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This seems like so much more than a social network - it's also an archiving platform, with a socnet on top.

Would this be a good way to openly backup SaidIt and all the content it links to? I'd imagine it would need to have a several instances going: 1) current posts and archiving what's linked, 2) current comments and what's linked, and going back chronologically back to the dawn of SaidIt with 3) posts and linked, and 4) comments and linked. Importantly it would be good to know what content has since been censored, and figure out how to automatically or manually fill it in. For example I have a lot of Know More News archived but it's long since been censored off YouTube.

I think it might be good for other truth-seeking news sources and aggregation sites too - as well as being nice if you could rig it to scrape Facebook/Messenger, Internet Archive, and others too.

It would also be ideal if we could torrent/IPFS databases to share scraped sites' profiles/accounts with each other. This would likely require a standardization and verification system.

Also, build moar bridges!

/u/being-poisoned, /u/HongKongPhooey, /u/LarrySwinger2 - thoughts?

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Can't we do just one goddamn thing and do it right? I'm stressed over the amount of work you have proposed in your 1 comment. So no comment.

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I'm simply trying to get informed whether it's legit or not and if it has a future.

So which one goddamn thing do you want to get right? Saddit is clearly not it.

Doing it right means sharing the load. The ideas (work) proposed are not for a single hero. They are proposed potential solutions. Or maybe you'd prefer we do nothing, lay down, and just wait to die.

Not sure if you're lazy or a coward - or both. Or a fed?

I don't even know if you've watched the presentation. Your non-comment speaks volumes about nothingness.

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It seems like a cool project. The UI looks ugly, though, I hope they'll work on that. Also, in order for it to get traction, a lot of people will have to install a browser extension and add each other's tokens manually, that seems really hard to bring about. And it lacks groups with permalinks. So the networking would still have to happen outside of OpenCola. I can only see this existing as a compliment to other communication platforms, not as something truly foundational. Maybe I overlooked something, though.

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Good to know. Thanks.

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Show notes:

Oct 20, 2022
The internet, as it stands today, is not a very trustworthy environment, as evidenced by the numerous headlines of companies abusing personal data and activity. This is not really surprising since companies are responsible for optimizing revenue, which is often at odds with user benefit. The result of these incentives has produced or exacerbated significant problems: tech silos, misinformation, privacy abuse, concentration of wealth, the attention economy, etc. We built OpenCola, free and open source, as an alternative to existing big-tech applications. It puts users in control of their personal activity and the algorithms that shape the flow of data to them. We believe that this solution, although simple, can significantly mitigate the challenges facing the Internet.

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