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The pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High would always get worn out on rental VHS tapes.

Teen sex has always been popular. Still a damn good movie. Here enjoy:

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Now he's saying they don't want anymore dystopian future shows because people don't want to watch them.

He's describing half of the most successful and well loved sci-fi films and shows right there.

And now he's saying that if you come to them with a script which is set in it's own world (most sci-fi and fantasy) there is no way they will have you as a director or producer and probably not the showrunner either. They will just take it off you and hand it over to one of their favourites.

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It won't be long before porn is so normalised in society that it becomes just a standard part of Netflix and Amazon. They'll be Netfux and Amascum for the masses of incels sat at home spanking the monkey.

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It's already normalized. People have no shame saying they watch redtube. Birthrates are already below replacement. Birthcontrol is normal. One night stands are normal. Kids twerking is normal.

30 years ago (((they))) already created the belief in kids that if you are a virgin you are a loser.

Morality is explicitly targeted by Marxists as a method to subvert a target country. So is the nuclear family.

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I'm not sure it's a bad thing to normalize, well, not porn exactly, but the human form as a byproduct. When the only place you could see tits was on a real life woman they got harassed a lot more over their tits in general. Now we have the World Wide Web of Free Boobies, all shapes, all sizes, free, and on demand.

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There's a balance between prudishness and voyeurism.

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You can be a prude or not be a prude and that's entirely separate from being a voyeur. Some women don't mind sharing their bodies openly and willingly.

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You correctly point out the kind of unwelcome violation of privacy inherent in voyeurism, I'll fully admit a better choice of words is warranted.

I believe exhibitionism is the better term here. Though it plays into voyeurism as well as they are two sides of the same coin.

People will accuse the person saying "get a room" of being a prude, though that is far from the point, as a real prude would have an issue with them getting a room in the first place.

I'm not particularly bothered with the idea of teenagers messing around with each other. It happens. I am bothered by the idea of adults overly interfering with that, be it positive or negative interference.

Where that line is drawn will vary from society to society and from culture to culture. But the balance still exists. Modern US society has become almost wholly unbalanced to both extremes. Is sex for enjoyment or procreation, the answer to that question is it's for both, and if you lack either you're going to have issues down the line. There are subtle exceptions. But there is little reason to saddle teens with adult relationship baggage when a simple biological understanding of where babies come from is all which is necessary.

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Let’s not. Why do teenaged need to see sex on tv? It’s okay to not have that.

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Musky wants us to see it

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They're not illegal teens, or necessarily even actual teens. I don't see anything wrong with movies like Porky's, Animal House, Meatballs, Sleepaway Camp, and every teen slasher ever. And as a more modern example, Goosebumps had some sexy but pretty tasteful scenes with young looking actors.

Euphoria sounds pretty trashy, but I've never seen it.

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The issue is not you watching soft core porn. You are already a lost soul. But they are targeting children with porn by mixing it into all the teen shows. The kids have nothing decent to watch. The porn is slipped into thier entertainment like it is natural.

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It's really telling when they describe it as the teen sex drama rather than the teen romance drama. Relationships often involve sex, but sex is not necessarily a part of a romantic relationship. Nor is sex the end all be all integral component of any successful relationship (though it is an important part).

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It's not my description, that is what they are looking for. There is always sex in these teen relationships. I'm not the one making that content so spare me the "hur dur ima turn the tables and accuse you of being the pervert."

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I didn't accuse you of making that description. I was referring to the studio. You however seem awful quick and defensive about it however. Hmmm. Perhaps you've turned the tables yourself?

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You've figured it out. I am actually encouraging this stuff by reverse psychology.

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You've yet to outright say you are against the systematic raping of dead fish in cellphone shops which is baffling. It's a simple yes or no question. The fact you have been silent on this topic until now casts doubt on your character. I for one am wholly against the raping of dead fish in any circumstance not only in cellphone shops. Why are you such a horrible person you haven't condemned this practice publicly yet?

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I'd like to know why you are against it. Your personal disgust does not justify you imposing your will on others. The fish don't care. As long as the fish are properly labeled when sold afterwards who is being harmed?

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The fishes families care.

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Also more anti Zionist programming and a few specials with Kanye West.

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I'd like to know what is antisemitic. What I see is the same anti white stereotyping as all the other (((media))).

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But Ye is supposed to be pro Trump and a believer that white lives matter.

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So what? Does Netflix host videos of Ye saying anything pro white? Do they host any videos that might dispell some of the slander that is spread by the networks?

Their programming is clearly biased in the same way.

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The full three-hour interview has been removed but there are snippets remaining. Netflix? No way they would show Ye on a rant about Jews. Two days ago was the first time I have heard him speak at all. In the interview he claims that George Floyd overdosed on Fentanyl and the policeman's knee was not actually touching Floyd's neck. This is the best I can find: . It's strange that a rare interview with Ye would be removed so quickly.

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I don't see why you are arguing that ye said things that go against the narrative when the subject is Netflix. They are no different than the networks when it comes to thier programming.

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This is surprisingly a fair comment.

Aftershock, their documentary about the Nepal earthquakes, is also full of Jews behaving as stereotypes.

I wonder if that would be allowed on mainstream channels because of those guys being in it.

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Netflix is not as Jewie as they were a few years ago when Lady Gaga was there so much in horribly dark pieces. I'm not a raging antisemite (famous last words) but I don't like it when any ethnicity rubs it in our faces. Aren't all my comments fair? How can you say that to me Jet? 🎃

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I meant that I hadn't though their "we want the big audience no one else will serve" stuff would stretch to Jews as bad guys, but when you said that actually it sort of does.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is another one of their shows with Jewish bad guys.

I mean it's only fair everyone gets a turn at being the bad guy. I say this as a British person.

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So that answers my question then. I thought you were a Brit but once in a while you come out with something so American.

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He said they don't want any niche shows which would have a strong cult following at all.

Naturally because then audiences get pissed when you cancel it and they cancel their Netflix cause nobody is gonna start watching a nixed show that ends on a cliffhanger if they know it's cancelled.