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What kind of censorship would there be on Matrix to begin with? Are you afraid you'll get banned from entire servers, or is that your experience? You can make your own channel and it should be fine regardless.

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let's say that I have seen the rules of some servers... and some are very restricted and very opinionable... I don't want to create channels... but I like to discuss and express my opinions in a civilized manner... the real problem is being banned, this leads to the loss of your data and contacts

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Then the answer is to host your own server, with your own rules. Other servers can ban you from posting on them, but nobody can ban you from your server, and you can still communicate with users on other servers. You can also invite people to yours if you want.

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I'll move on to Jami

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I see that Jami has finally added group chats / conferences. This is a significant improvement from the last time I tried it so it's worth testing it again. I'll test it with you if you want.

However, I really recommend Matrix over Jami regardless. It has a lot more features such as a public channel list.

This page provides a list of more lenient servers. His concerns are similar to yours. If an admin is caught banning users or channels without prior notice, he takes it off his recommended list.

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I don't like certain implementation choices of matrix, I prefer emails and xmpp so I can use gpg manually....I don't like electron...too expensive in resources..I prefer a program with few, essential functions