• Violations of Saidit-wide policies will result in bans.

  • See the Victorian Sufi Buddha Lite comment policy: comments should be at least two of {true, necessary, kind}.

    • True: controversial and truth-apt statements should be backed up with evidence; if your statement is disproved, you should stop asserting it. This is less strict than Scott's definition, where something may be false unless proven true.
    • Necessary: is this comment necessary to the discussion? Random tangents are unhelpful, particularly when it's to bash something. As per Scott: "No random interjection of toxic opinions that are going to cause World War III. No unprovoked attacks."
    • Kind: this refers to people you're talking with, not ideas, political figures, hypothetical people, etc. Being unkind is not an automatic rules violation, as per Scott: "Nobody can be kind all the time, but if you are going to be angry or sarcastic, what you say had better be both true and necessary. You had better be delivering a very well-deserved smackdown against someone who is uncontroversially and obviously wrong, in a way you can back up with universally agreed-upon statistics."
  • This forum is for discussing culture war, not for waging it. Discussion should be respectful and insightful. Incitements or endorsements of violence are especially taken seriously.

  • If you're posting a topic outside of the low-effort thread, include a link and some context. Otherwise, the topic may be locked and discussion redirected to the low-effort thread.

  • If you submit a piece from a writer whose primary purpose seems to be to score points against an outgroup, do at least one of three things: acknowledge it, contextualize it, or best, steelman it.

    That is, perhaps let us know clearly that it is an inflammatory piece and that you recognize it as such as you share it. Or, perhaps, give us a sense of how it fits in the picture of the broader culture wars. Best yet, you can steelman a position or ideology by arguing for it in the strongest terms. A couple of sentences will usually suffice. Your steelmen don't need to be perfect, but they should minimally pass the Ideological Turing Test.

  • Don't ruin the discussion for everyone else. Clearly deliberate attempts to cause pointless drama for its own sake is against the rules, even if not specifically enumerated here.

Removal Policy

  • Moderators will remove material that violates Saidit-wide rules and policies, including spam, illegal content, doxxing, ban evasion, and pornography.

Ban Policy

  • Repeated minor infractions will be met with short bans (usually 1-3 days) as a time-out or cool-down period. Bans do not automatically escalate.

  • Major infractions and deliberate rule violations may be met with longer bans.

  • Intentional violations of Saidit policy or rules will be met with permanent bans.

  • Excessive time-outs (currently set at 12 days of bans within a 60-day period) will likely result in a permanent ban.

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