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Just letting you know, TOR was made by the Navy. It has been suggested that they have always had a way to decrypt TOR. The main way it is perceived is that they own like 90% of the nodes.

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The thing is every country would want to control "90% of the nodes" - Tor is being used all over the world.

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That’s a great point. Just like every country would want to control the media, but you only see the CIA planting stories all over the world. The US is a massive economy, number 1 to be exact. And lots of countries are under its thumb.

Tor is a glowie hang out. It was made by glowies for glowies. You would be extremely naive to think it is safe.

If you have information that is so sensitive that you need to split it up between several thousand computers, and let it filter to another computer, then you don’t want to use tor. You should not feel safe on tor.

Use encryption.

Tor is good for dodging companies harvesting your data. And to not be identified online.

It is not a great wat to hide from the government. O

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Yep. I wouldn't trust TOR. Certainly not for anything sketchy, if so inclined.

But, with spare time and energy and caution, I would prepare to utilize it, like CB radios, stockpiling books, and other alternative communications, in case the Internet is stolen from us.

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Yep. I get it.

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Join Qortal ffs!

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Do you use it?
Have you got any insights to share?
I might even find their support group(s) for help to get an instance set up. Still don't know enough about it.

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I'm a brand new noob but I'm loving what I see, as it's designed so nobody can mess with it, take over, censor etc. There's a telegram group:

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It's not enough, as it runs on the current internet.

Qortal is an entirely new internet. A totally decentralized internet.

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Yes. Agreed.
But I don't think there's a single solution as it would be a single point of failure.

IMO we need to embrace all the protocols: Internet, TOR, IPFS, Bit+Web Torrents, Nostr, etc etc etc.

If software were more modular and/or accepted bridges we could have modules/bridges that interface with different protocols and apps that could be turned on/off by the user and their preferences. Maybe a new standalone bridge app would suffice. (For example, you could post to SaidIt and Twitter and Mastodon and Qortal the same content via Internet, TOR, and Nostr.)

Check this out...

Wish I could code, among many other things. But I can lead by example. I'm going to start by building the community, first. I'll do a rough draft of goals, a charter, roadmap, guides/rules, etc and then open it up to folks to participate here on SaidIt. I've always wanted to have more than one option running so no option is off the table. Censorship is coming fast and hard. Stay tuned on /s/Cassy, new stuff coming soon.

FYI: Ironically, Telegram is NOT secure. Signal is better (imperfect).

Also, I've had/used Bastyon, Float, Friendevu, Librti, Session, etc. But rarely used them. We need aggregation bridges for these solutions.

Also also, feel free to tell me what alias you'd like to use on http://Projex.Wiki and I'll create the account and give you the password that you should change.

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is it in electron?