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LibreOffice is not trashware, its the best FOSS alternative to Microsoft and Google. I have used it for years and haven't had any issues with it, which is more than I can say about the Windows OS

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Yeah, well I don't need a replacement for software I don't want, I need a basic fucking text editor and uncoded spreadsheet manager. So I deleted it. I fucking hate bloatware and shitloads of features I actively dislike.

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You can't call something trash for not serving a purpose it wasn't designed for.

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It is, but so are MS Office and Google Docs. What's really bad about LibreOffice is that it's a monolithic application, so if I only want LibreOffice Calc, I also need to have LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Impress and all other nonsense which I don't need.

But yea I don't use it anyways, I convert Markdown to PDF with pandoc for writing documents, or just use LaTeX in some rare cases, same with presentations, and I use sc-im for spreadsheets.