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/u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr,

I haven't checked out Minds since it first started. I had hopes for it but at that time it wasn't impressive. I used to confuse it for the more pretentious Medium (I'm not sure if this pretentiousness is true, but from my limited experience it seems this way). If there wasn't that second magnora7 Tin Foil Hat show I would have likely gone to my old Steemit account, checked out Minds, Medium, etc.

This interview is more exposure to Minds than all my other brief visits combined. I'm impressed with what little I've seen.

It also makes me wonder if it's not worth trying to do some cross promotion stuff. If we had a /s/SaidItMonthly or /s/SaidItWeekly we could post them on Minds linking our curated top stories through SaidIt. But simpler than that, if all the SaidIt updates were posted there it might raise interest.

" Minds is an open source social media and social networking service company that rewards users for their contributions. Founded by Bill Ottman and Mark harding in 2011, it is a distributed social networking service that rewards contributors with tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Minds describes itself as a "Crypto Social Network" that upholds "internet freedom". "

Apparently they've got some a development team, etc. Maybe some of their team or users might be able to help. Maybe some have decentralization ideas, etc. Maybe they might like to cross-associate, diversify and not put all eggs in one basket. Maybe they are choosing to adopt 1 thing when there are 3 others just as good, and maybe SaidIt is as good a place to develop similar but different ideas. Or maybe some of the same. The possibilities are endless.

They're going corporate so don't let your guard down for a second. But maybe there's potential for good things, maybe they've learned good lessons or blazed a way on certain things.

This puzzles me: " When the network launched its Alpha mobile applications in 2015, the group Anonymous showed initial support for privacy features. Engadget has since expressed concern that other fringe groups could undermine the platform's ability to deliver accurate and curated content. " Is that good or bad, both, or mixed?

They peaked a while back but have been getting more popular since the mid-Feb purges too. 19,110 USA | 102,538 Earth 3,895 USA | 9,829 Earth

Maybe you guys already have some established ideas about them. If you do I'm curious to hear about them.

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Tried signing up. Turns out I already had an account. They insist on having passwords with more than 8 characters. Mine only has 7. I was only subscribed to Corbett Report. I just followed Zoon and Styx though they have no groups. I discovered there's a difference.

I created this group:

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I haven't spent much time there as it's not the Reddit format. I did watch a video with their owner guy talking about how they added crypto.

I wish them the best. Cross pollination is always good.

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I'm now accustomed to its pros and cons but I'm not married to the Reddit format.

I'm not going to migrate. I just really like their ideas and some features. I've got enough distractions that to learn a new social media culture and system.

Also today:

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cool you got a comment on there! I just don't like following people, id rather follow a topic or a hashtag or something. so twitter doesnt do it for me at all.

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Thanks for the heads up. I tried to answer it as best I could.