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    What is this supposed to be? Or, what is the significance of turning a line into a black bar?

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      I get nothing when I mouse hover. Every element is enabled in uMatrix, so it's not that. Is there some saidit setting that needs to be enabled? Or, in RES for saidit?

      Also, is it just me, or is the source button under our comments not working? (Maybe RES has affected that?)

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        Turned off RES and still nothing. It's Chrome on an iMac.

        Does it work for anyone else?

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        I don't see source.

        I can see the spoiler effect.

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        When I disabled RES to check, I realized source is a RES feature, but seems to not be implemented on saidit.

        It's pretty handy to see exactly what someone typed to get the effect seen in their comment.

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        Ah. Very cool. At one point I had RES. I keep going through browsers. Hate them all.

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        I fart at least 5 times a day. That means my farts are all oriented at different angles to the galactic plane.

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          VERY COOL!

          Can you share the Markdown and CSS?

          >! Can you share the Markdown and CSS?
          I guess I just did for the Markdown.
          And stylesheet CSS:

          .md-spoiler-text > p { opacity: 0; transition: opacity 0.5s }
          .md-spoiler-text:hover > p { opacity: 1 }
          .md .md-spoiler-text {
          background: #4f4f4f;
          border-radius: 2px;
          transition: background ease-out 1s;

          I think /u/d3rr might like this.

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            From my understanding it all seems necessary to what you have showing. You could even get fancy and make it different colours, rounded corners, and potentially other good stuff.

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              Thanks, but I've been playing around with CSS for half a decade, and Jason's probably been doing it for much longer. Your code is pretty decent; I looked through it once on s/politics so I could find an exploit to use headings (which was patched a few days later, to your credit, and was just a single, missing comma).

              Copying code is actually pretty normal, even for experienced developers. You can't memorize every, single feature of a language, and sometimes I mix up the various languages I know. Also, if you're working with a new module/package/whatever: you'll probably have to dig through documentation and copy a few lines of code to learn the basics.

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              Unless you're cqtz, then you're automatically an expert in everything who can singlehandedly outdo corporate giants full of professionals in absurdly quick amounts of time. By accident while casually doing something as a hobby. After just barely dabbling in the said subject.

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              I only used CSS with HTML over a decade ago and a bit for a couple years on SaidIt - both very different beasts. I'm no expert but hammered at it with tenacity though it hurts my brain.

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              I bet none of them compare to cqtz

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              Thanks for the invite. I'm full up with subs. Let me know if you have a special CSS request.

              I think socks and ActuallyNot might like to modominate your /s/Facts.

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