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Election USA 2020

This open wiki that anyone may edit is a candidate reference guide and content directory.

You are also free in this /s/ElectionsUSA2020/ subsaidit to post, comment, discuss, and suggest additions to these lists.


  • - Shining a light on the murky world of money in politics. The Center for Responsive Politics is a non-profit, nonpartisan research group in Washington D.C. tracking effects of money and lobbying on elections and public policy, maintaining a public online database of its information.

American Solidarity Party

Democratic Party

Tulsi Gabbard

Kamala Harris

Green Party

Funny: On Wikipedia, a search for "green party 2020" first lists: 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries ; 2020 Republican Party presidential primaries ; Third-party and independent candidates for the 2020 United States presidential election ; 2020 Libertarian Party presidential primaries ; Green Party of the United States ; 2020 United States presidential election ; 2020 Democratic National Convention - and then 2020 Green Party presidential primaries.

Independent or unaffiliated

Libertarian Party

John McAfee

Republican Party

Donald Trump

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