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I think this an extremely valid concern, and is terrible for our society. Trade schools and apprenticeships are far more common in Europe, and many people are quite employable after finishing.

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Compulsory education exists make people obedient to commands.
Conditioning at its finest.
Most people just do what they're told.
Setting up society for non-questioning tax-paying citizens with Milgram effect and bystander effect, and fine military soldiers.

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I taught myself programming while in school, can't fault anyone else that you were lazy and sat around expecting to be spoon fed everything you needed know. Money, women, and skills aren't just falling at your feet. But oh no, the problem can't be you, it has to be everyone and everything else.

You resign yourself to being pathetic, and only you can do anything about that. Whining won't fix it. Nobody is going to fix it for you.

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Yeah broh just teach yourself a programming language you probably won't ever use while studying for ten AP classes and fifty extra curriculars because your boomer piece of shit parents bought into the pyramid scheme that is the modern day education system.

retard maybe if I wasn't occupied doing busywork I'd be able to learn a useful skill that I could apply in today's rapidly shifting job market. also the government punishes you for entrepreneurship anyway so why try when the system is stacked against you? I'd rather just collect NEETbux and shitpost

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Your poor parents.

Someone should have told them you can't polish a turd.

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their shitty genetics nigga

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You won't develop as a person until you realize the truth of what I say, but it's no skin off my ass if you don't. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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What's OP problems, kids must learn about gays, black pride, gender equality, trans and all them things important for a living wedge.

Sorry, I was thinking like a reddit snowflake.

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