pronouns but ends with the possibility of more serious interventions. By secondary school, San Francisco Unified students can join “Q Groups,” which are designed to “support BIPOC middle and high school queer, transgender, gender nonconforming, and questioning youth in the school setting” and to “connect students to mental health professionals and clinics that offer gender-affirming health services.” In other words, the sexual-transition process might start in elementary school with “they/them” pronoun usage in the classroom and end in high school with puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and gender surgery.

San Francisco Unified’s policy subverts basic parental rights. The district is playing a dangerous game, facilitating child gender and sexual transitions without notifying or gaining the consent of their families. This is intentional. The district explicitly encourages teachers to prioritize ideology over parental interests and, according to one document, recommends that teachers identify parents as “caregiver 1 and caregiver 2 instead of mother and father”—a practice that assumes that parents are interchangeable and incidental. “[Students] have the right to be ‘out’ at school, and to not have that information that they are ‘out’—with new pronouns, with a new identity—in any way shared with those folks at home,” said the district’s LGBTQ programs director, Kena Hazelwood. In addition, the district does not allow parents to opt children out of lessons on “gender identity” and “sexual orientation,” which are incorporated into the curriculum for English, social studies, arts, and other subjects.

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Botanic gardens are not inclusive enough, university argues

The University of Washington (UW) recently announced an effort to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the school’s Botanic Gardens.

UW laid out its plan in a Sept. 15 news article, stating that “[b]otanical gardens historically are exclusive spaces, but the University of Washington is working to change that.”

UW Botanical Garden director Christina Owen told UW News that “[t]here’s a history of colonialism in many botanic gardens.”

“That is the bedrock on which we’re standing,” Owen continued. “Plants and collections that exist throughout the world were collected in ways that did not honor the people and did not honor the plants themselves. They’re driven by the colonial age. That’s a history that all gardens must grapple with.”

Owen proposed diversifying the Botanical Garden’s staff.

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[Freddie deBoer] We Can't Constructively Address Online Mental Health Culture Without Acknowledging That Some People Think They Have Disorders They Don't

Even for the authentically ill, online culture is fraught. The meta-problem with pieces like that in WaPo, obviously, is that by giving certain members of this community the glamour shot treatment (literally in this case), they’re creating direct incentive for people to make illness their identity -and to not get better. Young people understand the allure of being seen; they don’t yet understand the horror of being frozen in other people’s gazes. They don’t understand the costs of being defined. There have been many opportunities for me to make myself the mental illness guy, certainly including financial opportunities. Perhaps I've already fallen into that trap, despite my efforts to remain a generalist. But I’ve fought to avoid that because I know just how painful and limiting self-definition can become. I’m sorry to pull wizened old guy here, but young people don’t understand. They don’t understand that pinning yourself down that way can produce a kind of horror.


Here’s why this is an anguished issue, for me as well as in general: just because there are social contagion effects when it comes to behavioral health does not mean that any individual person has been misdiagnosed. Of course not. The fact that we acknowledge that some people are deluding themselves about their mental health does not mean that any individual should live under a cloud of suspicion. I don’t want anyone to face undue scrutiny or inappropriate skepticism about their mental health. I do want everyone to face appropriate skepticism, a rigorous diagnostic process that can result in being told no, in fact, you don’t have dissociative identity disorder, no, you aren’t borderline, no, you don’t have Tourette’s. And this is what makes diagnosis-by-internet and crowdsourced treatment such a bad idea: the internet will only ever tell you what you want to hear. TikTok is not going to tell you that you have Munchausen’s syndrome or that not every aspect of your personality is evidence of pathology. A totally permissive mental health culture, one without an at-times adversarial process, is a dangerous culture that will cause real harm to real people. How we navigate the explosion of people who claim to have mental illness or chronic illness in a way that demands compassion while recognizing the plain reality of psychosomatic illness is not clear.

What I can tell you for a fact is that society cannot possibly give special accommodation to everyone. This, more than anything else, is the project of social justice in 2022: the demand that more and more people be treated with special dispensations that in some way exempt them from the more unpleasant aspects of modern life. If you’re Black, you deserve special dispensation; if you’re a woman, you deserve special dispensation; if you’re gay, you deserve special dispensation; if you’re trans, you deserve special dispensation; if you’re neurodivergent, you deserve special dispensation; if you’re suffering from chronic illness, you deserve special dispensation. And in general I agree with all of that. But the actual expression of what special dispensation means is everything. The Americans with Disabilities Act standard is one of the most elegant and useful in law - that we should extend every reasonable accommodation, but not every conceivable accommodation, to those with disabilities. This is why we have elevator and ramp rules in public buildings but no legal demand that blind people be able to become pilots, because the former is reasonable and the latter is not. But what happens when the demand for accommodations expands beyond just those with disabilities and comes to encompass those with all manner of other identity categories? And what happens when demands overlap and compete?

I think it leads to the rock-paper-scissors reality of contemporary identity norms. Inevitably, competing claims to special dispensation overlap in our discursive spaces, and people engage in a complicated algebra about whose needs trump whose. There is some shared sense of who deserves deference most, but as the number of identity categories multiplies and their various demands of special dispensation become more and more complex, the inevitable outcome will be anger and recrimination. But surely engaging in that brutal combat is preferable to not being a participant at all, for many, which I’m convinced is part of why so many people are now discovering disabilities and claiming them as identity.

When you make being sick a way to be special, you ensure that some people are going to want to be sick, to talk themselves into being sick, even to fake it when they know they aren’t. That has obvious socially-undesirable outcomes, and they fall most heavily on the medical system and those who rely on it. But more, we just don’t know how society functions when the number of people who claim some form of special accommodation approaches 100%. What do we do with all of these demands for special accommodation, which must surely, eventually come into conflict with each other? And how can special accommodation continue to mean anything when special becomes the default? I don’t know the answer to those questions, and I don’t think anyone else does either.

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Air Force tells 'cisgender men' not to apply for new internship

The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) announced a fellowship via email on September 14 that excludes "cisgender" men and instead is explicitly open to "undergraduate women and gender minorities interested in aerospace."

As Fox News reports, the Brooke Owens Fellowship is only available to candidates from the Air Force who are "a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid, genderqueer, or another form of gender minority." The application adds, "If you are a cisgender man, this program isn’t for you."

The academy, which is located in Colorado, said the 2023 Brooke Owens Fellowship application deadline was October 10 and that it is a "nine-week paid internship at a leading aerospace company."

There are two "spinoff programs" for "cisgender men," the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship and the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program. Of those two the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship is only for black men.

Fox News was alerted to the program from a cadet who wrote, "It's a little worrying that we have more briefs about D&I (diversity and inclusion) than briefs about foreign adversaries, emerging technologies or current events across the world."

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Maths teacher sacked after refusing to use teen pupil's preferred pronouns without parental permission

Kevin Lister, 59, is understood to be taking legal action against his employers for unfair dismissal, claiming he is a victim of a "witch-hunt".

He was dismissed from a Swindon school for "gross misconduct" after refusing to refer to a biologically female student by their preferred male name and he/him pronouns, according to the Mail on Sunday.

He told the paper he was concerned that the social transition could lead to the teen later getting irreversible medical treatments.

"I wanted at least to make sure that my student had parental support and was making an informed decision," he said.

"As a parent myself, I would have been furious if my child had taken this step and I hadn't been told anything."

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Berlin police no longer allowed to record migrant background of young criminal perpetrators

Since 2011, Berlin police have been required to record whether a criminal suspect up to the age of 21 has a migrant background, even if he or she has a German passport. However, this important data point has been secretly abolished since Aug. 3, with this development only now coming to light.

There’s a good reason why Berlin’s left-wing government may not want this information to be available to the public. In recent years, approximately three-quarters of all suspects under the age of 21 arrested for serious crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape, sexual assault, and assault have a migrant background. Only a quarter of suspects in this age group actually have parents who hold German citizenship.

As early as the end of July, the Senate Department of the Interior of Berlin’s red-red-green Senate, considered one of the most left-wing state governments in Germany, secretly decreed “that the registration of migrant background should be stopped as soon as possible.” The police brass then informed all officers of this, according to German newspaper Berliner Zeitung. Police used to be able to indicate the migrant background of those arrested with a simple click of a mouse, but this checkbox was disabled on Aug. 3.

Berlin’s police have argued that recording the ancestry of criminal perpetrators was important to understand how these young people became involved in crime. In addition, Berlin has been plagued with clan crime in recent years, including a number of high-profile murders. In fact, the city’s prosecutor in 2020 said that migrant clans are a key factor behind the city’s high crime rate. The police were better able to monitor these groups and understand their structures with accurate data about the migrant background of suspects.

However, Berlin’s left-wing government argued in a letter to the chief of police that abolishing this data was about “recognizing undesirable social developments such as poverty, unequal educational opportunities, and discrimination and taking preventive measures to counteract them.”


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Kayla Lemieux and the cult of validation: How the West’s crisis of moral judgement is inflaming the insanity of identity politics.

Kayla Lemieux, as the shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario, Canada styled himself when he decided to become a ‘transwoman’, has been going viral for the past week over his massive fake boobs. Images show Mr Lemieux in a bad blonde wig, tight biker shorts and a close-fitting top that is barely able to contain his outsized prosthetic breasts. In this get-up he is seen teaching his pupils how to use a saw to cut wood. It is staggeringly inappropriate. Ontario parents are rightly furious that a man who clearly has some kind of messed-up breast fetish is teaching their kids while engaging in that fetish. As some observers have pointed out, he seems to be using the pupils as props in a kind of sexual game. After all, exhibitionists depend for their kicks on being looked at, and in that classroom Mr Lemieux has a group of young people who have no choice but to look at him and his perverse bulging fake tits.

And now we know why these kids had to look, why they had to be in a classroom with a man who clearly has issues – it’s because their school thinks this is all fine and dandy. In response to ‘discussion on social media’, Oakville Trafalgar High issued a statement saying it is committed to ‘establishing and maintaining a safe, caring, inclusive, equitable and welcoming learning and working environment for all students and staff’. And this includes, it says, the right of staff to enjoy ‘equitable treatment’ for their ‘gender identity and gender expression’. In short, Lemieux’s grotesque parody of womanhood is his completely valid gender identity, and who are we to criticise him, far less tell him to get the hell away from those children?

The real problem here is the cult of validation. We are now expected to validate all sorts of wacky identities. That v-word is everywhere. It’s in the slogan of the trans lobby, as promoted by Stonewall: ‘Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary people are valid.’ It abounds on social-media hangouts like TikTok. In fact, on TikTok ‘valid’ doesn’t only mean acceptable or reasonable, but also cool and exciting. As Urban Dictionary explains, ‘valid’ is now used both to indicate that ‘someone’s personality, character or entire existence is 100 per cent normal’ and to describe things that are ‘enjoyable and fun’. So the switched-on young might say ‘my pronouns are valid’ or ‘that movie was well valid’. Validation is the holy grail of the identitarian-minded. As Francis Fukuyama says in Identity: The Demand for Dignity and The Politics of Resentment, modern identity politics ‘places a supreme value on authenticity, on the validation of [the] inner being…’. In earlier times people chased the favour of priests, the blessing of the church; now they’re desperate for ‘validation’ from a new, less godly elite.

And if they don’t get it, they will suffer. They will feel oppressed. They might even die. Failure to validate teenagers’ trans identities leads to a hike in suicide attempts, say cynical campaigners. Say a single contradictory word about someone’s gender identity and you’ll be accused of ‘erasing’ them. This is how sacred the act of validation has become in the 21st century – so much so that people will feel ‘destroyed, obliterated’, which is what ‘erased’ means, if they don’t receive it. Maybe this is why so many institutions are so quick and unquestioning in their validation of certain identities. From schools to universities, banks to the civil service, everyone is now pressured to speak and behave in a way that validates other people’s identity expression, especially their gender expression. You must use the right pronouns, welcome the man who thinks he’s a woman into your female changing room, use ‘they’ or ‘ze’ or ‘zir’ for those who fantasise that they are neither male nor female. Even the literal Royal Air Force now tells its pilots to use whatever pronoun a person demands they use – even ze, per and hir – because ‘total inclusivity is non-negotiable’ (my emphasis).

There it is. All of this is ‘non-negotiable’. We’re all slaves to validation now. It’s the new religious correctness – validate that person’s identity with your every utterance and mannerism or risk being branded one of the ‘erasers’ who is a threat to minority rights. This is how people like Kayla Lemieux come into existence. They clock that they live in societies that will validate almost any gender identity, and which will punish the bigoted erasers who dare to question these gender identities. And so they know they can pretty much do what they like. Be whatever they want. Indeed, even the media outlets that are expressing alarm over Lemieux and his misogynistic knockers still validate him. They’re calling him ‘she’ and ‘her’. They’re validating his greatest delusion – that he is a woman. His belief that he has the right to parade around in front of kids while wearing bizarre prosthetic breasts is only a cranky extension of his belief that he is female despite all the evidence to the contrary. A society that is unwilling to say ‘Actually, you are a man’ to men who think they’re women is not in a strong position to say ‘Actually, you are not allowed to wear those prosthetics in school’ to Mr Lemieux.

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NYC 'nearing its breaking point' amid influx of migrants, reassessing longstanding procedures

New York City is "reassessing" longstanding procedures that stem from a law requiring the city to shelter undomiciled people, following an influx of more than 11,000 asylum seekers who have been bused from Texas, the mayor's chief counsel said Thursday.

Brenda McGuire made the comments after touring the city's first Asylum Seeker Resource Navigation Center, which opened to help immigrants navigate the legal and education systems.

"We are reassessing the city's practices with respect to the right to shelter," she said. "It is important, because we don't exist in a vacuum, to reconsider the practices that the city developed that flow from the right to shelter."

McGuire declined to elaborate what, specifically, might need to change, but the city's prior practices involving mainly people experiencing homelessness "never contemplated the busing of thousands of people into New York," Mayor Eric Adams said earlier this week. "We expect thousands more to arrive every week going forward. The city's system is nearing its breaking point."

The comments followed the failure of the city's shelter system to offer beds to 60 men who arrived Monday at the men's intake shelter on East 30th Street.

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The Identity Cult: On the mass conversion of our institutions

The cult of identity, properly understood, consists of a series of platitudes and stereotypes invariably leading to gestures of repudiation and calls for the ritual purification of society. By definition, there can be no missionaries of identity. True believers have shown little interest in persuasion: their faith has spread not because of clever arguments but by relegating rival creeds beyond the pale of moral consideration. Hence the obsession with nomenclature—with the magical force of words.

Conversion has entailed drastically different experiences, depending on where you stand in the social pyramid. From below, at the level of the young professional and the college student, the cult provides a vision of truth and a source of meaning in a romantic struggle against the systemic evil represented by the rest of us. From above, at the level of high government and corporate officials, ostentatious adherence to the cult is a tool of control.

The dance between the generations has been awkward. Young activists are eternally on the hunt to identify and attack injustice, typically revealed by the utterance of certain taboo words. They dwell in a world of weakened religious and family ties, and their idea of community is a website. The cult of identity fills an existential void and raises up the young to be the vanguard of avenging virtue in a sinful world. This cohort is driven by the urge to purify—that is, by negation to the edge of nihilism.

Older institutional types, on the other hand, have seen their influence and authority plummet over the past decade. Of this vertiginous fall from grace, Trump was merely a symptom, not the cause. The digital age will not tolerate the steep hierarchies of the twentieth century: these will either be reconfigured or smashed. Stripped of the splendor of their titles, panicky elites have cast about for some principle that will allow them to maintain their distance from the public.

The puritanical slogans pouring out of anti-Trump protesters must have sounded, to this group, like an opportunity. They could reorganize society on woke values, with themselves in charge as high commissioners of purity. They could trade institutional authority for social control. With uneven measures of sincerity and cynicism, the cult of identity could be appropriated by power.

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‘Migrants only!’ The Greens’ plan to ban ‘organic Germans’ from a third of job vacancies in the name of diversity slammed as ‘unconstitutional’

“A green mayor makes the difference!” wrote Turkish-born Filiz Polat, the managing director of the Greens parliamentary group, in a tweet on Wednesday, which confirmed that “by the end of 2026, a third of all newly advertised positions in the city should be filled by applicants with a migration background.”


The plan has attracted criticism from political opponents who consider the proposal to be unlawful.

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, an FDP member of the Bundestag declared the plan to be “evidently unconstitutional, if I understand our Basic Law correctly.”

“What happens to the other two-thirds?” Lambsdorff asked Polat in a tweet. “Are they reserved for organic Germans?” he added, suggesting any form of discrimination in favor of either “organic Germans” or “those of a migrant background” for a particular vacancy would be unconstitutional.

The Greens are yet to outline how they would address this issue following the implementation of the scheme.

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L.A. School District Shares Video from ‘Nutritionist’ Who Says Eating Right Is Racist

Your dreams have come true, kids: French fries and pizza are now good for you, so eat up, or else: if you don’t, you might be suspected of “white supremacism.” If you thought things couldn’t possibly get any crazier, forget it: a “nutritionist” has proclaimed that “nutrition standards are rooted in whiteness,” and so like Robert E. Lee and Bull Connor, they’ve got to go. Nor is the nutritionist in question, Kéra Nyemb-Diop, some nut raving on the streetcorner; she works for Mondelez International, which is so concerned about nutrition that it produces Oreos and Chips Ahoy!. She is so well respected that the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) Office of Human Relations Diversity and Equity (HRDE) just shared her eating-right-is-racism video on its Instagram account. Oh yes, they did.

It comes as no surprise, really, now that women are men and men are drag queens in primary schools, that someone who calls herself a “nutritionist” would tell us something like this and, instead of being laughed out of her profession, would be held up by what is supposed to be an organization of sane and sober educators as someone who actually has something to tell us. The video that the L.A. school district wanted those who are foolish enough to follow it on Instagram to see begins with one woman offering another a plate of doughnuts, and being absolutely baffled when they’re refused. “Are they moldy? I mean, are they poisoned?” The woman who refused a doughnut is speechless, whereupon the fatty snack pusher scolds her: “Hmm. You’re judging my food choices based on a false standard of ‘health,’ again, aren’t you?”

The refusenik says happily, “Guilty!,” but she doesn’t get off that easily. The video then cuts to Kéra Nyemb-Diop herself, identified only as “@Black.Nutritionist,” who declares: “Diet culture, fatphobia and systems of oppression have created false hierarchies of food; it shows up everywhere.” A bit later in the video, a woman appears who is identified as “@SavageXFatty.” A woman named Maya Finoh, whose tweets are protected, has that Twitter account, and here’s her Twitter bio: “cultural worker. a salone pikin from the 919. like claudia jones i’m left of marx. they/them.” In the video, she says: “We are all incorrectly taught from a young age that our size and therefore the foods that we eat are markers of our self-worth. Moralizing food can lead to harmful relationships with food and disordered eating.” See? If you say that people ought to eat right, it’ll just make them eat even worse.

Nyemb-Diop then continues: “Instead of focusing on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ choices, try to approach food with neutrality in mind.” “Neutrality” in this context means that a doughnut is as good as a plate of broccoli, a salad absolutely equivalent to a dish of ice cream. “The only foods that are bad for you,” insists @SavageXFatty, “are foods that contain allergens (intolerances), poisons, and contaminents, or foods that are spoiled or is otherwise inedible.” Nyemb-Diop concludes: “Eat without guilt regardless of what society says.”

Now, Nyemb-Diop almost certainly knows how false and dangerous this all is, especially when there is already an epidemic of obesity among people of all ages. But she appears to be a committed ideologue. She insists that “nutrition standards are rooted in whiteness” and that the “health space is FLOODED with whitewashed nutritional standards that not only forget but exclude and demonize the food of those of the GLOBAL MAJORITY.” Racist to the core, as you might expect, Nyemb-Diop railed against the racists who say it’s healthier to maintain good nutrition: “I don’t know who made these white European bodies the standard but… oh that’s right, YT [white] people did! Because there ain’t a diverse culture on the face of this earth trying to look like these mediocre white men.”

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Vitriol over Queen Elizabeth II shows many left-wingers just hate white people

It's been an eventful month in race relations. First, there was the latest hate crime hoax at Brigham Young University, which all evidence suggests was concocted by a player desirous of attention. Then, there were the utterly despicable comments by two American professors about Queen Elizabeth II's death.

The professors, both black, took to social media to disparage Queen Elizabeth II. Uju Anya, an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University, displayed her bigotry by wishing the queen suffered an excruciatingly painful death in a tweet on Sept. 8. This was followed by a tweet from Zoe Samudzi, a Zimbabwean American who teaches photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. Samudzi tweeted that she would "dance on the graves of every member of the royal family."

Neither professor suffered any consequences — a privilege that most likely would not have been afforded if the professors were white and the deceased monarch black.

Their sentiments on the queen were shared by many on the Left. Others commented that the queen was an example of white supremacy, white privilege, or whatever concocted ism, phobia, or other social justice, victimization suffix you'd like to pick out of the dictionary. Such people have such a warped sense of reality that they will readily demonize anyone of European heritage who was connected to colonialism or imperialism yet always ignore the hundreds, if not thousands, of years of identical acts committed by people of African, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Asian heritage in building empires, oppressing other races, and colonizing faraway places.

Their flimsy worldview depends on the idea that history began in 1492 and that the first group of people ever to come along and develop a conscience about such activities — namely, Europeans — are the only ones who should ever be held accountable for it.

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Macron pushes to send migrants to French countryside, labels plan an ‘opportunity’ during ‘demographic transition’

Macron is pushing for “better distribution” of foreign nationals across France, particularly in “rural areas, which are themselves losing population,” and where “we will have to close classes, probably schools and colleges.” The French leader then claims that these migrants will be better received in these more rural areas.

“The conditions for their reception will be much better (in rural regions) than if we put them in areas that are already densely populated, with a concentration of massive economic and social problems,” he said. Macron said he wanted to relocate migrants in particular to “rural areas that are losing population” and described it as “a tremendous opportunity” within the framework of a “demographic transition.”

However, attempts to move migrants to rural regions has already been met with fierce opposition across France. As Remix News reported earlier this year, a plan financed with millions of euros from the wealthy Cohen family is designed to place 70 refugees into the quaint French town of Callac. The family has described their desire to create what they describe as a multicultural “Noah’s Ark of modern times.” However, the decision has been met with fierce opposition from the town’s locals with protests and calls to hold a referendum on migrant relocation plans. The Cohen family, undeterred by such opposition, has since expanded their project to a wide variety of French countryside towns, with the French government’s financial support.

A citizen’s initiative looking to block the proposal wrote a letter to the town’s mayor describing why they stood in opposition:

“The objective would be to repopulate a small ‘aging’ town with migrants, to revitalize the town center and to develop economic activities. Migrants would therefore be supervised, housed, and trained, and 70 jobs would be found for them.

The arrival of 70 non-European families would totally upset the life of the municipality and the canton. Thirty-eight non-French-speaking children would be educated at the Callac school and divided into classes. This would further complicate the task of teachers.

How can you impose on the people of Callac such a project that calls into question the identity of our population and before the real cost of the project is determined?”

The citizens opposed to the plan also pointed to already high unemployment rates in their own town, and asked why jobs would be found for migrants when there are not enough jobs currently for those already living there.

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Leicester and the unravelling of multiculturalism: How identity politics is whipping up hatred and violence in our communities.

There are two disturbing things about the Muslim-Hindu clashes in Leicester. The first is the violence itself. Gangs of men have clashed across the city. Hundreds of Muslim and Hindu youths in balaclavas and Covid masks – those plague-era face-coverings still have their uses, it seems – have confronted each other on normally quiet suburban streets. Glass bottles have been thrown, a knife was allegedly wielded (one man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a ‘bladed article’). It really blew up on Saturday night into Sunday morning, as the rest of the country was preparing for the queen’s funeral. You couldn’t have asked for a better, more depressing snapshot of fragmented Britain: a display of solemn unity in Westminster, violent religious streetfighting in Leicester.

The second disturbing thing is the moral evasion of the elites. The political and media establishments seem utterly unwilling to grapple, honestly, with this explosion of identitarian tension on the streets of England. Even where they do talk about Leicester’s strife, evasion remains the name of the game. It’s all the fault of outsiders, many are saying. As the Leicester Mercury summed it up, it is being ‘widely claimed’ that ‘a number of more recent migrants to the city hold far-right Hindu nationalist views’. Those backward Indians coming over here and disrupting our multicultural paradise. This is issue-avoidance on an epic scale. Blaming foreign agents for clashes in the Midlands is a desperate attempt to distract attention from the domestic ideologies that have whipped up identitarian tension. Primarily the ideology of multiculturalism, that hyper-divisive worldview. It is that ideology’s unravelling we are now witnessing in Leicester.

Easy, convenient explanations for the violence are best avoided. The tensions kicked off following the India-Pakistan cricket match in the Asia Cup in Dubai on 28 August, yet pretty much everyone will admit these clashes are not about cricket. Some say the violence represents the importation of the Kashmir conflict into communities in the UK. Leicester seems to have become a ‘mini-Kashmir’, as one writer puts it, with Pakistani-aligned youths and India-aligned youths fighting pitched battles. There’s truth in this, in the claim that the communal tensions of the subcontinent have made a grim appearance in parts of the UK. But even this speaks to the larger internal problem of multiculturalism.

After all, if young people in Leicester feel a greater affinity with Pakistan or India than they do with the country they grew up in, then clearly ‘multicultural Britain’ is failing to cohere its diverse communities around any sense of Britishness or belonging. That a mini-Kashmir erupted in Leicester at the same time as others were taking part in the shared national experience of the queen’s funeral speaks to the Balkanising impact of the homegrown ideology of multiculturalism. The problem here is not immigration or the everyday experience of diversity. It certainly isn’t the recent arrival of Modi fanatics. No, it’s the way multiculturalism, as an ideology, grates against the idea of a common culture, of national identity, and instead implicitly invites communities to live in their own cultures, their own worlds. If youths in Leicester feel more passion for Kashmir than the queen, we have a problem.

And it’s a problem that’s been a long time coming. Those startled that Leicester has been rocked by communal tensions are naive. But it’s a model multicultural city, they say. Yes, that’s the problem. Multiculturalism sowed the seeds of today’s violent grief. Community tensions are hardly new in multicultural Britain. From the Oldham riots of 2001 to the recent grooming-gang scandals, community tensions have been simmering and sometimes blowing up for years. Even in ‘model’ Leicester things were far from happy and peaceful. As the Leicester Mercury says, even before that now infamous cricket match, ‘tensions had been rising between different minority communities for quite some time’. Pinning the blame for Leicester’s woes on newly arrived Indians is cynical and ignorant. It smacks of the kind of immigrant-bashing that liberals would normally be opposed to.

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How Teachers Are Secretly Taught Critical Race Theory: A Pennsylvania father’s determined effort to find out what’s being taught to his children’s instructors.

Documents emailed from 2019 to 2021 by Pacific Educational Group to district administrators in advance of various training seminars cite critical race theory explicitly. A rubric dated Feb. 4, 2020, encourages participants to “Deconstruct the Presence and role of Whiteness” in their lives. A March 17, 2020, presentation lists “aspects and assumptions of white culture” in the U.S. Some are negative, such as “win at all costs,” “wealth = worth,” “don’t show emotion,” and in reference to food, “bland is best.” Others are seemingly universal principles such as “cause-and-effect relationships,” “objective, rational, linear thinking,” and “plan for future.”

That presentation also spells out the “5 tenets of critical race theory” to “better understand the critical intersection of race and schooling.” One tenet is the “permanence of racism,” or the idea that “racism is endemic to all our institutions, systems and structures” in the U.S. Another is “whiteness as property.” The “critique of liberalism” tenet argues that “colorblindness,” “neutrality of the law” and the “myth of meritocracy” must be “deconstructed.”

These tenets aren’t presented as abstract notions for faculty to consider, but ideas they’re meant to apply. School staff’s ability to use “critical race theory . . . to inform racial equity leadership and analysis of school policies, practices and procedures” is considered a sign of the successful “internalization and application” of Pacific Educational Group’s framework. And a chart includes “Critical Race Theory” as a step toward “Equity/Anti-Racism School Transformation Action Planning.” A Feb. 3, 2021, seminar is even titled “Using Critical Race Theory to Transform Leadership and District.”

Brian Elias, an attorney representing the school district, told us via email that these materials “were for District leadership team training only.” He insisted that materials “were not designed to train for classroom teaching” but merely to help district leaders understand “what Critical Race Theory is.” He added that “none of the training designed for core classroom teachers included a discussion of critical race theory.”

Does that mean no Tredyffrin-Easttown teachers attended Pacific Educational Group training that discussed critical race theory? Mr. Elias refused to say.

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Managed Dehumanization: Our trusted experts are neither trustworthy nor competent.

People from a particular place have a connection to a specific land with a specific culture. They prefer different foods, consume different products, prioritize different goals, and may even want their children taught specific values that are incompatible with those of other cultures. All of this is terrible news for the managerial class which gains power when the landscape is dominated by McDonalds, Walmart, and standardized public education. Many have watched in shocked disbelief as the radical social agenda of universities has merged with the marketing and human resource departments of large corporations, but the goals of these two groups align more closely than one might assume. The radical left is a nexus of ideologies designed to break down the traditional structures of society. Structures like family and religion are the institutions through which troublesome regional particularities tend to be expressed and perpetuated. The deracinated individual stripped of all connection to faith, family, culture, or even gender serves as the perfect employee and consumer. Woke ideology may pay lip service to diversity but it dissolves the particularities that generate actual diversity. Total cultural homogenization is the logical consequence of progressivism and serves as the perfect medium for the fungible worker and consumer that larger managerial corporations crave.

This destruction could be justified by the political formula of the managerial elite if the large bureaucratic organizations they operated were able to deliver on the promise of ever-increasing material abundance. As long as the standard of living increased and new luxuries were made available the majority of Americans seemed content to ignore the civilizational erosion that was occurring in the background. For the last few decades, the managerial class has failed to produce the miracle of perpetual abundance. Collapsing supply chains, skyrocketing inflation, stagnant wages, and commodity and housing shortages have made that failure obvious. Grafting woke ideology into the political formula has been advantageous because it added a moral dimension to distract from the failed promise of affluence, but in the end it is also insufficient to address the system’s mounting problems.

Though the homogenization of culture is designed to give everyone a uniform experience in order to make them easier to manage, it is also a very alienating and isolating process. Humans are not interchangeable. People derive meaning by being part of a particular tradition and community. The managerial elite seek to strip away connections to things like family or faith because they create inconvenient bonds that interfere with worker productivity or create particular moral tastes that could disrupt the predictable pattern of mass homogenized consumption. The stripping away of those bonds may streamline the economic process and generate more efficiency in the short term, but in the long term it is devastating to the health of society.

The toll that this process has taken on our civilization is undeniable. The individual was told that relieving himself or herself of the duties and obligations that traditional bonds demanded would bring liberation, but instead it has created deeply unhappy people who struggle to find meaning. The liberal managerial state has attempted to fill the void with cheap substitutes for the cultural infrastructure they have demolished, but these surrogates have failed. Wokeness can never replace the meaning and identity granted to a community by religion or even communal bonds. Corporate culture and fashionable activism can never hope to replace the resilient social tie created by family.

This calamitous failure can perhaps be most easily seen in the managerial state’s current obsession with transgender ideology. Instead of understanding the shortcomings of their political formula and attempting to adapt new solutions, the managerial elite have chosen to accelerate the very aspects of their ideology that have led to social disintegration. Transgenderism is the ultimate expression of deracination, stripping the individual of all innate identity down to even the biological level, and encouraging them to remake themselves in their own image. But no one actually constructs their own identity a priori. Instead this process simply makes the individual more easy to shape into the perfect cog. A person with an identity tied to nothing, not even their own biology, can be led to believe almost anything. While solutions like transgender ideology accelerate the spiritual and social crisis caused by managerialism, they are the only ones the system can offer. Any truly meaningful solutions would endanger their political formula.

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5th Circuit upholds Texas law forbidding social media ‘censorship’ — again: The ruling is a win for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in their efforts to combat what they call censorship of conservative viewpoints by social media companies.

Netchoice and the CCIA have argued that the First Amendment protects social media platforms’ ability to curate content, much like a newspaper does.

Oldham dismissed this argument, writing in the decision, “We reject the Platforms’ attempt to extract a freewheeling censorship right from the Constitution’s free speech guarantee. The Platforms are not newspapers. Their censorship is not speech.”

Edith Jones, a Ronald Reagan appointee who concurred in the largely 2-1 decision, was even more scathing, calling NetChoice’s argument “ludicrous.”

However, Leslie Southwick, the third judge on the appeals court panel (nominated by George W. Bush), dissented, arguing that social media platforms are indeed similar to newspapers. “The First Amendment, though, is what protects the curating, moderating, or whatever else we call the Platforms’ interaction with what others are trying to say. We are in a new arena, a very extensive one, for speakers and for those who would moderate their speech. None of the precedents fit seamlessly. The majority appears assured of their approach; I am hesitant.”

Texas’ law, were it to go into effect, could drastically change the way social media companies operate by restricting their ability to police their platforms and forcing the platforms to keep up content that could violate their hate speech rules.

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FBI insiders say white supremacy threat overblown as Biden opens summit about racists, extremists

The “United We Stand” summit builds on the administration’s push to root out racially motivated domestic violent extremists. The threat sparked a sweeping strategy that included the creation of a specialized Justice Department unit to combat domestic terrorism. Mr. Biden will deliver the keynote address to highlight the administration’s response to hate and “put forward a shared vision for a more united America,” officials said.

Current and former FBI agents tell The Washington Times that the perceived threat has become overblown under the administration. They say bureau analysts and top officials are pressuring FBI agents to create domestic terrorist cases and tag people as White supremacists to meet internal metrics.

“The demand for White supremacy” coming from FBI headquarters “vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy,” said one agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

The agent said those driving bureau policies “have already determined that White supremacy is a problem” and set agencywide policy to elevate racially motivated domestic extremism cases as priorities.

“We are sort of the lapdogs as the actual agents doing these sorts of investigations, trying to find a crime to fit otherwise First Amendment-protected activities,” he said. “If they have a Gadsden flag and they own guns and they are mean at school board meetings, that’s probably a domestic terrorist.”

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[Jesse Singal] How the Media Fell for A Racism Sham: A Brigham Young University paper scooped the New York Times. All the students did was practice basic journalism.

Unsurprisingly, major media outlets were all over this story. The Times’ coverage set the tone, with the Washington Post and CNN and Sports Illustrated and NPR all publishing similar articles, alongside the predictable think pieces. The incident also had consequences for BYU sports more generally. The head coach of women’s basketball at the University of South Carolina canceled its home opener against BYU. A match between Duke and Rider University’s women’s volleyball teams—scheduled to be played at the BYU arena—was moved to a nearby high school gym in order to provide both teams “the safest atmosphere,” according to Duke’s Director of Athletics, Nina King.

For millions of people watching this story unfold, this was yet another example of the ineradicable stain of American racism, of just how little progress we’ve really made.

Except it didn’t happen.

There is no evidence that the chain of events described by Richardson and her family members occurred. There isn’t even evidence a single slur was hurled at her and her teammates, let alone a terrifying onslaught of them.

All the journalists who credulously reported on this event were wrong—and it was an embarrassing kind of wrong, because the red flags were large, numerous, and flapping loudly. Richardson and her family members reported that racial slurs had been hurled with abandon, loudly and repeatedly, in a crowded gym filled with more than 5,000 people. But the journalists covering this incident never stopped to notice how odd it was that none of these vile slurs were captured by any of the thousands of little handheld cameras in the gym at the time, nor on the bigger cameras recording the match. Nor did they find it strange that in the days following the incident, not a single other eyewitness came forward—none of Richardson’s black teammates, and none of the players for either team.

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Chick-fil-A is slammed as 'racist' after telling black customer his 'community' would be first to know when spicy chicken nuggets return to its menu

On September 9, the fast-food company responded to a user querying when the chain will add spicy chicken nuggets to its menus.

'Your community will be the first to know if spicy items are added to the permanent menu, Don!' Chick-fil-A wrote.

The chain was immediately hit with a flood of tweets accusing it of being racist, and with users asking whether it was referring to the black community.

'What do you mean 'your community'???????' one response reads.

'Your community?' another Tweet says. 'I'm gonna need explanation for that comment. 'Our' community wouldn't wanna think that there were some racial undertones behind that.'

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Slow-Motion Trans Wreck: The ghastly fad of genital mutilation will end when the lawsuits begin.

In January of 2022, the San Francisco-based law firm Girard Sharp, which specializes in class action lawsuits, announced its investigation into the adverse effects of puberty blockers on transgender-identified children. These adverse effects can include low bone density, psychological problems, and potentially, per a July 2022 FDA warning label, pseudotumor cerebri, a condition which can cause brain swelling, headaches, nausea, double vision, and permanent loss of vision. Across the Atlantic, as of August 2022, the U.K.’s Tavistock Centre, a gender transition clinic, is expecting a class-action lawsuit from at least 1,000 families of children who were prescribed puberty blockers. Meanwhile, Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare released in February of 2022 new guidelines on transgender medicine, recommending that doctors not prescribe puberty blockers outside of “exceptional cases,” as their use is built on “uncertain science.” The reality that so-called “gender-affirming” medicine is not safe is now becoming too obvious to deny, and its implications could not be clearer: we are entering the long-overdue lawsuit phase of the transgender movement, and it is in lawsuits that this movement ends.

That we have reached a turning point on the issue of gender ideology is beyond question, especially seeing the increasing numbers of detransitioners—those formerly identified as transgender who have now returned to identifying with their sex—publicly speak out against the medical repercussions of gender ideology and transgender healthcare. Chloe Cole was put on puberty blockers when she was just 13 years old after identifying as transgender when she was 12. At 15 she was given a double mastectomy; at 16, she became filled with regret. “I was failed by the system,” she told the New York Post in June of 2022. “I literally lost organs.” In 2019, there were over 5,000 members on the subreddit r/detrans; today, in 2022, there are over 37,000, nearly an eightfold increase in just three years.

Transgenderism is primarily driven by social contagion among younger generations, and especially among teenage girls—in the U.K. alone, for instance, there was a 4,400% increase over the last decade for girls seeking medical transition. In the U.S., a June 2022 report from the CDC found that while the 13 to 17 age group comprises only 7.6% of the population, it comprises 18.3% of all transgender-identified Americans. A remarkable 1.4% of this age group identifies as transgender, compared with 0.5% of all adults. In the near future, the number of detransitioners will grow as more young adults who were caught in social contagion begin to regret their immature decisions, cosigned and affirmed by the psycho-medico therapeutic complex—and court-ordered revelations will make clear what evils the transgender movement has wrought.

As Helena Kerschner, who identified as a transgender boy when she was a teenager, told Tucker Carlson, “we have this ideology that is especially prevalent online that says that if you have [feelings of discomfort with yourself or with your body], that means you’re trans…there are literally people who say if you don’t even like your voice on a recording…you need to go see a medical professional because you’re trans.” And of course, the medical professionals themselves are negligent at best. Without even seeing a medical doctor, Kerschner was prescribed testosterone just a few days after turning 18.

That she was just barely an adult when she began medical transition brings up an important, though often undiscussed issue regarding the difference between transgender-identified adults and transgender-identified youth. Much of the opposition to medical transition has focused on the harms done to children, and rightfully so given their vulnerability, but unfortunately, this seems to have led many opponents of gender ideology toward a somewhat libertarian attitude concerning adult transitioners: “Adults can have done on them whatever medical procedures they want; it’s children who should not be given hormones and surgeries because they do not understand the repercussions of their decisions.” But when we consider the future of transgender healthcare, we have to think beyond the consent-based ethics that has increasingly totalized and sterilized our moral discourse on everything from drug addiction to workplace relationships. In other words, consent is not enough: medically transitioning adults may in some ways be different from medically transitioning children, but the fundamental cruelty of medical transition remains the same regardless of age.

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'Woke' Department of Defense equity chief writes anti-White posts: 'Exhausted with these white folx'

The chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at the Department of Defense's education wing, who describes herself as a "woke administrator," wrote a series of disparaging posts about White people on Twitter, Fox News Digital found.

Kelisa Wing is the DEI chief at Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), which provides K-12 education to the DoD community in the U.S. and all over the world. After Fox News Digital reached out for comment, Wing's Twitter was put on private, but she did not immediately respond.


"What is White Privilege?" also encourages White kids to "unpack" their "backpack" of privilege and referenced an article by Peggy McIntosh that said that White women are "justly seen as oppressive" and "enjoy unearned skin privilege."

McIntosh's article also lamented that White students are not taught in schools to see themselves as "an oppressor," a "participant in a damaged culture" and "unfairly advantaged."


The director of DoDEA, Thomas Brady, said, "Kelisa Wing is exactly the right person to lead our efforts in building on the foundational work done to support meaningful change in our organization."

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Denmark’s left-wing government will begin sending asylum seekers to Rwanda after groundbreaking agreement

Instead of migrants waiting in Denmark for their asylum request to be processed, the country’s left-wing government will now begin deporting them to Rwanda after the African country agreed to accept them in a bilateral agreement.

The plan, which has long been a goal of Denmark’s right-wing parties, took more than a year of negotiations, but the policy goal is now closer than ever to being realized. The deal does not apply to only Rwandan migrants — instead all asylum seekers would be forced to wait in Africa until their asylum procedure is finished. The fact that the plan is being implemented by a left-leaning government points to the strange circumstances in Denmark in which the left has embraced many of the anti-immigration polices of the right.


“Every fifth young man with a non-Western background born in 1997 had broken the law before turning 21. It’s not everyone. But there are too many young men who take the freedom of others, steal children’s futures, intimidate prison guards – and leave behind a long trail of insecurity,” said the Danish prime minister.

“It has been going on for too many years. Girls who are called derogatory names because they are Danish. Or girls who are subjected to social control because they have become too Danish. A sausage cart in Brønshøj that is attacked with firecrackers because it sells pork,” she said.


Polling shows the position is popular. A YouGov poll from 2018 found that 65 percent of Danes were against accepting any more migrants. A 2019 poll from the same firm found that 31 percent of Danes believed that immigration provided absolutely no benefit to the country.

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University cancels intramural ice hockey after ‘equity audit’

A Canadian university has decided to scrub its intramural hockey program after an “equity audit” determined it needs to be more “accessible and inclusive.”

In a statement, Alberta’s Mount Royal University said:

We have recently assessed ice hockey intramurals through our Accessible and Inclusive Programs Audit, an Equity Analysis, our Program Needs Assessment, informal feedback, and observation. Many factors were considered in these assessments which included, but are not limited to, sense of belonging; participant behavior (this includes anything that may lead to a penalty during games); who the program was built by, with, without, and for; equipment requirements; skill requirements; participant fees; ice time cost; program location; staffing; learning opportunities; etc.

The school added its assessment was “crucial” in making sure “all feel they belong,” and that it is “exploring options and strategies as to whether inclusive and equitable opportunities for ice hockey will be possible in the future.”

An update to its statement intended to clear up confusion among the campus community stated “Critical areas that require improvement include [things like] equitable cost of programming [and] providing accessible programs.”

Mount Royal’s Athletics and Recreation Department said it is “committed to equity, diversity and inclusion” and is “dedicated to creating a culture of accessibility and inclusion with safe services [and] programs,” the Calgary Herald reported.