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I've also read that Soleimani was offered that appointment with the Iraqi general at the behest of Western powers? Disinfo?

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I don't trust Ukraine "intelligence" at all. They have been pushing the Russian hacking hoax far too much. Nor US "intelligence", as they are only propaganda since 2001.
I also think that most members in Trump's government should actually be in prison for war-crimes. Like your source Pompeo should be in prison. I don't trust any of them, nor any of the top CIA & Pentagon people that keep starting wars.

And maybe your standpoint is propaganda by the military complex that usually wants war. So they can continue the useless war in Iraq, and show their "beautiful rockets"..

So I totally disagree with what you find not trustworthy. It is just poisoning the well. Raitonal wiki is full with logical fallacies like that.

The nice thing of Saidit is that both of our ideas can exist next to each other. And I don't mind you having a different opinion than mine.

Let's settle the problem:

We are not here to discuss the sources, but the validity of the news about a peace mission.

The information about a talk came from Iraq, according to all the sources that I found.

But to validate it we need to look at the statements from Iraq, as they are the only one who can clear this up. Even though they can also lie, any other source is misleading.

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sources that I found.

why not post them then? it is not enough to talk the talk, you must walk the walk.