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Also, an amazing protein brand is isopure low carb. It has a really nice list of added vitamins, minerals and aminos and actually has a hefty chunk of protein at 25g/scoop vs a lot of other brands typically seen in bigger stores. Look at IgennusPure & Essential Advanced Vitamins & Minerals for a good multi. It's b-vitamins are methylated.

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One of the most noticeable things this will be deficient on is magnesium. I take as needed (magnesium sulfate, epsom salt), you'll feel when you need magnesium, your muscles get sore and crampy.

Potassium is low too, but with my meds I can't take potassium willy nilly. That's one, like iron, you should get tested for first before supplementing. It's also dangerous in high amounts.

Regular salt you need too, but generally that's satisfied by the diet.

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They make potassium supplements in amounts too low to be harmful if taken at recommended dosage on the bottle. Funny enough, low sodium spicy V8 has a pretty hefty chunk in there for potassium. I assume you're on some kind of potassium sparing diuretic? Remember magnesium glycinate and magnesium oil. Magnesium glycinate is better absorbed than it's citrate version, and won't give you the turboshits. The "oil" is just used topically, and you don't have to deal with full body stiff/sticky sensations that you do with epsom baths. Also, making sure salt you get has natural mineral content and iodine in it is a good idea for healthy thyroid support.

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I assume you're on some kind of potassium sparing diuretic

Close, ace inhibitor.

Epsom salt is just what I have handy, and it's cheap. One of these days I'll get a better form of magnesium but I'll have to order it, all the stores here have is magnesium oxide supplements.

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What about the undiscovered vitamins? How can you be sure that you are getting enough of these vitamins and minerals if they haven't been noted or named by mankind yet?

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That's why living on this is not ideal. Although our pets generally live on something very similar.

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I usually just use full fat greek yogurt, oats, pineapple chunks, black forest fruits, and two tabelspoons of honey. For protein I use whey, but considering pea protein since it's cheaper and also easier on my stomach. It just tastes like shit and hard to mask imo.

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The glyphosate content of pea protein concerns me. And it does taste awful.

black forest fruits

That's different. And honey? Do you use a special kind o honey? And I'm curious if you go for raw pineapple for the bromelain.

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True, but tbh whey makes me bloated and the good stuff can get expensive if you use it everyday.

Nah, just normal runny-honey.

I just added the pineapple in because it was what I was told to do tbh, I just needed an easy-to-make smoothie to get my calories in for the day and it does the job. The recipe was listed as a "meal replacement" one but you most likely know more about the stuff than I do, I mean I drink it with my lunch so I'm technically having two meals in one sitting I suppose.