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Rough Draft - Calendar 1 Pitch

I'd like to develop a calendar (and other merchandise products - T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, etc.) based on graphic designs, logos, and/or personification characters that may or may not potentially lead into other projects (comic strips, media, etc).

With Winton, our initial concepts were to create strong graphic ideas to clearly communicate what our Windsor Freedom Rallies are about for counter-propaganda and to feature on banners and flags. It occurred to me that I could create others like one of my designs for "Propaganda" to personify the Several Deadly Sins Of Tyranny. (I feel the necessity to mention I was drunk and stoned drawing with a marker on the foam-core board - without WhiteOut. I can do much clearer design and a better goth, dystopian, German/Russian imperialist/expressionist inspired design work, or any other style(s), with a way to edit/correct my work, digitally or not.)

As I came up with these sins it seemed not only natural to pair them but also necessary with so many. Thirteen pairs would give a calendar a bonus month. The iconic and/or personified designs could be dynamically presented as an interactive pair and/or individually stand alone on merchandise, along with a brief explanatory description. Icons could be associated with or separate from the personifications, or be packaged together on products (ie. on a T-shirt the icon over your heart with the personification on the back).

With 24, 6 each on 4 large vertical banners would explain what the Windsor Freedom Rallies are about. Icons would be better for banners and flags in groups or solo. Individual characters would be better on flags as long as it's clear and readable, otherwise it's just a fancy design suitable for merch.

The Several Deadly Sins Of Tyranny

  1. Banksters   &   Globalists
  2. Censorship   &   Propaganda
  3. Class War   &   Debt Slavery
  4. Corruption   &   Injustice
  5. Discrimination   &   Hypocrisy
  6. Dogmatic Scientism   &   Tribalism
  7. Economic Collapse   &   Food Crises
  8. Eugenics   &   Vaccines
  9. Fake News   &   PsyOps
  10. Full Spectrum Dominance   &   Monopoly On Violence
  11. Lockdowns   &   Snitches
  12. Mandates   &   Passports
  13. Open Prison Surveillance   &   Police State

Maybe there are more important concepts I've neglected to include. Maybe instead of pairs it should be triple or quad concepts. Maybe it should be simpler. Maybe some concepts will prove difficult or impossible to create an aesthetic illustration for. Let's work on improving this list and project.

I wouldn't expect everyone to understand all of the concepts just from this list. Creating logos and characters with appealing designs may help, but ultimately a blurb would be the best way to inform folks.

Naturally questions arise about what the target audience is, what they'll get out of this, and if it will ultimately educate people to effectively resist tyranny. Some answers may be discovered if this project is openly developed, thus providing immediate feedback and opportunities for course corrections. Counter-propaganda influence resides in the "edgy cool factor" as well as potential followup projects with these characters where edutainment may continue. This "edgy cool factor" may also be alienating to our "normal" local citizens yet may find a niche or broad market online. Therefore it would make sense to do some market research to discover what aesthetic style(s) and what kind of information presentation we may wish to pursue.

I could develop and design this entire project myself - or - other people could contribute ideas and/or designs could be uniquely different or tweaked into a unified aesthetic. It need not all be just my work, but that wouldn't be bad either. At this point it's just conceptualizing and developing ideas to reach optimal potential.

If it were aesthetic edutainment of a high caliber it may be a worthwhile project, as no one needs calendars anymore - or maybe it should just be it's own picture book, with more depth written than just a brief paragraph.


More about me, /u/JasonCarswell: I've been classical animator, computer animator, graphic designer, art director, creative director, director, etc. on countless TV commercials, music videos, movies, TV, and other projects over the last few decades, employed in Toronto, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Oakland, Ottawa, Victoria, Vancouver, and have been recovering for the last 10 years in Windsor, where my family has called home since 1983 (grade 7). In 2008 I put my blind faith in big pharma "anti"-depressants and crawling out of that pit with little left but my life, a new awareness, and ambition to resist tyranny I'm planning to return to production, but now focused on creating counter-propaganda content. I've been active on SaidIt for the last 3+ years and am also co-developing other decentralized platforms, while also getting more locally active in alternative politics.

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