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That person was alive. You don't give air to a corpse

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How do you know they were 'leaked'? That would imply (or perhaps, by definition, mean) that they were classified and then let out by somebody who broke the rules. Perhaps they were never classified in the first place? As far as I know, the New York Post exclusive isn't calling this a leak.

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Yeah, true. I grabbed the pics from a Reddit post who said it was leaked.
I wonder who the NYP got them from?

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I read FDNY as "FONY" (Phony) on first glance...

What a joke...

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I've never seen anyone who's receiving CPR to have their arms peacefully at their naval; it almost looks like his left arm is elevated. Usually, the arms are at the side hanging.

Also, I read that when they found him, he was cold to the touch, and blue; so why CPR? I comprehend advanced directives, but blue, is blue, and cold is cold.

I've got to wonder if the son of a bitch pedophile predator is out, alive, and with a new face somewhere.

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I wonder who took and released these pictures?