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Welcome to SaidIt's Decentralize All Things wiki upon which good things will follow.

This editable wiki page seems similar to a comment but for anyone to edit and contribute, including internal links (including the entire SaidIt html path) and external links to other websites.

If this wiki list grows to unwieldy we may use the uncensored wiki to add and curate content or do my own or group open-wiki-projects in coordination with this SaidIt voting discussion forum.

I've configured this Decentralize All Things subsaidit to my best abilities on my Brave browser. If you see any anomalies or ways I can improve it I'd be eternally grateful if you let me know at /u/JasonCarswell . Thanks in advance.

Decentralization protocols and platforms list







There are many more not yet listed and in development.

List Of Decentralized Social Media Applications

Cloud & internet services alternatives list

Hosting guides

Self hosting guide

Some options for exposing your local services to the internet include:

Domain names can be pointed to your services by configuring their CNAME.

Offline hosting guide

[ To Be Determined ]

Financial funding alternatives list

Started at this post: /s/DecentralizeAllThings/comments/b3e/decentralization_alternatives_financial_support/

Mainstream: and are the extreme canaries in the coalmine. If they are getting banned by WP: Coinbase and Square’s WP: Cash App, not to mention WP: GoDaddy, then SaidIt may be next.

Alternatives to consider:

Please feel free to comment for full disclosure on the pros and cons.

Further, there's no shortage of WP: cryptocurrencies as this WP: limited list attests. (Wikipedia has a war on against cryptos for fear of scams, yet support all the myths of the establishment and their giant scams). There's a dedicated subsaidit at /s/cryptocurrency to discuss this specifically.

Paywall alternatives list

Ryan Dawson has gone through hell being censored.

In his interview with the Halsey News Network "Radio Free America (Episode 268): Social Censorship" (2019-03-04) @ around 1:40:00 they discuss who he's ruled out and the solution he goes with now. He finally set up a paywall through Cleeng after trying Muvi and Wistia and other stuff.

  • Cleeng - - Cleeng is a company based in the Netherlands that does nothing but payment processing. Subscriber Retention Management™ Designed For OTT. Most advanced APIs for maximum modularity and OTT efficiency. "Cleeng Core enables you to build a comprehensive OTT video platform and manages all aspects of subscriber management for you. Cleeng Core consists of identity and access management [IAM], product entitlement, customer service, subscriber billing and advanced analytics functionalities." See also:
  • Muvi -
  • Wistia -

See also:

Sadly , Ryan Dawson said "they" were messing with his Cleeng account @8m+ in "A bit of everything with anti-bolton" (2019-06-10).

Ryan Dawson also adopted1 an alternative-to-YouTube censorship-workaround live-chat with super-chats (donations / payments / tips):

Multistream to 30+ Platforms | - [ The best way to stream live video to 30+ platforms simultaneously for free ] : : /s/DecentralizeAllThings/comments/mh3/multistream_to_30_platforms_restreamio_the_best/

Video decentralization

In part or in whole, these platforms embrace some decentralization features:

YouTube alternatives list

Started at this post: /s/DecentralizeAllThings/comments/cdq/youtube_alternatives/

For mainstream corporate media as well as independent alternative media, there are countless other lists available:

This post's image used is from "10 Best YouTube Alternatives (Video Sharing Websites) for Watching Videos" (2018-11-01) on which included (my alphabetization):

They didn't mention:

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