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Thank you. Good to know. I mentioned it MANY times to M7, including before the drama of the last couple months. Odd that he didn't bother to lemme know.

I've been curious as hell to know what's in /s/CultureWar.

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I mentioned it MANY times to M7

Yeah, I had to gripe quite a bit for him to take action, LOL. What crossed the line was that they where using multiple accounts to bypass sub creation and ownership rules — and I had proof it was one guy, because they all used the same IP address.

I've been curious as hell to know what's in /s/CultureWar.

It was literally nothing until I opened it up. One guy made a whole bunch of subs, privated them, and didn't make a single post.

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Thanks for all your efforts there. What were the others that guy made? CultureWar could have been good, maybe the other subs are potentially good too. /u/prof only has the one.

I've pointed out problems with subs being created in series, most recently /s/MacAppNews and the like 28 days ago. But even since then there have been more so I don't know if M7 even bothered to do anything about it. Another batch 13 days ago too.

I don't care anymore.

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Okay, I'm seven minutes in and this is already a rabbithole. It's the same guy as before; he makes a billion accounts and uses them to make a bunch of subs.

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Thanks for digging. Might be worth drafting up another post to report about it. I can't speak for others but you'd earn cred, respect, and thanks from me. And you'd be sharing doing more than M7 does in this regard. Feel free to repeat or reword this to him as you see fit. Also/However, IMO, you should also make a draft first (ie. on a wiki page, editable by the other admins) to share with M7 to avoid making social faux-pas, security blunders, unwarranted speaking for SaidIt, or whatever. He can proof read and catch issues first. I would hope you might consider doing weekly updates in this manner for the community, in league with the other admins, and of course overseen by M7. Maybe it's just simple stats. Maybe it's more. Maybe folks will ignore them. Maybe they'll be popular. Most likely somewhere in the middle, depending on the weather.

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Yw! I'm pretty much the person who deals with sub spam at this point.

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What were the others that guy made?

I know s/gab was one of them.

I've pointed out problems with subs being created in series

DM me if you see anything suspicious!

/s/MacAppNews and the like 28 days ago.

I just banned u/MacAppNews for ads, but left s/MacAppNews up, since the sub wasn't an ad in of itself. If it does become an ad (I'm not sure if u/d3rr fixed the bug where banned users can still change sub settings): tell me and I'll either get rid of it, or take the ad out.

Another batch 13 days ago too.

Thanks for the lead, I'll look into it.

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I sent this PM to M7 27 days ago (with no response):

I haven't looked at new subs for several weeks, but here may be some worth knowing about in case they get habitual. One case is obvious. Obviously I can't know if they are all directly related, but there are themes and suspicious activity here, all within 1 and 2 days ago.

/s/webpws/ created by /u/webpws saiditter for 1 year with only 5 posts in this sub.

/s/CODEBY15/ created by /u/buybestfollower saiditter for 2 months with only 4 posts in this sub.



/s/MacAppDeal/ created by /u/MacAppDeal saiditter for 15 days mod of /s/CloudStorageDeals + /s/MacAppDeal

/s/CloudStorageDeals/ created by /u/CloudStorageDeals

/s/MacAppNews/ created by /u/MacAppNews

/s/BetaMacApps/ created by /u/AdminAppleDataHoard2

These 5 have different unique sideboxes at least, the last 2 with nothing, perhaps tired of making them.

On /s/new/ [/subs/new] 4 of the 7 above have links in their descriptions, much higher than average.

Also, I just realized, I haven't bothered notifying you about the medicine subs which seem obvious, but at least they're not piling up.

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I think I got them all, thanks!

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Since then there are these suspicious subs that come in groups, usually on the same day, often sharing co-mods. Obviously I didn't delve as deep.


/s/MacAppBundles: MacAppBundles
/s/AppleStyle: AppleStyle
/s/AppleEditing: AppleEditing


/s/McDonalds: McEthnostate
/s/BurgerKing: Long live the king!


/s/3DS: 3DS
/s/2DS: 2DS
/s/DSi: DSi
/s/SuperNintendo: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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The Mac app stuff is definitely spam. I'm still going through his alts. The McEthnostate thing made me laugh my ass off when I saw it. I think that and the burger king guy are joke accounts? I'll handle the Nintendo stuff in a sec.